DHA Multan Balloting Ceremony – Sector X and Y

Plot Adjustment Balloting Ceremony

DHA Multan Balloting Ceremony, to adjust plots in Sector X and Y, is to be held on 20th May 2021. A profound moment of joy for the desirous allottees is here! The members of sector W1 and W2 were given an option to change their blocks to X and Y. In the balloting ceremony, the plots of such applicants will be adjusted in sector X and Y through random balloting on 20 May 2021.

About DHA Multan

DHA Multan is the first largest residential project of Multan, launched by the Defense Housing Authority in 2017. The project offers both residential & commercial plots of varying sizes and ready-to-use modern villas. 

Development Work Status & Possessions

The development work at DHA Multan is being done at a rapid pace and possession has been granted for sector X, Q, and U. Moreover, Romanza golf community has also been given possession.

Sector R is undergoing fast development with 60% of work already reached to completion stage. Possessions have also been granted in Sector R and it is expected that around 1000 families will be shifted in DHA Multan by the end of 2021. Moreover, the development work of sector M and Q has almost been completed. 

More than 500 villas are under construction at the moment while above 100 villas have been completed and are in read-to-use condition. Street lights have also been installed, besides 1.8 million saplings are planted over 150 acres of land to provide the residents a healthier and greener environment to live in. Check out more about development in DHA Multan.

Balloting Ceremony for Plot Adjustment (May 2021)

The futuristic project is holding a Balloting event called “Plot Adjustment Balloting Ceremony”. The ceremony will be held on 20th May 2021. This is blockbuster news for the allottees of Sector W1 and W2 as the ceremony is particularly arranged to adjust plots of Sector W1 and W2 into Sectors X and Y. 

DHA Multan has once again been successful in acquiring the investors’ trust. The plot holders in Sector W1 and W2 sent applications till March 20th, 2021 to adjust their plots in Sector X and Y. Now is the time the applicants would relish their promise being kept. 

To participate in the balloting of plot adjustment, you need to apply for changing your sector if you own a plot or file in sector W1 and W2. An adjustment plot will be allocated in sectors X and Y through a random ballot.

What’s new?

With the slogan “We are on the Rise and shall remain on the Rise” by project director Brig Shoeb Anwar Kayani, he also presented the audience with the latest town plan map of the DHAM Phase 1. He also explained the revised prices of all the investment categories and the strategies behind this.

Strategic Benefits of Sector X and Y

Besides, the development of Pakistan Square is another exciting progress of the project. The Pakistan Square would lie at the junction of five sectors; Sector Q, T, U, X, and Y. The square would be linking to N-4 & N-5 through Shah-Rukn-e-Alam Gate. 

Pakistan Square is going to be a promising feature of DHA Multan for opening up new investment opportunities besides the easy access to the residents of society.

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