Good News for Members! Save your Cancelled Files in Capital Smart City!

new policy for Cancelled Files in Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City has not only proved its excellence with its fast development work and timely possession but the society is also considerate of its investors!

Once again, the society management has gone the extra mile to provide relief to the members, who paid up to 50% to book plot files (before and during 2021) and their files were blocked due to nonpayment, as it decided to give a chance to make the blocked files valid.

Earlier, successively, in November and December 2022, the society management unblocked the files booked at 20% to validate those files on payment of overdue installments.

Cancellation of Files with Nonpayment

Capital Smart City had cancelled the files from 2020 for which members have not been paying timely installments. If the file only had 20% of the total price as paid amount, the files were unconditionally cancelled.

However, at the request of members, the society has decided to give another chance and provide relief to the members. The cancellation of the files has been reverted! You can now save your file from being cancelled by paying the due amounts along with two outstanding installments.

New Policy for Cancelled Files in Capital Smart City!

Blocked files that were booked in or before 2021 are given a second chance.

Although the society has called off the usual policy for the blocked/cancelled file temporarily, this serves as a golden opportunity for members to save their files as the files are trading at positive profit in the market. Therefore, all such members are now requested to clear all their due payments as soon as possible to avoid any complication/cancellation in the future.

You can save your plots file in Capital Smart City that were cancelled due to non payment on 1st Dec 2022. Following are the requirements to save your files:

  • Pay the due installments along with two advance installments.
  • The last date to submit your installments is 15th January 2023.

Further details on plot files are in the table:

Year of BookingPaid AmountPayable to Unblock
Before 2021Up to 50%Overdue & 2 Advance Installments
During 2021Up to 50%Overdue Installments

Note: Members who had paid 50%. Yet, if two consecutive or more installments are still pending, they are required to clear their due installments on or before 15th January 2023. Further extension to clear late payments will not be offered.

Click here to see the old and new payment plans of Capital Smart City.

New Investment Opportunity in Capital Smart City – 2022

If you’re looking for a new investment opportunity in Capital Smart City, the society has launched Lake View Commercials which offers commercial plots at the best prices. Click here to see details on Lake View Commercial.

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