Harmony Park Overseas East

Harmony park overseas one

Capital Smart City never fails to surprise the market and has once again created an air of thrill by launching a new block “Harmony Park Overseas East” (former Harmony Park Overseas One). This new block is in accord with the government’s vision of providing low-cost housing solutions. The balloting for this block has been conducted already.

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Harmony Park Overseas One is located on Access-1 Road in front of Sector E of Overseas East block.

Both these blocks are located near the entrance of the society which adds to the significance of the location. As the CSC Smart interchange and Education District will be in close access.

Moreover, the adjacent Golf Course offers panoramic views of the golf field. The Gate Precinct is also the adjacent block that offers plenty of opportunities for entertainment and business activities.

Capital Smart City allowed the members of Harmony Park block to shift their residential or commercial plots to Harmony Park Overseas East block. The conversions were executed in July-August 2021.

The converted plots included:


The first balloting for the plots in Harmony Park (now a part of the OS Central) and Harmony Park Overseas East block held on 30th May 2022. Click to see details of the upcoming Ballot in Capital Smart City.

Development Work Update

The development work has started and is being done at a steady pace. Currently, the earthwork is being carried out to cut and level the earth.

The Access-1 road that will be the connecting road of the block is also complete and the bridges are being constructed. The smart school has been completed in OS Block B and a grand mosque is already functional in OS Block C. The water tanks are under rapid construction in the other sectors of OS East block. For more details, visit our blog – Capital Smart City Latest Development Work Updates.

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