Big News! NOC approved for Lahore Smart City

lahore smart city noc approved by LDA

NOC of the second-largest smart city project in Pakistan, Lahore Smart City, got approved on January 2021. Located in Lahore’s prime location, the smart residential city is introducing modern living trends in Pakistan. The luxurious project offers matchless smart features and amenities.

After the success of Royal Orchard in Multan and Capital Smart City in Islamabad, top real estate developer HRL (Habib Rafique Private Limited) initiated this high-quality project in Pakistan’s second most populated city, Lahore.

Despite society’s growing popularity, rumors regarding the illegality of Lahore Smart City circulated. However, it’s time to clear all these allegations- Lahore Smart City is now an LDA-approved residential housing society.

The Location of Lahore Smart City

Lahore Smart City is located near the Kala Shah Kaku interchange on the Lahore-Islamabad motorway (M-2). Moreover, it is connected to Lahore Ring Road that makes it more accessible to other parts of the city.

Rumours Busted- Lahore Smart is LDA approved now!

Lahore Smart City captured immense attention of real estate investors due to its ideal locations, an extensive range of facilities, and reasonable plot prices. However, despite all plus points, speculations regarding the illegality of Lahore Smart City were arising.

Now is the time to remove all such misconceptions. The developers of Lahore Smart City – Habib Rafique Limited hold a trustworthy reputation in the real estate industry, and they know how to earn the trust of their investors.

Lahore Smart City NOC is approved by LDA now. The society acquired its NOC on January 2021 within the shortest time interval in the history of the Lahore Development Authority.

To know more about the smart city in Lahore, visit our project page of Lahore Smart City.

What Accquiring an NOC means for Lahore Smart City?

So if you are wondering why getting a NOC is crucial for a residential society, let us give you some insights into this. NOC (No Objection Certificate) certifies the legal status of real estate projects and allows the housing community to extend amenities to its inhabitants.

Since the NOC of Lahore Smart City has been approved by LDA, it is now a legally and officially authorized housing society. Therefore, investing in Lahore Smart City is valuable and safe. Moreover, the NOC acquisition will help the society to have access to all necessities such as water, electricity, and natural gas.

A Sudden Demand Hike for Lahore Smart City

After receiving NOC and approval from LDA, Lahore Smart City has captured massive attention from real estate investors. The massive escalation in the demand of housing society has resulted in an upsurge in its plot prices as well.

A legally authorized smart housing society offering all the latest and smart amenities in the best locality of Lahore, what else would you want? Lahore Smart City has become a hotspot of investment now.

The demand for the residential plots of Lahore Smart City has risen soon after the NOC was issued. Similarly, the prices are also rising with the demand due to limited supply. Currently, the society has opened booking for three different sizes of residential plots, i.e. 5 marla, 10 marlas, and 1 Kanal.

Check out the payment plan and pricing of Lahore Smart City, for further details.

For booking and further details, please contact us at +92 334 5557734 or sign up for a simple form below.

Lahore Smart City – Signup for further details!

Click here to find the master map, booking form, map of Lahore Smart City, and all other project details.

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