Balloting in Lahore Smart City

Lahore Smart City Balloting

Lahore Smart City successfully conducted its first balloting on 24th December 2022. The balloting included residential and commercial plots of Overseas Prime Block (ex sector A & B). Possession has also been given to Overseas Prime Block in the same ceremony.

The video below presents a few glimpses from the balloting ceremony:

The development work in Overseas Prime is complete. The roads, footpaths, streets, parks, and other facilities are being developed rapidly. Electricity and water are already available.


The map of Overseas Prime (Sector A & B) has also been revealed, indicating that the block will have many of the amenities. 

Below is the map of the Overseas Prime Block:

Upcoming Balloting in Lahore Smart City

Location allocation of 2nd Balloting will start from 18th September 2023.

The second balloting in Lahore Smart City called “Selection Ballot” for Overseas One & Executive One took place on 10th June 2023.

Terms & Conditions for Selection Ballot

Members who had acquired 2nd balloting location selection acknowledgement Slip(s) are directed to deposit their pending installment before 16th September 2023.

How Balloting is conducted in Lahore Smart City?

The smart technology in Lahore Smart City is not only deployed for its state-of-the-art infrastructure but is also used for its balloting. All ballotings to date have been executed by using electronic and IoT technology to ensure transparency.

LSC Balloting Policy

All members are required to meet the policy in order to participate in the balloting.

The following policy is applicable to both Residential & Commercial properties of all categories.

Eligibility Criteria for LSC Balloting

The members can participate in the location selection by meeting the following requirements.

Category of ParticipantsEligibility Criteria
Members holding acknowledgement slips of 2nd ballotingDeposit the due installments before 16th September 2023
Members who couldn’t get acknowledgement slips of 2nd balloting1. Deposit 75% payment of total plots price for Plot of your own choice (before 16th September 2023)
2. Deposit 60% payment of total plots price for random location of Plot (before 16th September 2023)

Who can choose the location of plot?

According to the above criteria, members who will pay the due installments before 16th September 2023 will be able to choose the location of their plot.

Plot Selection will be done on the following Priority basis:

CategoryCriteria for Priority of Selection
1st Priority Of SelectionMembers who will deposit their outstanding installments between 21st August till 26th August 2023
2nd Priority of SelectionMembers who will deposit their outstanding installments between 28th August till 2nd September 2023.
3rd Priority of SelectionMembers who will deposit their outstanding
installments between 4th September till 9th September 2023.
4th Priority of SelectionMembers who will deposit their Outstanding installments between 11th September 16th September 2023.

Acquire Acknowledgment Receipt

Acknowledgment Receipts were issued to the deserving members from 2nd location ballot.

A member would be issued an acknowledgment receipt (after submitting application to participate in balloting). The acknowledgment receipt ensures that the member is eligible to participate in balloting.

Lahore Smart City Balloting Results

The balloting results are uploaded to the LSC’s official website. The participants can enter their CNIC and contact number to view the balloting results. Scroll down for results from previous LSC ballots.

Lahore Smart City Second Balloting Results

Plot Selection Ballot ceremony for Overseas One & Executive One was conducted on 10th June 2023. The results were uploaded the next day on the website.

Click here for Selection Balloting Results of Overseas One and Executive One.

3.5 Marla Commercial Plots were also launched in the event.

Lahore Smart City First Balloting Results

The results of Overseas Prime Balloting were uploaded online the next day. To view the results on the portal, you only need to enter your CNIC number and contact number.

Click here to view the results.

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