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Capital Smart City - smart Amenities

Capital Smart City is the first smart housing society in the country followed by another amazing smart project in Lahore “Lahore Smart City“. The project is on a mission to mainstream the smart lifestyle in our country, that too in a true sense. The smart infrastructure of Capital Smart City entails unprecedented amenities that will create an automated system controlled through a central control system.


Moreover, the society has caused a thrill in the market since the project was announced. With the passage of time, the public’s and investors’ trust in the project has only been reinforced due to its transparency and fast development.


Let’s discuss the Amenities provided at Capital Smart City in detail!

Integrated Road Network

The Integrated Road Network plan ensures smooth connectivity among various districts of the society. An 18 lane, 400 feet wide Central Boulevard will join the main gateway from M-2 Motorway to Capital Smart City.

Smart Transport System

As a part of smart transport system, Capital Smart City is going to introduce the Integrated Metro Bus System and Public Transport Hubs. It will include Bus Rapid Transit System serving along two major corridors. The public transport hubs will have integrated commercial nodes with multi-model transport interchanges to optimize the use of public transport.


Automated Traffic Control

The residential society will use a traffic system that is based on advanced technology that will enhance the road experience. You won’t have to wait for an unnecessary length of time at a signal. The traffic system will be controlled through Automated Real-Time Intelligent Traffic Control System using wireless sensor networks.

Traffic Control Apps

Traffic control apps will be introduced to residents that can help them navigate and for other operations while driving on the road.

CCTV Surveillance with Facial Recognition

CCTV Cameras are being used countrywide nowadays for surveillance purposes but Capital Smart City will install modern CCTV Cameras that have the feature of Facial recognition. These cameras will diminish crimes and help create a secure environment.

No Load Shedding

Capital Smart City has promised its residents a Load shedding free environment 24/7. If you choose to build your home in Capital Smart City, you are lucky to enjoy the seamless electricity provision and never to worry about power outages.

The residential society has already got a connection from WAPDA. A 1 MW feeder was installed in April 2022 and the electricity is now available throughout the developed region of the society.

Capital smart city - now connected with WAPDA_A

Free WiFi

Free WiFi hotspots will be available where residents shall enjoy the seamless connectivity.

Smart Utilities & Energy Consumption

Capital Smart City promotes smart consumption of energy and for that purpose, the society has devised intelligent systems.

Smart Meters

Smart Meters convey the information to the consumer so that the consumer could keep track of not only his consumption behavior but of electricity suppliers for system monitoring and customer billing.

Smart Grid and Metering

Smart Grid and Metering is a system that helps in real-time monitoring and control of electricity usage.

Smart Water Monitoring System

Smart Water Monitoring System will tell about Real-Time Water Quality and Usage Monitoring.

Smart Gas Monitoring System

Smart Gas Monitoring System can avoid mishaps by detecting gas leakages if any. Moreover, the consumer will also be able to monitor the status of the gas whenever cut off is specified by the ultimate users.

Waste management system

The waste management system at Capital Smart City is one the most advanced systems of the world. The system has been purchased and imported from ESA – Italy’s largest Waste Management Company.

The waste management system consists of:

  • 348 Garbage boxes
  • Two Garbage Collection trucks (IVECO)
  • Solar Powered Garbage compactors

Each Garbage basket has a capacity to contain 3,000 liters of garbaage. Each truck can hold 21 Cubic Meter (10 tons) for compacted waste with auto collection of waste, automatic transmission and command based operations. Other advanced features of Trucks include PLC and Trackers with cameras. Through these camers, the whole garbage collection work will be monitored from Control room to improve the efficiency of system and manpower resource.

This Smart Waste Management system has been introduced in Pakistan for the very first time. Such system was introduced neither by Government nor by any other private sector.

Royal Orchard Multan is the second residential project in the country to incorporate the Smart Waste Management system into its infrastructure.

Green Initiative

Capital Smart City is committed to the sustainable development by introducing green spaces, green belts and preserving natural landscape. Following are some of the key features of the green initiative:

  • 35 miles recreation trail
  • 600 kanal central park
  • 100% protection of rivers and natural landscape
  • Preserving slopes greater than 30% safeguarding sceneries
  • 20 meter square open space per person

To fulfill the green initiative, heavy plantation drives and horticulture is in progress at the site.

Panda Reserve

Capital Smart City is going to have a separate district for Pandas, Panda Reserve District where Panda Sanctuary will be built.

With the aim to provide a natural environment for pandas and other species, the sanctuary will serve as the new home reserve for endangered Pandas.

The map of the Panda Reserve is given below:

Map of Panda Reserve District - Capital Smart City

Commercial & Business Areas

Capital Smart City has reserved areas for commercial and business activities.

Gate Precinct

The Gate Precinct is the Iconic Gate Entrance of Capital Smart City where you can experience the city’s grandeur. It consists of world-class luxurious hotels, premium vistas, and high-end residential and mixed-use buildings.

The Experience of the Grand Entrance of the Gate Precinct will be enhanced by the High-rise Luxury apartments and Mix use buildings that reflect the grandeur of Capital Smart City.

The map of Gate Precinct has also been revealed which foretells the precinct will have 2,3, and 5 star hotels, a recreational park, and educational institutes as well.

Gate precinct map - Capital Smart City

Financial Square and Boulevard Heights

Financial Square is going to be the biggest financial center of the region. It will include Pakistan Financial Centre, Qatar Financial Centre and CPEC tower which will bring attract a large commercial and corporate activity, creating new business opportunities.

The boulevard heights adjacent to the Financial Square also provide a vibrant and creative environment for business and economic activity, well-linked with the BRT system.

Map of Financial Square

The map of Financial Square has been revealed which shows dedicated areas for malls, hotels, apartments, and business towers along with other necessary facilities.

Financial square map - Capital Smart City

Capital Hills

The Capital Hills is an extravagant zone of the project located on the highest area of the society. It features several indulging amenities to unwind and take pleasure in.

18-hole signature Golf course, Club house, and souk are the highlights of this zone. Moreover, school, villas, mosque, clinic, banquet hall, and green zones will also be included in the Capital Hills Block.

Below is the master plan of Capital Hills Block:

Capital Hills Block Map - Capital Smart City

Sports & Recreational Facilities

Engaging in recreational activities is important for an individual to stay energized and animated in daily life. Following this motto, Capital Smart City has offered its residents plenty of options to satiate their needs for recreation and sports.

The unique community designed by Surbana Jurong includes many recreational and sports facilities such as:

  • 18 Hole Signature Golf Course designed by Harradine Golf
  • Sports District
    • International Standard Sports Academy
    • ICC Standard Cricket Stadium
    • Olympic Stadium
    • F-2 Race Track
  • Crystal Lake
  • Aviation Academy
  • Panda Reserve

Panda Reserve

Capital Smart City is going to have a separate district for Pandas, Panda Reserve District where Panda Sanctuary will be built.

With the aim to provide a natural environment for pandas and other species, the sanctuary will serve as the new home reserve for endangered Pandas.

The map of the Panda Reserve is given below:

Map of Panda Reserve District - Capital Smart City

Healthcare District

The Health District in Capital Smart City will be a hub for excellence in facilitating healthy living.

The healthcare facilities will have the latest equipment and machinery available for medical education and research as well as for serving patients. The development work for Healthcare District has also started.

Map of Healthcare District

The map of the Healthcare District has been revealed. As per the map details, the Healthcare District will have hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and other facilities to make the environment smart.

health care district map - capital smart city


Education District

The dedicated district for education, called Education District, consists of institutions imparting quality education through the latest and innovative teaching methodologies. The education district will include the following:

  • Smart Schools
  • Smart Colleges
  • Universities
  • Vocational Institutes
  • Research Facility
  • Library
  • Museum

In addition to the dedicated district for educational facilities, there will be a school in every block. The Smart School in Overseas Block has already been constructed.

On 8th February 2022, the Capital Smart City allotted land to NUTECH University, the development work will start soon.

Silicon Village

Silicon Village is a reserved area which is going to be the first and the largest technological hub in Pakistan.

Silicon Village will have all the basic facilities such as

  • Business Centers
  • Training institutions
  • Mosque
  • Dedicated residential apartments
  • Campus
  • IT Universities
  • Public Transport
  • Student Hostels

Silicon Village Residencies has been unveiled in a formal ceremony on 3rd January 2024.

Quran Smart Academy

Capital Smart City has initiated an e-Quran Academy which offers online Quran courses from 9 am to 5 pm. Famous and qualified religious teachers and scholars will teach the tutees under the guidance of Allama Kashif Jamal. Click here to enroll in the Capital Smart City e-Quran Academy.

V Clinic

Capital Smart City has started V-Clinic an online clinic, where you can get online consultation from expert doctors, physicians, therapists, and psychologists. The doctors at online V-Clinic are highly professional and are adept at providing you guidance for all of your medical problems.


It is evident that Capital Smart City is keen to provide the AI-based technologies and amenities in the society. The project is totally worth your investment owing to its credibility, fast-paced development, early possession, and rewarding construction incentives.


If you have any quries, feel free to call us at 923345557734 or send a WhatsApp text.

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