How to Verify Property Online from CDA?

How to Verify Property Online from CDA _ CDA's (Online Property Verification Service

Capital Development Authority has upped the game by making property verification easier than ever by establishing the Online Property Verification Portal on CDA’s official website. Now you can easily verify a property while sitting at your home. To make the verification process intelligible for you, we have described it step by step in this article. Read on to learn how to verify a property online from CDA!!

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Step 1: Go to OPVS (Online Property Verification Service)

Before you start the process, you will need to go to the CDA’s official website. The link to CDA’s website is www.cda.gov.pk.

Then you are required to go to the OPVS (Online Property Verification Service) listed under the Data & Research category on CDA’s website. (see screenshot below for further understanding)

CDA online property verification

Step 2: Create an Account for Property Verification

To create the User Account, you need to Register for IPVS (Initial Property Verification Service). Click on Register Now as shown in the screenshot below and enter your credentials correctly such as Name, Email, Contact Number and your account will be created instantly.

CDA online property verification - how to create user account

Step 3: Verify Property by CDA

Once you have registered a user account on the website, you’ll see a detailed map of Islamabad with all zones demarcated on the map.

On the upper left corner, you’ll see a Search Box where you can enter your address or Choose the location on the map for the property you need to verify.

cda online property verification service -- how to verify your property from cda online

How to Download Verification Report?

After you have added the location of the desired property, you will be provided with a Verification Report of the property containing the details of the property. (By clicking on the Get Verification Report), the Verification Report will be emailed to your given email address from where you can download and view it. (Afterward, a confirmation message will pop up on your screen indicating the report has been emailed successfully.) You can now download the emailed Verification Certificate which proves the authenticity of the property.

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The screenshot below shows how you can get the report emailed to your address.

How to download property Verification Report from CDA website

On the upper right corner, you’ll choose a category from the Menu. Click on Menu and Choose Request History to view all the properties you have verified to date.

What does the CDA’a Property Verification Report include?

You will be able to view the property’s details in the verification report, such as ownership information, property type, location, NOC, LOP status of society and plot, etc. The report answers many of the questions an investor could be interested in knowing.

The screenshot below will give you an idea of what a CDA’s verification report looks like and what it can include:

initial property verification report by cda

Verified properties have better value in the market and investors are likely to earn good returns. Whether you are buying or selling a property, it is recommended to have its verification report from CDA beforehand. It will reveal the necessary details of the property mitigating the risk of fraud for investors.

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