Gulberg – Is it becoming the next commercial hub of Islamabad?

gulberg islamabad becoming a commercial hub in islamabad

Gulberg Islamabad is a project of Intelligence Bureau Employees Cooperative Housing Society (IBECHS). IBECHS has a great track of delivering exceptional projects in the past. Having developed IBECHS Phase 1 and Phase 2 (Also known as Pakistan Town) as affordable housing societies for low income IB employees, IBECHS initiated a landmark project called “Gulberg Islamabad” in 2005. Having been approved by CDA in 2009,  Gulberg Islamabad has developed like no tomorrow.

Gulberg Islamabad was launched with a vision of providing a luxury housing experience with high living standard for the people of Islamabad. Spread over thousands of kanals of land, the visionary master plan of the project comprises farm houses, residential plots and incredible commercial areas. When compared to its competitors such as Bahria Town or DHA, it is the only housing society with a 220 feet wide main road.

We have repeatedly emphasized on the importance of a sound developer for the feasibility and success of a real estate project. Check out our recent article to find out more about ways to identify a sound developer. The developer of Gulberg Islamabad has proven itself well over the past couple of years through the rapid development.

In this article, we provide an objective analysis of the strategic importance of Gulberg Islamabad in Islamabad in comparison to the value held by Gulberg Lahore in Lahore. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Can Gulberg Islamabad be as central as Gulberg Lahore?

Gulberg Lahore holds a lot of importance due to its commercial and corporate activities in Lahore. Similarly, if we look at Gulberg Islamabad, it is no less. We believe that the developer of Gulberg Islamabad has planned the society with a vision that Gulberg Islamabad will also hold a significant position in Islamabad just as Gulberg Lahore does in Lahore. Let us substantiate our claim with as much detail as possible in this brief article!

Commercial Areas in Gulberg Islamabad

It is important to, first, provide an overview of the commercial areas in Gulberg especially for those who are not familiar with the society. There are four main commercial centers in Gulberg Islamabad called Business Park, Business Square, Civic Center and D-Markaz.

Business Park is situated right at the entrance of Gulberg Greens. Business Square is situated between Block A and C in Gulberg Greens. Civic Center is present in the Executive Block, close to entrance.

Moreover, D-Markaz is situated at the entrance of Gulberg Residencia. Moreover, the roundabout of Block C has 400 kanals of land reserved just for the construction of mega malls which will bring all of the well-known brands, cafes, corporate offices and much more.

In addition, Blue Area is a generous commercial strip that has been allocated to commercial plots along both sides of the 220 feet main boulevard, Gulberg Expressway, that stretches from Islamabad Expressway upto D-Markaz in Gulberg Residencia, passing through Gulberg Greens along the way.

All commercial areas are home to brilliant multi-purpose buildings and mega malls, adding to the beauty of Gulberg. Gulberg Mall & Signature Living, The Magnus Mall, Gulberg Rabi Center and Prism Heights are some of the well-reputed names.

The landmark real estate projects by well known developers will attract customers not just from nearby localities, but these high-rise buildings with endless amenities will attract people from all across the twin cities.

If you are interested in investing in commercial shops in Gulberg, contact us at +92 334 5557734 for details or a free one-on-one consultation with our featured real estate agent Mr. Sahban Tariq Malik.

Strategic location

“There are three things in real estate that really matter; Number one it’s location, number two it’s location and number three it’s location.”

This famous quote is by Mr. Donald Trump, who used to be a property tycoon.

We agree; location of a project does have the tendency to either make a project an instant hit or a flop one. In the case of Gulberg Islamabad, location is a great advantage. What makes the location of Gulberg Islamabad ideal?

  • The entrance of Gulberg Islamabad is located at Islamabad Expressway, making it easily accessible from different parts of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.
  • Gulberg Islamabad is only five minutes away from G.T road making it accessible from other neighboring cities as well.
  • Gulberg Residencia is surrounded by many other housing societies that offer far lesser amenities as compared to Gulberg. The residents of the neighboring societies tend to use the wide roads of Gulberg to reach Islamabad Expressway faster, implying a high footfall even if the commercial attractions are not considered.
  • To find out more about Gulberg’s location, check out the project detail page of Gulberg Islamabad.

Visionary Planning of Gulberg Islamabad as a Commercial Project

Looking at the dynamics and layout of Gulberg Islamabad, it can be deduced that the developer, IBECHS has a vision to make Gulberg Islamabad a center for commercial activity and not just limit it to a residential housing society.

IBECHS is trying to create a commercial importance of Gulberg in Islamabad by attracting well-reputed real estate developers to construct commercial projects. Commercial plots, in Gulberg Islamabad, are strategically located on the main boulevards to grab maximum attention of residents as well as passersby.

Ample Parking Space

Furthermore, ample parking space has been reserved in the commercial areas indicating the foresightedness of the developer, and increasing functionality when the market becomes mature.

For example, Gulberg Mall and Signature Living and Shanghai Heights are located on the Main Boulevard, at the entrance of Gulberg, in a wide area of 8 kanal each. In addition to the basement parking space provided by the projects, 4 kanal of land has been reserved just for the parking between these two plots to eliminate the hassle of parking and congestion.

This pattern is also followed for almost all other commercial plots, giving spacious parking space to the visitors.

Current Market Trends

Looking at the current market trends, we believe IBECHS has been largely successful in accomplishing the mission. Developed commercial sector is seen as a major strength of Gulberg Islamabad.

Big names are present on Main Boulevard of Gulberg Islamabad to attract population from all across Islamabad such as Roots International School and Telenor’s Head Office. Presence of a 5-star hotel there makes it a must visit place and makes it the center of attention among national as well as international population.

Moreover, the presence of landmark real estate projects providing shopping centers, corporate offices and apartments will serve as a major attraction for people to inhabit the visionary housing society.

Population in Gulberg Islamabad

Even though the residential population in Gulberg Islamabad is not quite considerable yet, there are many commercial buildings that are fully constructed and inhabited to attract people not just from Islamabad, but from other cities as well. We believe IBECHS opted for a smart strategy to grab the attention of investors and end consumers in Gulberg Islamabad through commercial centers.

The presence of landmark projects such as Gulberg Mall & Signature Living, Magnus Mall, Prism Heights and many more makes it a center of attraction. The presence of well-known café’s such as Chaye Khana and Coffee Planet, ongoing development of Roots Millennium School and Telenor’s Head Office are attracting people for early construction of houses.

Moreover, the ideal location paired with excellent amenities will be enough for people to automatically inhabit the society as soon as possible after possession.

Based on the foresighted design and positioning of the commercial areas, we strongly believe that Gulberg Islamabad will definitely hold a similar commercial importance in Islamabad as Gulberg does in Lahore.

Final Word

Gulberg Islamabad is an incredible project and is thoughtfully planned to attract a wide population. It is one of the best investment opportunities currently available in Islamabad. Gulberg Islamabad is not just offering residential plots but commercial shops, corporate offices and apartments in the uncountable architectural marvels brought by well-established real estate developers.

In short, IBECHS has “planned” Gulberg Islamabad with such a vision that the commercial centers are going to be a major attraction and due to which we are hopeful that they are going to attract massive footfall in the society.

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For more information about plots, farmhouses, commercial shops and countless amenities offered in Gulberg Islamabad, click here.

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