DHA Multan – Development Work Update

DHA Multan Development update

Given the recent surge in prices of DHA Multan, the investors are ever so curious about the status of development work and possession in DHA Multan. In this post, we have provided an overview of the development work update of various sectors of DHA Multan including DHA Villas and Romanza Golf Community.

Having launched in 2017, DHA Multan instantly gained popularity and huge interest of real estate investors in Multan as well as across the country. The development work has been going on rapidly adding to the already rising demand for the housing project.

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DHA Multan, the paradise of Southern Punjab, offers residential plots, commercial plots, and ready-to-move-in villas. The best thing about this residential project is that through unremitting development work, makes sure that all the necessities are provided beforehand to make living comfortable.

Read on to find out the latest development updates in DHA Multan!

Updated Town Plan of DHA Multan

Recently, the town plan for DHA Multan has also been updated which has further increased the accessibility of the project. Click here to find everything about the updated town plan of DHA Multan.

Development Work Update – September 2021

As already mentioned, development work in DHA Multan has been going on at a very rapid pace. Several sectors have already received possession including sector M, Q, R, and Romanza Golf Club. Furthermore, Sector A is about to receive possession of 2 Kanal plots on 20th September 2021.

Let’s dig deeper into the actual progress of development work that has been going on lately in DHA Multan!

Development of Roads in DHA Multan

The roads in DHA Multan are being laid at a steady pace. All the roads of DHA Multan have been renamed with the names of celebrities and leaders from Pakistan history.

Shah Rukn-e-Alam Gate

In August 2021, the society management forwarded the contract to NLC for the construction of the road connecting to Shah Rukn-e-Alam Gate. The construction work is expected to commence soon and it will be complete within 8 to 10 months.

This is the third gate of society located on Multan- Lahore road, near Qadirrpur Ran. The gate will provide direct access to traffic from Lahore and Islamabad shortening the distance from both cities.

Pakistan Square

Five sectors Q, T, U, X & Y will connect at Pakistan Square which is connected to M4 through National Highway at Shah Ruk-e-Alam Gate (Qadir Pur Ran Bypass). This Square will have Pakistan’s tallest Flag ( 320 feet high) and National Monuments of all major units of Pakistan.

The roads of Pakistan Square are currently being developed at a quick pace. The foundation for the flagpost is already complete and flag will be installed soon.

Commercial plots will be readjusted to link with Pakistan Square and then to National Highway. The groundbreaking of Pakistan square was held on 17th September 2021, the development work is being done at a rapid pace and will be completed in the next 2 to 3 months.

Historic Monuments in DHA Multan

Four historic monuments are under construction including the Clock tower. Some of the monuments will be settled at Pakistan Square.

South Access MPS road

The land as much as 90% has been acquired for South Access MPS (Multan Public School) road and the rest of the land acquisition is in progress. The development work will hopefully start in October-November 2021.

Development in Sectors of DHA Multan

The development work in DHA Multan has been fast-paced since the day it started. Rumanza Golf Community and Sectors M, Q, and R are fully developed. The possession is also allotted to the plot owners in these sectors.

Sector A

The development for 2 Kanal plots in sector A has been done at an expeditious speed. The possession in this sector has been granted.

Sector B1

With an aim to provide low cost housing, DHA Multan has hired construction companies from Karachi to build 200 to 300 10-marla houses in sector B1.

Moreover, the agreement has been signed with 7 major groups to construct low-cost housing for 1500 units. Groundbreaking is expected to be held in September 2021.

Sectors W1 & W2

The land acquisition for Sectors W1 and W2 is complete. Both sectors have been redesigned and the map has also been updated accordingly. Thus, the prices are expected to rise as well.

150 ft wide road is under construction from Sectors W1 & W2 to link with Rumanza sector T and P to increase traffic circulation and access.

The redesigned map indicated that a 25-acre theme park will be constructed in W1 and Sports complex will be made in W2. 80 ft wide road is to be built near W1 & W2 Theme Park and Sports Complex.

Ruamanza Golf Course

The development work is complete in DHA Multan Rumanza Golf. The golf course will be open in October 2021.

Below are the latest images of Rumanza Golf Course.

Development of DHA Multan Villas Community

The DHA Villas in DHA Multan are under rapid construction. The gray structure of DHA Villas is complete and the finishing is in quick progress.

Click here to View payment plans and floor plans of DHA Villas.

The video below shows the development of DHA Villas:

Public Amenities

  • The complete electric energization of first DHA GIS Grid station is expected to be achieved by Nov-Dec 2021.
  • The gas and water supply will also be provided in the due time as these amenities are the prime focus of management.
  • The approval for Army public school and college has also been acquired. The construction for school and college buildings will begin soon!
  • The dedicated area for Health City and Education City has been increased from 150 acres to 200 acres.
  • Internet service will be provided in the villa community within the next month.
  • Multan’s biggest park will be built in sector U.
  • The development for DHA Multan 360 Zoo is complete

DHA Main Park

The ground breaking of DHA Multan’s biggest park spread over 25 acres of land in Sector U, DHA Main Park held on 14th October 2021. The fortunate residents of DHA Multan will be entitled to relish the lively ambiance of the park under construction. The park will have numerous exceptional features.

  • Kids Play Area
  • Desert Safari
  • Amphiteater
  • Elegant Water Bodies
  • Skating Zone
  • Library
  • Jogging Track
  • Open Gym
  • Cafeterias
  • Kids Gaming Zone
  • Gazebo
  • Football Ground
DHA Main Park - sector U DHA Multan

Development of Rescue 1122 Station

A residential community always requires urgent safety measures. The Rescue 1122 station provides a perfect solution for such urgent needs of the society. The Rescue 1122 station has been fully developed and finished in record time.

Moreover, it is expected the rescue station will be functional soon as the management has made timely arrangements to get the staff and equipment placed by next month.


Is DHA Multan a good investment?

The demand for DHA Multan is quite high which indicates the prices are incessantly increasing. The intense market response is keeping the opportunities open for profit. For example, 1 kanal plots now offered at 1 core and 20 lacs are expected to bring returns as high as 1 crore to 2 crore in the coming one or two years.

Who is the owner of DHA Multan?

The chairman of DHA Multan is General Muhammad Waseem Ashraf while the Director of the magnificent project is Brig Shoeb Anwer Kayani.

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