5 Must Do Things When Selling Your House

5 Must Do Things When Selling Your House

Selling a home or property can be arduous if you don’t get a desirable customer. If you are about to sell your house, you must be familiar with a few things that can shorten the selling process. 

Let’s dig into the 5 must do things you should never ignore before putting your house on sale.

1. Hire an Agent to sell your house

Most sellers do not want to hire an agent because they think it is an unnecessary financial burden and opt for putting their house online for sale. Instead, in reality, putting your house online or with a lot of dealers often tends to create problems in Pakistan. 

Hiring an agent brings tremendous benefits in exchange for only a little payable amount. Real estate agents are adept at dealing with clients and presenting your property to them in a professional way. Agents have a broad network of contacts and clientele which they can use to give exposure to your property. 

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Moreover, incessant negotiations and unfulfilled meetings with clients can leave you frustrated and consume a lot of your time. Hiring an agent can save you time and peace of your mind.

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2. Make your house presentable

How the house looks from inside and outside plays a critical role in edging closer to successfully selling it. Below are a few tips to do a quick refurbish of your house:

  1. Repairs: You should look for places where repairs are needed such as leaking faucets, broken hinges, unpainted walls, etc.
  2. Remove Odors: If a specific corner or place in your house gives off a bad odor. You must make effort to remove that smell. Because bad smells leave a bad impression and often repel customers.
  3. Make Curb Attractive: The front of your house should look appealing. You can paint the entrance door, driveway, and the coping of the roof and/or terrace.
  4. Declutter: Remove unnecessary personal items, old newspapers, magazines, toys, kitchen tools, etc.

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3. Stage your Home

Home staging means showcasing the house on sale. You’d place furniture and other decorative stuff which can either be removed after the house is sold or the buyer can keep and pay for it. Staged homes have a better chance to get sold as they appeal to the clients. 

In most cases, sellers keep their residence in the house until it’s sold. You can stage your home, if you’re still living in it, by making it presentable (make repairs, remove odors, declutter, etc), depersonalize it such as removing personal portraits and keeping them in storage. Once you have cleaned the house, keep it clean to maintain the feeling of newness. 

Another purpose of staging your house on sale is to let visitors imagine themselves in your home. If a house is not staged, it won’t necessarily give an impression that it is available for newcomers. 

4. Should you be willing to negotiate?

In an ideal scenario, you may earn a big profit on your property but that’s not always gonna happen. Customers often tend to negotiate for concessions. If you are unwavering in your prices, you might lose a lot of customers. Such an attitude can lengthen the journey of selling your property. Be willing to negotiate and try to find a win-win situation for both parties. 

5. Avoid Overpricing

Overpriced houses drive customers towards similar options with lesser prices. This implies that your house is going to stay on the market for a prolonged time. The longer it stays on market, the more customers would start to think there might be something wrong with the property. 

To put a fair cost on your house, you must pay attention to the key factors that determine the price such as the size, condition, and age of the house, the house’s position: orientation, outlook, noise, neighborhood, distance from amenities, etc. 


You can sell your house fast if you understand the advantages of following the above discussed points. Not only you’d shorten the lengthy process of selling home but there’s a high probability that you’d get a good return on your investment too.

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