DHA Multan: An Exciting Updated Town Plan

Updated Town Plan DHA Multan latest master plan

DHA Multan is one of the most popular residential projects of Pakistan at the moment. Investors all over the country, as well as overseas Pakistani residents, are in search of a good deal in the largest residential project of the entire Southern Punjab. Some important reasons leading to the popularity of DHA Multan is the rapid development, exceptional leadership and management, futuristic vision, and outclass delivery. In the recent balloting event, the project director of DHA Multan, Brig Shoeb Anwar Kayani, shed light on the key highlights and recent developments of the society.

Project Details: DHA MULTAN

About DHA Multan

DHA Multan is the first project of the Defense Housing Authority in the city of saints after tremendous success in major cities of Pakistan including Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and many others.

Launched in March 2017, DHA Multan had quickly become a sensation for the real estate investors all across the country. The fast-paced development work, modern urban planning and unmatched amenities made DHA Multan the dream of every homebuyer.

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Spread over 9000 Acres, this housing society not only provides residential and commercial plots of varying sizes, it also offers fully finished villas equipped with the most modern finishes and architecture.

Key Highlights and Updated Master Plan

The DHA Multan Balloting Ceremony was conducted on 20th May, 2021. File holders were allotted plots based on random balloting. The land for Sector Y was recently acquired by DHA Multan whereas Sector X is also redesigned. The event was a big success and was conducted in a truly professional manner.

The DHA management under the supervision of the DHA Project Director explained all aspects of the project in great detail, especially focusing on the revised master plan of the housing society and justifying the strategy behind the unprecedented rise in prices. 

Creation of Sector Y and Design of Sector X, DHA Multan

The management of DHA announced the creation of Sector Y while also sharing a revised design for sector X.

The management also announced that the land for the new sectors is now fully acquired by DHA and the management is working aggressively on developing these sectors.  

24 Hour Security

The aim is to provide the residents with world-class facilities within the security and safety of a gated residential colony.

DHA Multan is a gated community surrounded by a boundary wall with 24 hour surveillance and patrolling by DHA security.

Emergency control rooms and Rescue 1122 stations will be ready to serve the residents in case of any emergency.

Enhanced Connectivity

DHA Multan is being built in an ideal geographic location of Pakistan. It is strategically planned to avail mega connectivity through access to multiple national highways, for instance, GT Road, Motorway, Bosan Road etc.

The master plan offers increased frontage to Sector E on Ring Road.

This contributes to the scope of the project in future leading to lucrative returns for the investors.

Matital Road Overhead Bridge

Furthermore, the construction for an overhead bridge on Matital Road is also approved and underway. The bridge will allow easy flow of traffic in and out of DHA Multan, through the Shah Rukn e Alam Gate.

The Pakistan Square – An Strategic Junction Increasing Connectivity

The residents of DHA Multan can now look forward to The Pakistan Square. A beautifully planned conjunction to facilitate the residents, it is an ideally located junction that connects DHA Multan to Motorway M4 and the Grand Trunk Road.

  • The Pakistan Square is also the meeting point of five sectors: Q, T, U, X and Y.
  • The junction connects DHA Multan with M4 Motorway and the Grand Trunk (GT) Road through the Shah Rukn-e-Alam Gate.
  • The flow of traffic will be well managed to ensure a smooth commute for the residents.
  • Four famous monuments, one from each province, will be built at the Pakistan Square to represent national harmony and peace.
  • The Pakistan Square will also host a 200 feet tall Pakistani Flag.
  • It will be a famous landmark and will add to the beauty of DHA Multan.
pakistan square - dha multan

Provision of Utilities

Planning and development processes for Electrification, Gas connectivity, Water Supply and a Recyclable Sewerage Treatment are all in place.

Furthermore, Optical Fibre cable master plan is laid out.

Provision of Gas in DHA Villas

An independent gas line from the Shah Rukn-e-Alam Gate is being laid out and almost 90% of gas connectivity links for the DHA Villas have already been completed. 

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Demarcations of Subsectors

In the updated town plan for DHA Multan, sectors are redefined into sub sectors, with dedicated commercial markets for each. This is because some sectors were spread over a massive area, with over 1500 plots each, for instance, sector M and L.

The management believes that distribution of services, surveillance and providing security will become easier and more efficient after division into subsectors.

Demarcation of sub-sectors will also allow DHA management to be more organised in dealing with queries and complaints from a particular area within a large sector.

New Residential and Commercial Plots

DHA management focuses on maximising liveability by investing in low cost projects that yield greater development. During the redesign process, a number of new plots have become available in different sectors:

  • Approximately, 350 new residential plots are made available for purchase in sector U.
  • Low cost housing opportunities in sectors P, T and V are made available by announcing availability of 5 marla plots.
  • Approximately, 20 additional commercial plots are made available for purchase in sector C. The area of these commercial plots ranges from 1 to 2 kanal.

A Home for Everyone

DHA Multan aims to be a home for everyone, catering to people from varying social and financial backgrounds.

  • Only 1% of houses cater to the Elite Class, offering residential plots of 2 Kanal.
  • The maximum area is dedicated to families from a middle class background, dedicating 60% residential land to 1 Kanal and 10 Marla plots.
  • The remaining 39% of the the land is utilised for developing 8 Marla and 5 Marla residential plots, catering to a lower middle class.
Strategic Allocation of Area in DHA Multan

Commercial Hub

Apart from offering excellent living and unmatched amenities, DHA Multan also aims to emerge as a hub for corporate activity.

An area between 1 to 2 acres is dedicated for the development of large-scale commercial markets in sectors D, N and V. 

DHA Multan has initiated construction of automobile workshops in sector B1 to facilitate easy maintenance for vehicles, for the upcoming DHA residents and businesses.

Furthermore, approximately 20 additional commercial plots (with areas between 1 to 2 kanals each) are made available for purchase in sector C. 


The development officials, under the supervision of the Project Director, Brig. Shoeb Anwar Kayani, have devised a detailed plan for the establishment of state-of-the-art Educational and Healthcare institutions.

The revised master plan of DHA Multan shows great promise in bringing together a wide range of services in close vicinity for the residents. There are dedicated areas of land identified as Health City, Education City, Sports City etc.

AM 99 Medical Complex has purchased land in Sector Q and development is underway.


A number of well-reputed educational institutes are being opened up in DHA Multan to provide high quality education and living standard to the residents.

  • Famous local universities like FAST and NUML have already invested in land to begin regional operations.
  • MOU has been signed with FAST University and about 20 acres of land has been reserved for the campus.
  • Junior schools will be opened in DHA Villas soon.
  • SICAS kids Campus is already operational.

Sports and Entertainment

DHA Multan provides many opportunities for sports and recreation of its residents. Some of them, as mentioned by the Project Directos, are listed below.

  • The Rumanza Golf Club is all set to open in October 2021.
  • An indoor sports complex will be built in Sector L.
  • DHA 360 Zoo is almost complete and all set to open in June 2021 (Subject to national restrictions regarding Covid-19).
  • An 80 feet tall dancing fountain has been planned.
  • Food court and Kids Play Area will also be developed.

Price Appreciation of Property in DHA Multan

At the Balloting Ceremony, the Project Director also shed light on the appreciation of prices for plots to offer an insight regarding the return on investment. The current prices of May 2021 were compared to the prices from 18 month ago, i.e, December 2019.

DHA Multan’s Strategy to Enhance the Return On Investment

In order to gain maximum profit on investments in Multan’s most lucrative housing society, the Management of DHA Multan has employed a well thought out and focused strategy. The outline of the strategy is as follows:

  1. Planning: To plan every minute detail of the development process.
  2. Development: Execute low-cost and high-benefit development projects.
  3. Liveability: Increase the liveability of the society by offering a wide range of amenities, such as self sustaining smart infrastructure, educational institutes, etc.
  4. Customer Centric: Focus of the needs of the customers.
  5. Marketing: Market the society on a national and an international level.

Why DHA Multan?

The development phase is in full swing and the revised plan is expected to be complete by 2024. Shah Rukn-e-Alam Gate will be connected to M4 by the end of 2021. Four Sectors have already received possession named Sector Q, R, M and H.

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DHA is the largest residential colony being built in the city. Multan is famous for being home to many saints, traditional dresses, delicacies, crockery and jewellery. With DHA Multan emerging as an exceptional residential society, it is also developing as a hub for local and international businesses.

DHA Multan will serve as a lucrative platform for businesses and therefore, boosting the local economy. It will be a centre that brings together a wide range of services within the comfort and security of an enclosed society. Whether you wish to build your dream home in the city of Multan or aim to strengthen your business, DHA Multan is your safest bet! 

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