18-Hole Signature Golf Course: A Masterpiece in Capital Smart City Islamabad

capital smart city-18 hole signature golf course in capital golf and country club

With the emerging trend of golf in Pakistan, owners of golf courses are making sure to provide all the required facilities to the players, so that they can be trained to play at an international level as well. Catering to the youngsters’ deep interest in Golf, upcoming housing societies in Islamabad are trying to incorporate Golf courses in their plans. At the top of the list is Capital Smart City! Capital Smart City, brings an 18-hole Signature Golf Course surrounded by natural hills and scenic landscape that is  designed to meet international standards. It is also expected that the 18-hole golf course in Capital Smart City will be a potential home to international and national tournaments owing to its ideal site and incredible design. This blog tells you all about the magnificent golf course coming up in Capital Smart City Islamabad.

18-Hole Signature Golf Course in Capital Smart City

Yet again, Capital Smart City is all set to provide us with the best. The first ever “18-Hole Signature Golf Course” is on its way. Capital Smart City claims to be the first smart city in Pakistan and it has proved it again and again, by proudly offering unique features, luxurious amenities and incredibly sustainable facilities in Islamabad. Find out more about Capital Smart City Islamabad here.

Capital Smart City’s upcoming masterpiece is going to be their “18-Hole Signature Golf course”. This golf course in Islamabad is an amalgamation of thoughtful architecture and aesthetically pleasing environment. This golf course is going to be Islamabad’s first ever authentic hill-style course which is designed and supervised by the internationally recognized consultant “Harradine Golf.”

signing ceremony of capital smart city with harradine golf for design of 18 holes signature golf course

Harradine Golf- Designer of 18-Hole Signature Golf Course in Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City has once again amazed us by the excellent choice they have made to design the divine 18-Hole Signature Golf course in Islamabad. Yes! You heard it right. Capital Smart City has given the responsibility of designing its golf course to the best of bests, “Harradine Golf.” Harradine Golf is indeed an outclass consultant that had been providing its top notch services all across the globe, since 1929. It is a big name around the world with a portfolio of designing more than 200 golf courses in almost every continent of the world. Now that’s massive!

Mr. Harradine’s View – Ideal Site for a Fantastic Golf Course

Mr. Peter Harradine, a world class golf course designer, was awestruck to see the site allotted for the 18-hole signature golf course in Capital Smart City. He personally visited the site and emphasized on the fact that the site is incredible. He further commented, “this 18-Hole Signature Golf Course will turn out to be a fantastic golf course in Pakistan”. Not just that, he was impressed by the natural site and features that the designated golf course area has. He strongly believes that in the long run, the 18-hole signature golf course by Capital Smart City will contribute to Pakistan’s national economy by attracting international level, professional players towards it.

Features of 18-Hole Signature Golf Course in Capital Smart City

An official signing ceremony between famous golf designer “Harradine and Capital Smart City”, was held in UAE on 18th July 2018. Due to fast development work being conducted on the site of Capital Smart City, the construction of the golf course is almost complete. Real estate investors and end-consumers’ faith in Capital Smart City is indeed turning out to be fruitful. Some of the amazing features of 18-Hole Signature Golf course are mentioned below:

1. One of a kind Golf Course in Pakistan

18-Hole Signature Golf course in Capital Smart City is going to be the first ever Signature Golf course in Islamabad, Pakistan. According to its designer, Peter Harradine, this upcoming golf course meets international standards and is upto the mark for professional players. It is going to be the first ever 72-Hills Style Golf Course in Islamabad. For golf lovers, it is a dream come true. This 18-Hole Signature Golf course is planned effectively with all the required amenities and features present within the premises. So, golf lovers! get ready for some fine Golf experience.

2. Golf course surrounded with scenic beauty

Capital Smart City’s signature golf course is surrounded by natural beauty. It is present on an incredible natural site. The site of the golf course in Capital Smart City is very similar to one of the famous golf courses in Cairo, which is also designed by Harradine. Imagine yourself playing in a golf course surrounded by mesmerizing valleys and hills. Isn’t it perfect to get rid of your Monday blues?

3. 18-Hole Golf course is planned on a naturally blessed land

According to the designer, Peter Harradine, “the site allotted for Signature Golf Course is ideal.” The natural features of this golf course are exceptional which is why extremely low usage of bunkers is involved, making it an ideal place to play golf. This naturally blessed area is surrounded by natural hills and terrains that will provide a soothing environment and ideal condition to the players.

4. Ideal Composition of Signature Golf Course

18-Hole Signature Golf course in Capital Smart City is very close to the ideal composition where one-third of the area is allocated to the game, another one-third is covered in the woods and the rest of one-third area is covered by beautiful plains. It has wide fairways and is designed for exceptional golf experience. This incredible golf course is designed to provide the best experience not just to senior citizens but also to the younger players.

Good luck to Capital Smart City for this brilliant masterpiece!

Habib Rafiq (Pvt) Limited, the developers of Capital Smart City, knows exactly how to bring an extra oomph to their quality projects. So far, they have collaborated with renowned experts from all across the globe to bring quality ad class to their projects. Now, their 18-Hole Signature golf course is on its way and we can’t contain the excitement. Capital Smart City is the fastest developing housing society in Islamabad. This is the reason why real estate investors are taking great interest in this project. Due to the fast-paced development work, high liquidity and rising profits, investors don’t want to miss out on the potential gains. Check out more about the status of ongoing development work in Capital Smart City here. Similarly, the construction of the Golf course is happening at a fast pace and is almost complete. It is expected to be completed by the end of this year. Just like all of you, we are anxiously waiting to visit this outstanding 18-Hole Signature Golf course, one-of-a-kind in Pakistan.

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