Five ways to upgrade your home into a Smart Home!

how to convert your home into smart home

Smart home is the future! In Pakistan, the concept of smart homes is relatively new, however, we can proudly say that Pakistan is stepping into the smart world too and building smart homes too. Upcoming housing societies are focusing on the trend of developing smart cities now and make sure to offer smart home facility to the investors. Due to the vast usage of social media, this world has become a global village and our generation is exposed to international trends and wants to incorporate smart lifestyle in their lives too.

Some real estate developers have brought the idea of a smart home in Islamabad such as Smart Villas by Capital Smart City. Capital Smart City is one of the finest housing societies that claim to be the only smart city in Pakistan. They have designed “Smart Villas” and have incorporated international level smart features in it. Smart home is indeed a future of Pakistan’s housing societies.

What is a smart home?

Imagine yourself parking in a garage and automatically lights of your porch switches on. You open your main door with a tap of your finger, and your smart speakers hum a welcome message for you. No, it is not a dream; it is a very basic feature of a smart home. Smart home is a divine place where your electronic appliances can be controlled remotely by your smartphone or even your computers. Isn’t it amazing?

Well! After a hectic day at work, who doesn’t want to go straight to the couch and lay down comfortably? But Oh! Did you forget to turn the air conditioner on?  and turn all the lights off? and turn the security light on in your porch? and check if you have locked all the doors after you unlocked them?  We feel for you! But it is not a problem in your smart home. Just take your phone out and turn on the AC and control all the lights in your house while lying comfortably on your couch. Perks of living in a smart home do not just end here, imagine you don’t even have to look for a remote to switch on a TV or any electronic device, you can manage it all by a single click. That’s a smart home for you; it lets you control your house even when you are not physically present there. Yes! that’s right! Even when you’re away for a long needed vacation.

Easy Ways to convert your home into a Smart Home!

Nevertheless, we completely understand that building a smart home from scratch can become an overwhelming experience. So, we are here to share some tips that you can implement to give your basic house a touch of smartness.

1. Smart Home Security System

Smart home security system is simply the best. Installation of a camera is just one aspect of home security. In smart homes, people seek a full security system with sensors, sirens and asks for a complete kit to monitor the entire home for any unfortunate break-ins. We are here to guide you regarding, how you can secure your house with Smart security system? Don’t worry! Installing Security system in a house is quite easy. Once you connect it to the Wi-Fi, you become in-charge of it and now monitor and regulate your security devices using an application installed in your personal smartphone. Home security systems come in multiple packages and one can choose it according to the need and size of the house.

To secure your home, there is a smart security kit that includes multiple products such as:

  • Door Sensors/Window Sensors

    Smart sensors are installed to the doors and windows of your house and can detect any unnecessary intrusion in your house. There is no rocket science involved in its installation. The sensor can be installed with double-sided adhesive tape or screws in just a few steps, and to connect the device to your phone, all you have to do is download an app “Smart Life” which is available on Google Play Store or any App Store.

  • Motion detector

    In order to keep your home secure, smart home security system offers a motion detector. The motion sensor has a tendency to detect humans by sensing the infrared heat from the human body and has the capability to intelligently adjust itself to identify human intruders at virtually any temperature. Isn’t it awesome? Wireless Smart PIR Motion Sensor by Tuya, powered by ZigBee wireless communication is highly reliable and is available online. For any further details, please leave a comment below or write to us at info@irealprojects.com!

  • Smoke detectors

    Another way to make sure your home is safe, even when you are away is to install detectors. Yes! Detectors of smoke, gas or even water leakage can be installed in your home. These smart detectors can save your home from any hazardous activity by notifying you instantly when there is any leakage of gas or smoke. Indeed, smart detectors do wonders! Tuya offers Wireless Smart Smoke Detector with Alarm. It comes with a double sensor that detects smoke and activates the buzzer within 2 seconds. It comes with a phone alert and sends you an automatic message, in case of any unusual activity in your house. Not just that, it will remind you to replace low batteries as well. so no worries!

Smart security systems not just save your house from break-ins but make sure you get notified in case of any unusual activity in your house such as water leakage, gas leakage etc. Smart security systems work best for nuclear families, who often leave their houses without any supervision, so now working Mummies and Daddies can enjoy their work without any stress about their house’s security.

2. Smart lights

Put a complete stop on siblings fighting about whose turn it is to go and “switch off” the lights by installing smart lights in your house. Smart bulbs let you control individual or even group of lights from your phone. How do smart lights work? Smart light bulbs automatically turn on and off at set times through its built-in timer function. All you have to do is install an application on your phone and by using the application,  you can switch off the lights even after you left the house in a hurry and turn them back on before entering your house. Yes! Isn’t it incredible? Not just that, unlike basic blue light you can setup the brightness level and color of your light according to your mood and requirement. Smart bulbs or lights can also set to be automatically turned off or on.

Oobest – 6.5 W Color Changing Smart Light is available in online stores and is quite reasonable to get a hold of it. For more details, don’t hesitate to contact us.

In addition to it, If you already have bulbs in your house and want to avoid the expense associated with the repurchase, don’t worry! As an alternative to bulbs, you can also make use of smart switches to control the bulbs already installed in your house. So, when are you installing some smart lights?

3. Smart locks

If you are a person who checks the lock of every single door of your house at night, then smart locks will be your best friend. Now, with just one click you can lock and unlock the doors of your house. It has happened at least once in everyone’s life that they forget to lock a certain door and realize in the morning how lucky they have been that night! So, with smart locks, you are always safe.

Not just that, smart locks come with excellent features that you can lock and unlock doors from anywhere. So, now on your way to your office, you won’t even have to say, “Oh No! Take a turn, Take a turn, I forgot to lock the door.” With smart locks, you can automatically lock the door from your smartphone. So, say goodbye to the ordinary locks and save yourself from the hassle.  Smart locks vary and some even allow you to give a family member or a friend temporary access to lock and unlock the door.

4. Smart doorbells

Smart doorbells are a blessing. Nest Video Doorbell offers versatile smartphone compatibility and uses your home Wifi’s network to easily synchronize doorbell to your smartphone or tablet. With Nest smart doorbell now you can never miss any visitor or a delivery at your door-step, its smart detectors alert, you whenever someone presses the bell. The smart features of Nest Video doorbell do not just end here, with its HD talk and listen feature you can hear visitors loud and clear. By installing smart doorbells, put a stop to excuses like you weren’t at home. Because with smart doorbells, you can answer the door, even if you are away.

5. Smart Television and Remotes

Get rid of external devices and plugging wires into the Television, to see things from stored devices. With smart TV, just by a single tap you can connect your phone and even laptops to the television and enjoy watching your favorite series or old videos. Screen mirroring feature in Samsung Smart Televisions lets you screen content from your phone directly to your television. Smart home theater might seem basic to you, so to upgrade it and to make it extremely lavish one can connect it to the Smart Remote. Yes! Smart remote lets you sit back on your couch and control multiple devices at once, such as brightness and shade lights, sound, and lets you enjoy hands-free control. Isn’t it awesome!?

Smart homes are the future of new houses in Pakistan. It is even a great opportunity for real estate developers to think on these terms when building a housing society to attract customers who want to enjoy luxurious lifestyle. With little touch ups you can enjoy the luxury of living in smart homes.

If you found this blog helpful or need more information about any of the above mentioned devices, please leave a comment below with your valuable suggestions and comments. We look forward to your valuable feedback! Follow us on Facebook to stay updated with what’s new at Islamabad Projects!

If you are not up for installing smart home features to your home yourself, check out the Smart Villas being offered by Capital Smart City in Islamabad. Call our featured agent, Mr. Sahban Tariq Malik, who is a market expert and a real estate portfolio manager with more than 500 national and international clients. We look forward to hearing from you.

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