Five compelling reasons why you should invest in Park View City Islamabad!

park view city islamabad - grand entrance

Park View City is an upcoming housing society, being developed by Vision Group, offering residential plots, commercial plots, residential villas and apartments in Islamabad. The luxurious residential project provides world-class amenities including Turkish style grand mosque, renowned schools, a large hospital, Park View Mall and a large community center. The grandeur of the housing society is visible from the 200-ft wide main boulevard, wide road network, ample green belts and parks, and underground electricity. To find out more about the Park View City, visit the project profile. You must be wondering whether all the hype is really worth investing your hard-earned money in! In this post, we talk about five reasons that you should consider before you invest in Park View City!

1. Ideal Location

The first and foremost attraction of the luxurious housing society is its location. Park View City is located at Malot Road at a drive of 15 (fifteen) minutes from Kashmir Highway (taking Serena Hotel as reference point).

The 200-ft main boulevard of the society is accessible through Murree road from both Kashmir Highway and Islamabad Expressway at a drive of 15-20 minutes only. Therefore, Blue Area is only 20-25 minuntes away. This makes the society ideally located for both commercial and residential purposes.

park view city location roadmap

While the society is sufficiently close to the city center with great accessibility, Park View City also benefits from the the scenery of beautiful hills and mountains of Bani Gala surrounding it.

The serenity of beautiful landscape close to the city center is a perfect package for building your dream home.

2. Grand Entrance and Commercial Area

The main boulevard of Park View City is 200-ft wide connecting with Park Road through Jinnah Avenue (See the map above) which is also about 90-100 ft wide.

A wide access road leads to easier and quicker travelling to and from the society, leading to fast and easy work travelling and enabling you to enjoy the peaceful serenity of your luxurious housing society.

park view city grand entrance

Another reason why you should invest in Park View City is that the commercial area is situated right after the entrance. Commercial areas attract commercial and business activity into residential projects that increases the livability and quality of life in a society.

The fact that commercial area is located right at the entrance means that it will have a greater footfall as it will also be accessible to surrounding societies such as Bahria Enclave and Park Enclave in this case. Such commercial areas attract real estate developers to construct landmark projects and malls further adding to the value of the society.

3. Fast Development: Possession in A and B block of Park View City

The development work in Park View City is happening at a fast pace. Block A and B are already developed and possession has been granted. Moreover, construction of houses has already started in these blocks.

The road network of other blocks is also being developed at a very fast pace. The construction of the grand mosque has also started. We believe that the society will be developed within 2-3 years and the community will be ready for normal life functionality.

Check out the recent images of block A and B. Visit the project profile for detailed development work update of Park View City Islamabad. Development also started in Overseas & J blocks.

You can catch glimpse of the latest development update in Park View City in the video below. 

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4. Sound Developer

We have repeatedly reinforced that any due diligence of a real estate project is not complete without evaluating the ability of the developer to deliver the project. Park View City is being developed by Vision Group. The chairman of Vision Group is Aleem Khan who is a famous politician and Senior Minister of Punjab.

Being associated with such a personality does provide the project with additional credibility. It certainly lowers risks related to construction and development.

Furthermore, the portfolio of the developer including Park View Villas, Signature Apartments, and Corporate Center in Lahore and Park View Icon in Karachi suggests that the group has strong management skills and the ability to deliver large scale projects.

5. Larger plot sizes

Another good thing about Park View City is that their plot sizes are larger than other societies on average. The size of a 5 marla plot is 1300 square foot with dimensions 26′ x 50′. Moreover, the size of a 10 marla plot in Park View City is 2450 square foot with dimensions 35′ x 70′.

Thus, one marla is equivalent to 250 sq. ft. on average which is much larger than other comparable societies.

So, while prices of Park View City seem higher than other societies of Islamabad, we believe that they are actually justified given much larger plot sizes, premium land, and the fact that development charges are included in the price.

So why should you invest in Park View City?

In this post, we have discussed five reasons that make Park View City an investment worthy project. We believe that all of these points definitely make it reliably attractive for investment with positive returns as high as double in a few years.

Park View City offers the complete package of comfort, luxury, and security at your doorsteps. It is amongst the top five upcoming housing societies in Islamabad.

Moreover, the housing society is ideal for constructing home in Islamabad and also offers the best fully constructed villas in Islamabad.

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