Capital Smart City Latest Development Work Updates – February 2024

capital smart city latest development work updates

Capital Smart City, is a residential project being developed by Habib Rafiq Private Limited (HRL) and Future Development Holdings Ltd. (FDHL), at the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M-2, about 10 KM from the Thalian Interchange. This article presents the latest development work updates of Capital Smart City along with latest development pictures from the site. 

The development work of Capital Smart City is taking place at a rapid pace. It is believed in the real estate market of Islamabad that the speed of development work of Smart City is the fastest among all the upcoming housing societies. Therefore, real estate investors and end consumers seem satisfied by the top-notch work of Capital Smart City.

While one article post is not enough to enlist or even summarize the amount and type of work being done at the site of Capital Smart City, we are giving a brief snapshot for our users and clients who cannot physically conduct the site visit. 

Latest Development Updates of Capital Smart City

One of the prominent features about the development work at Capital Smart City is the scale of machinery and labour that is at work.

Habib Rafiq, being one of the biggest real estate developers of Pakistan, has shown immense potential of completing the large scale project on time by employing over 175 machines since the beginning.

Moreover, the pace of development increased further after the official launching ceremony of Capital Smart City in October 2019. 

The real estate market of Islamabad seems quite content and satisfied with the pace of development work by Habib Rafiq. This increasing market confidence is evident in the rising prices and growing demand of Smart City’s products. Click here for an analysis of price movement and historical payment plans of Capital Smart City. 

Upcoming Development in Capital Smart City

At the balloting ceremony of Overseas Central, other details were also revealed about the development in Capital Smart City:

  • 14 smart hospitals will be established where advanced cures such as telemedicine & digital healthcare & preventive treatment through AI will be introduced, at minimal cost.
  • STEM shool system will promote the Educational technology and fee structure will be reasonable. 143 schools and colleges are to be built in Capital Smart City. One school is already functional and is located at the entrance of the society.
  • Smart Stem school will be functional within next two months; smart boards will be installed in classrooms, 9 labs to promote research and skill acquiring in children.
  • Smart Stem Boys College and Smart Stem Girls college are currently under construction.
  • NUML campus is also to be built on 200 kanals in education dstrict.
  • Free wifi is available in the developed sectors after the fiber has been deployed.
  • IoT technology system is to be deployed for surveillance, smart traffic system and smart street lights. IoT based smart street lights are operational already.
  • All these services will be integrated and controlled and monitored through 5 Command & Control centers.
  • Bulgari hotel in Dubai will sign an agreement on 2nd April to establish a grand hotel in CSC.
  • France’s developers Sujiya will visit the site next month to assess the needs of construction.

In this article, we have divided the development work updates of Capital Smart City in a few categories. 

1. Overseas Block 

Overseas East (Overseas Block phase-1) is the first block to get possession. The possession has been announced in sectors A to K of Overseas East. 

The development work in Overseas block is being done quite rapidly. Most of the leveling and road building is complete and plotting is being done. Earthwork is also being done at rapid pace in Overseas East (Overseas-1) and Overseas central (Overseas-2).

Check out the rapid development happening at Capital Smart City site:

Harmony Residential

Harmony Residential is a residential project in Overseas Block D. The construction work is being carried out speedily for the said project.

harmony residential - development update - Capital Smart City

In addition, the construction of Smart Villas has also started and is being done rapidly in the Overseas block. We’ll cover the details in the section about Smart Villas below. 

2. Smart Villas

Construction work for smart villas in Overseas, Executive, and OS Prime block is well underway.

Check out some latest images of Villas-in-progress from the construction site.

details: CSC smart villas

3. Overseas Prime

The development work of Overseas Prime is in progress. Earthwork and asphalt work are being done rapidly.

4. Executive Block

On the site of Executive block, land is also being cleared and leveled. Sewerage pipes are being laid and construction of Smart Villas has also started.

Executive block phase-1 is expected to get possession after Overseas-1. Therefore, rapid development is being done in Executive block as well.

5. Harmony Park Block

The earthwork for Harmony Park block is being carried out expeditiously.

Here are some fresh images from the site:

6. Harmony Park Overseas East

The development work has also started in Harmony Park Overseas East block. The earthwork is currently being carried out.

The development work for Villa Apartments is also proceeding apace in Harmony Park Overseas East.

7. Lake View Terrace

The construction of Smart Villas has also started in both Executive and Overseas block. Click here to explore details about Smart Villas by Capital Smart City

The development pictures of lake view terrace are as follows.

lakeview terrace - development update - Capital Smart City

8. Capital Hills

Capital Hills at Capital Smart City include the 18-hole signature golf course surrounded by villas and apartments. The development of Capital Hills has started with earthwork and cutting in progress. 

9. Lake View Heights

The construction of Lake View Heights is being done rapidly to ensure timely possession of the luxury apartments. The Lake View Heights are being developed in Overseas block C to provide a scenic view to each apartment and create an experience similar to the international lifestyle that overseas Pakistanis are used to. 

10. Roads – Earthwork

The development of roads in Capital Smart City is under progress.

Access Roads

The access roads are being cleared and constructed rapidly to allow for smooth and direct access to the site.

The construction works of fountain at Access 3 Gate has been inaugurated.

La Mer Road

The earthwork is being done. Some part of La Mer road is complete, kerb stones are fixed, and plantation in progress.

Ring Road

The earthwork for Ring Road construction has started and is proceeding apace.

11. Bridges

Two access bridges have been completed and inaugurated. Whereas some bridges are under rapid construction.

The connecting bridge at Sill River has been completed and inaugurated in record times despite slowdown of work due to Covid-19.

The 450 feet long bridge, which was inaugurated in Aug 2020, is a part of the Access-2 road. The before and after images of the bridge are shown below. 

access bridge inauguration capital smart city

The second bridge in Overseas block completed and inaugurated in November 2020.

12. Smart City Dedicated Interchange

The Entrance of dedicated interchange on M2 Motorway from M2 motorway has been inaugurated. The construction work for smart city interchange Exit is underway.

Ground Breaking for Capital Smart City Dedicated Interchange was carried out on 30th August 2022.

Street lights were installed in Capital Smart City from M2 interchange to Executive block.

learn more: Smart City Interchange On M2 Motorway Is Inaugurated

13. Public Amenities

Capital Smart City aims to provide the residents with smart amenities and facilities before the society gets populated. Speedy construction and development work is being done to fulfill that goal at the earliest.

Horticulture work

As a part of the green initiative, horticulture work is being done along with the earth work, leveling and construction of roads so that the green belts and parks are ready to bring life into the project by the time the development work is finished. 

Horticulture work is essential to the aesthetic of a housing project. Capital Smart City has taken its green initiative to the next level through monsoon plantation. Area for plantation has been designated and cultivation of beautiful trees and attractive flowers has started. 

The green belts have already started giving off serene vibes. Check out the recent images:

Linear Parks

Linear Parks in Capital Smart City have been beautifully designed. A lot of horticulture work is done, fountains and other complimentary installations are almost complete.

Access to Clean Water

In order to provide clean water to its residents, Capital Smart City is installing filtration plants. Moreover, water tanks are being constructed to ensure uninterrupted availability of clean water. 

Sui Gas Supply

Now that the Capital Smart City has received approval for Sui Gas Supply from Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL), the gas pipelines will be laid soon.

Stay tuned for updates!


The residential society is now fully connected with WAPDA. The transformers have been installed and the electricity is available in all the developed blocks.

Wind turbines are also installed to harness energy.

Capital Smart City has signed an MOU with IESCO to transfer 20 Kanal land to IESCO. This implies that a state-of-the-art Grid Station would be constructed for the society.

Health Facilities

Th society is determined to provide the best medical and health facilities. A whole separate area called Health District has been designated for medical institutes where modern ways of medicine will be practiced.

Medical Clinic

The excavation at the site of the Medical Clinic has been completed. The foundation laying is in progress now.

Land Allotment for Hospital & University

Capital Smart City handed over the Allocated land to Harley Brain & Spine Specialist hospital & the National University of Technology (NUTECH). The development will start soon.

Pink Ribbon Hospitals

The developers of Capital Smart City, Future Developments Holdings (FDHL) has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Pink Ribbon to establish two specialized Pink Ribbon Hospitals – one in Capital Smart City and the other in Lahore Smart City.

Golf Course & Golf Community

The earthwork of golf course and community is in progress. The development pictures of golf course are as follow.

The Banquet has been inaugurated in Golf Club Area and the excavation has commenced.

banquet hall - development update - Capital Smart City

Cricket Stadium

The development work for the CSC cricket stadium is underway. The ground has already been prepared for he cricket and the rest of the work is rapidly proceeding.

Education Facilities

Capital Smart City has an Education District which hosts the best educational institutes of international standard.

Schools & Colleges

Providing the community with high-standard educational institutes is among top priorities of management.

The construction of Smart School campus in Overseas block of Capital Smart City is almost complete. The building has been developed in duration of few months only.

Moreover, the building of Alight school in Admin block is also complete.

NUML University

Capital Smart City has allotted land for the construction of NUML University Campus.

In a formal event on 30th May 2022, Future Developments Holdings Pvt. Ltd and National University of Modern Languages Islamabad (NUML) signed an agreement for the allotment of land.

agreement signing of NUML University Campus in Capital Smart City


  • The Jamia Mosque in Overseas block C (inaugurated in February 2020) is fully constructed. The management team offered Asr prayer led by the renowned Scholar M Saqib Musatafai Saheb.
  • Another mosque is under construction in Executive block B. The grey structure of the mosque is almost complete.
  • The foundation for Jamia Mosque has been laid.

Site Offices

Display Offices and Sales gallery is under rapid development and the fixing of beams is currently underway.

The development work for CEO Office is almost complete.

Public Transport

Two hybrid double decker buses are launched exclusively to conduct free site visits. The buses will travel from F-11 Markaz Islamabad to Capital Smart City. Click here to learn the schedule of Capital Smart City’s Daily Site Visit Bus.

The hybrid double decker buses will be used for BRT System in future. BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) system of Capital Smart City will benefit the community and environment as more people would be traveling on less fuel consumption.

Security Station

The building structure is under construction for central security station at Capital Smart City

central securoty station in capital smart city - development update - Capital Smart City

14. Silicon Valley

The development work for Silicon Valley is well underway.

What’s New at Capital Smart City?

Capital Smart City is going to hold the Third Ballot for three significant blocks(Overseas Prime, Harmony Park, Harmony Park Overseas) in May 2022. Earlier this year, Capital Smart City successful executed of Second Ballot (Overseas Central Ballot) in March 2022.

The first balloting for about 6,000 plots in overseas-1 and executive-1 block took place in December 2019. Click here to view the first balloting results of Capital Smart City!

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The below video presents a complete overview of price change and product launch by Capital Smart City along with reviews provided by our featured real estate expert, Sahban Tariq Malik!

Possession & Construction in Capital Smart City

The most anticipated milestone of Capital Smart City’s development is finally here. Capital Smart City has announced the possession dates of Overseas Block 1 and some sectors of Executive Block 1. Check out the complete possession schedule of Capital Smart City and all related details

Furthermore, the management is generously incentivizing construction in this block. So, we believe now is the ideal time for home construction in these sectors of Overseas block-1. Learn out more about the incentives of early construction in Capital Smart City.

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