Top Five Malls in Islamabad Best for Investment in 2024

Top Five Malls In Islamabad Best For Investment in 2024

As 2024 is all set to enthrall our lives with invigorating events and new advancements, the renowned city of Islamabad presents us with a magnificent series of advancements by bringing forward a chain of magnificent malls in Islamabad.

The name of Islamabad conjures images of natural scenic beauty, cleanliness, and modern living. But now the city is all set to become a center of vividness, iconic buildings, shopping centers, mega malls, and much more.

The trend of malls is not new to Islamabad anymore. In 2023 we saw more and more malls are becoming a part of the city. As the population of malls is burgeoning in Islamabad, the competition among them is also growing higher. From shops to apartments, cinemas, swimming pools, and corporate offices, these malls are offering extensive facilities and features to the customers. Therefore, here we are bringing the updated list of “2024’s Top five upcoming malls in Islamabad”.

Many factors add to the success of a mall. Therefore, before we disclose the list of 2024’s top-ranked malls in Islamabad, let’s dive into the criteria that make a mall successful, so you know why any of the top four malls made it to our list!

beacon 2 elevation - located in bahria paradise

Beacon 2

Beacon 2 is an upcoming commercial and residential project in Bahria Paradise, Islamabad. The project offers Shops, Offices & Penthouse on 3 Years Installments. Development work is in full swing!

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Criteria: What makes a shopping mall successful?


The location of the mall is of paramount importance and plays a vital role in determining the success of a mall. Mall’s location impacts its public presence, walk-in traffic, and success in the future. Therefore, it should be constructed in an area where it is easily accessible by many people. Furthermore, a well-located mall enjoys a competitive edge over its rivals and has a positive influence over marketing.


The sound and renowned developers are key to the success of a mall. Their established name in the market reaffirms their credibility in the market and encourages the chances of real estate investors to invest in the mall. Furthermore, a sound developer guarantees fast pace construction work, timely possession, and high rate profits.

Besides delivering the promised project, effective developers also ensure the continuous management of the mall after its construction. Check out our recent blog to find out the top five attributes to look for in a real estate developer to evaluate their project.

Design and architecture of the mall

The architecture of a mall plays its role in catching the attention of investors and customers. The external artistic and beautiful facade grabs the attention of visitors around and contributes towards the success of a project. A differentiated design and structure of a mall are becoming increasingly important. Nowadays, when more and more malls are emerging in city centers, a mall needs to have a distinguishable architectural appeal.

Functionality of a mall

Yes, a well-designed exterior facade adds significant importance to a mall’s value, but it cannot merely ensure the mall’s quality. The internal design and the floor plans define the functionality of a mall or any multipurpose building.

Separate entrances for residential and commercial use, designated parking for corporate or residential units, ease of flow inside the building, are some factors to consider when evaluating such a project. Moreover, in this evolving world, a good mall should incorporate smart technologies into its functioning.


Features and facilities of malls are essential determiners of a mall’s success. A mall needs to consider the needs of all stakeholders. A diverse mall that offers a variety of features attracts more customers.

A good mall brings forward an innovative model of leisure and acts much more than just a shopping store. Besides commercial shops, it also provides high-quality features and amenities such as central air conditioning, parking facility, dining options, entertainment facilities. Nowadays, rooftop excursion activities are grabbing the interest of investors in malls.

Many malls are offering fully furnished apartments and offices within their premises to make it an ideal place for people to visit and invest in it too. Mixed used development offer an integrated community to customers where they can live, shop, and work. It generates more traffic to the malls that maximize returns on the investment.

2024’s Upcoming Top Five Malls in Islamabad

If shopping is one of your favorite hobbies or you are looking to invest in an ideal commercial spot, this blog post is for you. In this section, we are going to reveal our top five best choices among the upcoming malls in Islamabad, for investment and other real estate related stakes in 2024.

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Pearl One Courtyard

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1. Mall of Islamabad

So, our number one pick for the top 2024’s upcoming malls in Islamabad is Mall of Islamabad. The sumptuous mall is offering excellent ultra-premium and state-of-art features and facilities that comply with the standard of the modern world.

The soon to be the tallest mall lies at the heart of Islamabad- Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area. The strategic location is easily accessible from all major landmarks of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

A renowned name in the real estate industry, Bahria Town has come up with this real estate manifestation – Mall of Islamabad. The conspicuous location and credible developer’s reputation, along with the supreme quality of the mall’s design, are attracting more and more buyers and real estate investors each day.

mall of islamabad-top malls in islamabad

What does the mall offer?

The gigantic mall is comprised of 21 stories tall building that provides numerous high-ended features and amenities. The iconic multi-purpose hallmark is exclusively designed to meet the needs of residents living in Islamabad.

The upcoming mall brings together premium retail shops for local and international brands, lavish residential apartments, spacious high-ended corporate offices. Besides that, it provides an extensive range of top-class amenities including a food court, spa, health club, kids play, rooftop restaurant, ample parking, and security- bringing luxury and convenience and at one stop. For further details, refer to our detailed post, Mall of Islamabad.

Why Should you Invest in Mall of Islamabad?

With the perfect combination of excellent location, unbeatable developers, and premium features and facilities, the Mall of Islamabad outshines many other upcoming malls in Islamabad. Moreover, the smart building offers a lavish mixture of living and lifestyle with all high-ended amenities and facilities, 24/7 electricity, high-speed internet, and communication services.

The masterful construction, paired with a sophisticated and ideal location, guarantees retail success. It is one of the fastest-selling projects in Islamabad and has grabbed the massive attention of real estate investors and buyers.

Who would not want to invest in this landmark project? The Mall of Islamabad is SOLD OUT and offices, shops, and apartments are available on resale. Fresh Booking is not available but you can still invest by purchasing a property unity on resale. Sign up below to get further inquiries about Mall of Islamabad.

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2. Citadel 7

Citadel 7 is a high rise tower that would be hard to be missed by any one’s sight. The 20 floors high tower offers a shopping mall on the lower floors and modern offices on the upper floors. The extravagant lobbies and smart interior would make Citadel 7 an ultimate place to go shopping in Islamabad.

Citadel 7 is surrounded by the views of Margalla Hills, F-9 Park, and the rest of the city. The office spaces at Citdel 7 are everyone’s dream offices because who doesn’t wouldn’t want to work while the panaromic views of Margaalla Hills and the city watch over you.

The developers of AJ Towers “Chakor Ventures” are earnest in making sure that the project is streamlined with the contemporary standards. Chakor Ventures is an emerging company that has diversified experience in different fields of real estate industry.

Moreover, Citadel 7 is located in a prime location on Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area right opposite the Cebtaurus. The project’s location is accessible from various parts of the city. Due to the PIMS Metro station, the employees from twin cities would find it the easist commute.

Commercial shops on installments in Citadel 7 Islamabad, opposite Centaurus

What does the Citadel 7 offer?

The customers and employees would feel obliged to admire and enjoy the luxurious ambiance of the Citadel 7.

Here is a list of amenities provided at Citadel 7:

  • Dedicated & Monitored Entrance
  • Exclusive High-Speed Elevators
  • Dedicated Parking Space
  • Extravagant Lobbies with Centralized Atrium
  • Convenient Access to the Food Court
  • Separate Waiting Area
  • HVAC System
  • BMS Control Room
  • Service Floor for Staff
  • Surveillance Room
  • CCTV Surveillance and 24/7 Security
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply

Why invest in the Citadel 7?

Citadel 7 is bound to become a favorite project of investors from twin cities. Several reasons are associated with the project that justifies it as one of the best investments in Islamabad.

The Developers of Citadel 7, Chakor Vetures is a budding company that believes in innovative ways. The company has a team of highly qualifies and experienced. New companies use more advanced approach that help them set new standards in the market.

Moreover, it is located in an envied location that not only provides quick access routes through different roads and avenues of Islamabad. Due to the Centaurus mall which is a forever destination for youngsters from around the city and PIMS Metro station, the footfall would be more than sufficient.

3. Gulberg Mall & Signature Living

A symbolism of preeminence, Gulberg Mall and Signature Living presents a perfect blend of futuristic and aesthetically pleasing residential and commercial complexes. The cruise shaped spectacular structure is much more beyond just a shopping mall and offers numerous high-ended features and facilities.

The gigantic model of art and innovation is being developed under the supervision of “Trans tech developers” and designed by Jamshed Khan and associates.

The mall is located at a prime location and is at the main entrance of “Gulberg Greens’ which gives it an upper hand over its competitors. The mall is easily accessible through the city center. As Gulberg Mall is situated near the Islamabad Expressway, Serena Hotel, and major monuments of Islamabad, it is likely to experience a higher footfall.

gulberg mall signature living - aerial view

What does the mall offer?

As we have talked about the credibility of developers and the ideal location of mall, let’s discuss the top-class features and amenities of the mall.

Once you enter the mall, we bet that you will get lost in viewing mesmerizing outlets, the atmosphere of the food court, glittery crystal windows, and whatnot.  The masterpiece offers a splendour range of high-quality services and amenities as follow:

  • More than 600 shops; 541 Commercial shops and 136 shops featuring local and international brands
  • Exclusive One, Two, and Three Bedroom Apartments and Penthouses
  • Rooftop swimming pool and recreational activities on a Rooftop
  • Food court
  • Captivating Cineplex
  • Lavish Lobby and charismatic royal reception
  • 24/7 availability of Water, Gas, and Electricity

Why Gulberg Mall makes for an ideal investment ?

The luxurious architectural marvel, Gulberg Mall offers a huge money-making deal for real estate investors as it resides in the heart of Islamabad. The development work of the mall is conducted at a fast pace, and booking for commercial shops is open. They are offering convenient 11 quarterly payments on just 25% of the down payment.

Why would you want to miss investing in a place that offers a vantage position, elegant style, exclusive facilities at affordable prices? Call Sahban Tariq Malik, our featured agent from Beacon Investment at +92 334 5557734  to get further details about Gulberg Mall.

4. Giga Mall Extension

Another artistic creation and top upcoming mall in Islamabad is going to be Giga Mall Extension. After the successful launch of one of Islamabad’s biggest malls- Giga Mall, Al Ghurair Giga Pakistan has come up with the launch of an extension namely- Giga Mall Extension. The developers of the mall- Giga group possess a recognized track record of delivering high-ended projects in the Middle East and Pakistan.

The impressive colossal building features 29 floors and sprawls over 14.5 Kanal. This unique project offers an iconic shopping mall, matchless features, magnificent infrastructure, a modern interior, and high-ended modern technological facilities to provide an unforgettable experience to the visitors.

This new mall is located at a prime location in Islamabad. The mall is built on the main GT road and lies adjacent to Giga Mall. This ideal location provides easy access to the residents of the twin city and is likely to add to the mall’s success and popularity.

What does the mall offer?

The prodigious mall offers multiple top-class features and facilities under one umbrella. The mall features spacious shops to accommodate local and international brands. Furthermore, the mall features posh five-star hotels situated from 23rd to the 26th floor. These hotel rooms provide a perfect blend of sophisticated and elegant interiors and a stunning view.

The Giga Mall extension is specifically designed to provide a luxurious experience to visitors. It features a food court, kids’ play area, restaurants, spacious corridors, high-speed wifi, rest areas, 24/7 security, and cinemas.

Moreover, the rooftop and top two floors of the buildings are reserved for a stunning Jamia Masjid with the capacity to accommodate hundreds of people. This mosque is likely to catch massive attention due to its spaciousness and magnificent architecture.

Giga Mall extension - top malls in Islamabad

Why invest in the Giga-mall extension?

Investing in Giga-mall offers a golden opportunity to the investors, given that it offers an ideal location and facilities. Furthermore, the mall is situated beside successful Giga Mall and interconnects with this already operational mall on the third floor.

Moreover, the owners are offering a 4-year easy installment plan for the ease of the buyers. The project is offering commercial shops on various floors and promises a great rental return. The commercially great site is surely going to reap benefits to the investors.

5. Sky Park One

An outcome of an artistic blend of modern architecture and nature, Skypark One stands tall amongst the upcoming remarkable malls in Islamabad.

The luxury apartment and shopping complex is designed by one of the most innovative and effective design team at Suhail & Fawad Architects. The developers have a credible track record and the quality of projects meets high standards of development.

Sky Park One is located at the very entrance of Gulberg Greens, giving it the centrality of Main Gulberg Expressway. The multi-purpose project promises an exclusive lifestyle at Islamabad’s most desirable address.

Skypark One

What does the mall offer?

The multi-purpose 13-story building is an exclusive work of art that gracefully blends contemporary modern architecture with nature. The luxurious commercial and residential complex offers a shopping mall, lavish apartments, along many top-notch amenities that provide an elevated living standard.

The spacious and luxury apartments offer a dramatic corner view that uplifts the property value. Furthermore, it provides secure underground parking and private elevator access to six full floors. Moreover, the vibrant shopping mall provides sophisticated shops featuring many locally and internationally recognized brands and a diverse range of dining options.

Besides that, it offers exclusive amenities on rooftop level sky park, including a swimming pool, kids’ play area, indoor game room, tennis court, and jogging track. In short, Skypark One offers an ultra-premium range of facilities to perfectly cater to the needs of buyers and real estate investors. For further details, check out our all-inclusive post on Skypark One.

Why invest in Skypark One?

Skypark One makes for an ideal investment in Islamabad as it offers an extensive range of investment benefits. The developers of Skypark One hold a distinguishable track record and successfully delivered One Expressway in the past. Furthermore, the unmatched expeditious pace of development is also one of the reasons why you should invest in this multi-purpose building; the project is now in finishing phase. Checkout the latest update from the site of Skypark One!

Furthermore, its ideal location offers plenty of benefits to the residents. Since Gulberg Greens is surrounded by some of the exceptional schools and international standard hospitals, providing great facilities to the residents of Skypark One.

Undoubtedly Skypark One is grabbing an enormous amount of attention. Many renowned brands such as Optp, Subway, Second Cup, Khas Stores, Miniso have already signed up with Skypark One. Moreover, the Mall promises high rental incomes. Why would you miss this great investment opportunity? Make a smart real-estate investment now for higher returns.

Expert Advice!

Our market experts suggest investing in one of these upcoming malls whether you are looking for short-term gains, long-term gains, a steady rental income for the longer run or a place for your own business venture. These malls will definitely provide returns considering the credibility of developers, strategic location, creative design, functional layout and overall quality of the projects. After all, who wouldn’t want to invest in an architectural landmark which is one of its kind in Pakistan!

Are you new to real estate investment? Are you wondering why you should invest in a real estate project at all? Check out our latest blog to find out the many benefits and advantages of investing in real estate as compared to other modes of investment.

Citadel 7 is another high-rise corporate & commercial project coming up in Islamabad. Check out here what’s the hype about!

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