5 Reasons to invest in AJ Towers Islamabad

Why Invest in AJ Towers Gulberg Islamabad?

If you are looking for Apartments, Commercial Shops, and Corporate Offices in an ideal location in Islamabad, AJ Towers brings you the best of all. AJ Towers is a magnificent 14 storeyed twin-tower being developed in Gulberg Greens, Islamabad. The sky-high edifice is a multi-purpose project offering shops, apartments, offices, and a food court – all under one roof. The iconic mall serves as an excellent investment opportunity in Islamabad with its state-of-the-art design and modern and elegant interior.

Our team of real estate experts has done a detailed review of the project, AJ Towers, and came up with 5 compelling reasons why AJ Towers is the best option for investment in Gulberg Greens!

Why should you invest in AJ Towers?

After careful due diligence by our real estate experts, we have put together a list of top five reasons that make this project safe and suitable for investment!

Who is this for? Suitability for Investment is relative and depends on the preferences of the investors. According to our review, AJ Towers is a perfectly suitable project for you if you want to hold the shop, apartment or office until maturity. In short, it is highly recommended for long-term investors as compared to short term investors.

Let’s see why AJ Towers offers the best options of apartments and offices in Islamabad!

1. Authenticity: CDA Approved

AJ Towers is a highly secure investment as the land for the project is fully acquired and a NOC by CDA has also been issued. 

AJ Towers has received its NOC from CDA (Capital Development Authority) signifying that the project carries no complications regarding the construction work and will continue until completion. 

Therefore, it can be established that the project will be successfully completed with no legal complications. Hence, AJ Towers is a safe investment with guaranteed returns.

2. Location

AJ Towers is located in Gulberg Greens on the main Gulberg Expressway. It is situated in front of Telenor’s futuristic head office that also acts as a famous landmark for the people of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Being located right next to a famous local landmark and a globally recognized brand such as Telenor, AJ Towers already attracts massive attention from potential investors. 

AJ Towers is also surrounded by a number of similar projects that offer Offices, Shops, and Apartments in Islamabad. Rabi Center, Gulberg Mall, and Magnus Mall are in close proximity. This means that the locality already attracts visitors and investors from across the world.

Moreover, Gulberg Green enjoys an ideal location as it is located on Islamabad Expressway with only a 20-minute drive to Zero-Point Islamabad, a 10-minute drive to Bahria Town Phase 1 to 6, and a 15-minute drive to Giga Mall in DHA Phase 2 Islamabad

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3. Design and Functionality

AJ Towers is a 14-storeyed twin tower connected by a “Sky Floor” that offers a panoramic view of the city of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The architectural design makes this project unique and one of a kind in the Twin Cities. 

The exterior is undoubtedly a sight for sore eyes, with the Twin Towers connecting through a sky bridge. Moreover, the interior is also equipped with modern architectural features such as spacious and fast elevators, escalators, designated parking spaces, large atrium, etc. 

The entrance to the residential and corporate buildings have been kept separate to ensure safety, security as well as privacy of the residents and visitors.

4. Most Scenic Apartments in Islamabad

AJ Towers is situated on a three-side corner plot where three of its sides are open.

The front side faces Telenor’s Head Office, the backside faces Farmhouses. There is no high-rise building on its front, allowing a clear view for residents and visitors.

The backside of the AJ Towers faces the farmhouses of Gulberg Greens, offering a scenic view of the magnificent Margalla Hills. Furthermore, Gulberg Expressway touches AJ Towers from two of its sides, i.e, front and left.

AJ Towers - Commercial Shops on Installments in Gulberg Islamabad

The building is situated in the heart of Gulberg Greens and offers modernity alongside a magnificent landscape view.

The prices of the apartments escalate as one moves higher up on the 14-storeyed towers because increased height offers a better view. The price of apartments facing the farmhouses is higher by Rs. 1000 per sq ft as compared to the apartments facing the front side due to scenic views of Margalla Hills. However, the scenic landscapes of Islamabad’s hills and Gulberg Greens’ farmhouses make the increased price worthwhile. 

5. Sound developer

AJ Towers is a project developed by the well-known Aziz Group of Industries. Aziz Group was founded in the late ’40s by its founder Haji Aziz ur Rehman, fondly known as Aziz Jan. The company transitioned from trading to manufacturing in the mid-’50s in Karachi.

Aziz Group of Industries also initiated an ice factory and a match manufacturing factory in the ’70s. Currently, the group has manufacturing businesses across four divisions that include Textile, FMCG, Board division & Real Estate Business.

The developers have a reputation for being a trusted name in the market, hence, making AJ Tower a secure and promising investment. 

About AJ Towers

AJ Towers offers Commercial shops, Corporate Offices, and Apartments amidst the beautiful farmhouses in Gulberg Greens Islamabad. Along with a luxurious mall, it offers world-class amenities that make it an ideal location for living as well as working. Some of the key features are listed below:

Security & Safety

24/7 CCTV Surveillance
Fireman’s Elevator
Fireman’s Lobby for Emergency Situations


Ample Parking Space
Separate Entrance for Shopping Mall, Residential and Corporate Towers


Smart Homes feature in Apartments


Spacious and Fast Elevators
Uninterrupted Power Supply 

Construction & Development Update

The construction and development work for this project is being done in full swing. The upcoming commercial shops, offices, and apartments have already captured the attention of potential buyers and investors. Due to its sound developer and high demand, the construction work is set to complete on a strict deadline in 2022.

The project is expected to be completed by 2022.


The prime location trusted developers, and close proximity to famous landmarks makes AJ Towers an attractive investment. It caters to a vast audience as the project offers residential apartments as well as Commercial Shops and Corporate offices. It is easily accessible from Islamabad Highway and is able to capture the scenic landscapes of Islamabad’s Margalla Hills. It offers the perfect blend of luxury, modernity, and nature. 

The five reasons that make AJ Towers worthy of your investment have been summarized as follows:

  1. CDA Approved
  2. Ideal and accessible location
  3. Design and functionality
  4. Scenic Views from Apartments and Offices
  5. Sound Developer

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