Overseas Prime – New Block in Capital Smart City

commercial plot launched in overseas prime - special discount

Launched on 23rd October 2020, Overseas Prime has been designed to provide a luxurious and high-end living standard through its 50 feet wide streets, exclusive views of the water front, 18-hole golf course and the Khairi Murat mountain range. 

Overseas Prime 2 is the new block launched by Capital Smart City, in Overseas Prime block which provides a high-end community with the most scenic views.

What does Overseas Prime 2 offer?

Overseas Prime 2 offers residential plots of different sizes ranging from 5 marla to 2 kanal. The plots in Overseas Prime 2 are available at 20% Downpayment and at a profit of 20,000 to 50,000.

Overseas Prime 2 Payment Plan

The plots are available at 3 years installments and can be booked at 20% Downpayment. All bookings are available at a profit of 20,000 to 50,000.

See complete payment plan below:

Payment Plan of Overseas Prime 2 - Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City has launched the most-awaited commercial plots in Overseas Prime block. As we have mentioned earlier, there is a small window of opportunity to invest in the new products of Smart City to take benefit from the launch-time offer.

To get maximum benefit from this short-term opportunity, contact us right now to reserve your plot in our limited inventory!

Special Discount Available! 

What does the Overseas Prime block offer?

The Overseas Prime block offers commercial plots of 4 marla and residential plots from 7 marla to 40 marla (2 kanal) in a high-end community purposefully designed at the highest elevation of Capital Smart City to offer the most scenic views.

Commercial Plots in Overseas Prime

After the launch of 4 marla commercial plots in the Overseas Prime block, another wave of glad tiding is here – Capital Smart City has just launched 8 marlas of commercial plots in the same block.

The Booking for these plots is open now. The booking for 4 marlas commercial plots opened on 9th December 2020 and begins on 18th December 2020 for 8 marla plots.

The commercial plots will be located very close to the dedicated entrance of Overseas Prime block from Chakri Road to provide maximum footfall.

The price of 4 marla commercial plots is Rs. 11,050,000. While 8 marla commercial plots are opening at the price of Rs. 18,550,000, to be paid in easy installments of three years.

Booking is done at 10% downpayment while another 10% is to be paid within 30 days of booking as Confirmation.

To get a special discount, sign up right now to reserve your commercial plot as the number of plots are very limited.

Commercial in Overseas Prime – Signup for further details!

Residential Plots from 7 marla to 40 marla

The new block offers residential plots of various sizes including 7 marla, 10 marla, 12 marla, 1 kanal and 2 kanal.

The exact dimensions of the plots have not been shared yet, however, the size ranges from 175 square yards for 7 marla upto 1,000 square yards for 2 kanal plot. 

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Masterplan of Overseas Prime Block

The perfect blend of urban development and scenic beauty, Overseas Prime is strategically planned to provide a unique and high-quality living experience to its residents. The Masterplan of Overseas Prime block can be viewed below.

Overseas Prime Map

You can also download the Master Plan of Overseas Prime block below.

You can also check the placement of the block in the map of Capital Smart City below.

Distinguishing Features of Overseas Prime

While the entire community of Capital Smart City is being developed with a revolutionary vision and an uncompromised focus on quality, the new block brings some promising features that overseas Pakistanis yearn for in Pakistan. 

Here we have listed some of the features of the newly launched premium overseas block that differentiate it from the rest of the blocks. 

Exclusive Views for Overseas Prime Residents

Having a beautiful and clean neighborhood with natural scenery is the dream of every Pakistani. Overseas Pakistanis particularly look for such a community because they enjoy such a scenic neighborhood during their time abroad. 

The Overseas Prime block is designed in a way to allow for maximum scenic viewpoints.

Situated at the highest elevation, the residents of Overseas Prime will be able to enjoy exclusive views of the water front, Khairi Murat mountain range and the 18-hole Signature Golf Course being designed by Peter Harradine. 

Moreover, the residents will be able to see the entire community of Capital Smart City. They will be able to enjoy the mesmerizing skyline of Capital Smart City and lankmark buildings from atop.  

The natural lakes and rivers preserved in Capital Smart City, Chahan Dam and the Dancing Fountains of the Crystal Lake district are some of the major attractions that will be visible from the Overseas Prime block. 

Not just that, Capital Smart City has also planned a lot of entertainment and recreational activities for its residents that will be visible from the new premium block due its elevated landscape. Some of the features are listed below:

  • The Ferris Wheel
  • Water Sports area
  • Artificial beach at lake view terraces
  • F-2 race tracks
  • Dancing fountains of Crystal Lake district

180 feet Wide Smart Broadway

The main entrance gate from Chakri road opens directly into the Overseas Prime block through a 180 feet wide Smart Broadway. Including the green belts and service roads, the total width of the Smart Broadway is 300 feet which depicts the opulence of the community. 

smart broadway in overseas prime by capital smart city

50 feet Wide Streets 

All of the streets in Overseas Prime block will be 50 feet wide, including 7 marla plots!

This will be a defining point for the community as wider streets provide more space for green belts, parking and overall aesthetics. The 50 feet wide streets will further elevate the living standards of the community. 

overseas prime block in capital smart city offers 50 feet wide streets

Smart Connectivity

The new block will be connected with the rest of the Capital Smart City by smart transport choices including DR coded bikes, Hybrid/Electric cars and the smart BRT system of Capital Smart City. 

Moreover, the new block is connected with the rest of the city through a dedicated access road (Smart Broadway) on Chakri Road whise entrance is located near to the Rong Road interchange. 

Payment Plan of Overseas Prime

Commercial Plots

The makers of Capital Smart City are not planning to slow down any soon. After pleasantly surprising the market with the inauguration of 4 marla commercial plots earlier in December, they have come up with the launch of 8 Marla commercial plots on a feasible and easy payment plan.

The prices of these newly launched 4 and 8 marla commercial plots are quite reasonable and hold promising returns on the investment.

Payment Plan of 4 Marla Commercial Plots

The price of the commercial plots of 4 marlas is Rs. 11,050,000 while the downpayment is Rs. 1,105,000.

The payment plan is a combination of monthly and half-yearly payments. There will be a total of 36 monthly payments of Rs. 122,780. In addition, an amount of Rs. 736,660 will be payable every six months as a half-yearly installment.

The complete payment plan for Commercial plots of 4 marlas, is as follows:

overseas prime commercial - payment plan 4 marla

Payment Plan of 8 Marla Commercial Plots

By assessing the market value of Overseas Prime Block, it seems definite that the recent launch of 8 marla commercial plots is going to grab an immense amount of market attention. The booking slots are opening on 18th December 2020.

The 8 marla commercial plots are launched at an effectively reasonable price of Rs. 18,550,000 and the down payment is Rs. 1,785,000.

The payment plan is flexible and is payable on easy 36 monthly installments of Rs. 198,335 while the amount of Rs. 1,190,000 should be paid after 6 months as a half-yearly installment.

It surely seems a great investment opportunity but it comes under a limited stock. Therefore, hurry up before you lose the spot. For further details on pricing, please find the payment plan as follows.

Residential Plots

The launching prices of the residential plots ranging from 7 to 40 marla in size are quite reasonable when compared with the booking price of Overseas block in Capital Smart City.

The launching prices of the premium block are only 2.5% higher than that of the Overseas block.

However, it is expected that the prices will soon be increased to match the demand as well as the premium features offered by the new block.

We all know, by now, that Capital Smart City has a habit of under-pricing their new products. Click here for a detailed review of the pricing policy followed by Capital Smart City. 

Payment Plan - Overseas Prime Block - Capital Smart City
New Payment Plan – March 2022

You might be able to get a residential plot at the old price with some real estate agents at a minimal profit. Here is the old payment plan for reference and comparison.

Monthly or Quarterly Payment Plan

The original payment plan divides the installments in a combination of monthly and half-yearly installments, as shown above. However, members will get the option of converting the payment plan into a quarterly or monthly plan. The half-yearly installments will be equally divided among all installments. 

How to Avoid Cancellation in Overseas Prime I?

The members of Overseas Prime I (ex Overseas prime), who paid 20% and above, are required to pay the remaining due along with two advance installments by 31st December 2022 to avoid cancellations.


Development Work

The development work has already started on the Overseas Prime block and the 140 feet Smart Broadway that provides direct access to the new block through Chakri Road. 

Stay tuned for more updates and development pictures. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram

Click here to view latest development work updates of Capital Smart City. 

Why invest in Overseas Prime?

Overseas Prime is a purpose-built, exclusively designed community offering a lavish lifestyle to its residents. The 50 feet wide streets combined with the 300 feet wide Smart Boulevard add an extra oomph to the already smart community of the residential project. Here is why we think Overseas Prime is worth your hard-earned investment:

1. Dedicated entrance from Chakri Road

The 300 feet wide entrance road, called Smart Broadway, opens directly into the Overseas Prime block. The entrance gate is situated near the Ring Road Interchange providing high accessibility to the new premium block. 

Furthermore, the construction work of the entrance has already been started. With the entrance already built, the demand for this block will surge in no time.

Residential blocks with direct and built access roads from Chakri road have shown tremendous profits such as Overseas district 1. Therefore, it is highly expected that Overseas Prime block will also follow the same trend and return on investment will soon be highly positive.

overseas prime block location

2. 50 Feet Wide Streets

All of the streets in Overseas Prime block are designed to be 50 feet wide, including 7 marla plots.

Wider streets signify spaciousness, allow for more greenery and prevent congestion even after the community is fully populated. 

Therefore, wide streets have been taken by the market as a highly attractive feature of Overseas Prime. 

3. Ease of Payment Plan and Embedded Flexibility

The launching prices of the new premium block are quite reasonable as compared to the additional features that it offers. It is being suspected that the booking prices will soon be increased, as has been done by Capital Smart City after the launch of new product. 

3.1. Longer Payment Plan of 3.5 years

The payment plan of Overseas Prime is of 3.5 years instead of 3 years.

The longer payment plan includes smaller installments making it easier to manage. 

3.2. Flexible Choice of Plan

The actual payment plan is based on a combination of 42 monthly and 7 half-yearly installments. However, Capital Smart City has given the option of converting it to a monthly or quarterly payment plan at the time of booking. 

The ability to choose a solely monthly or quarterly plan allows investors and members to select a plan that suits their financial management strategy.

How much will the installment be in a monthly or quarterly plan? You can get an idea of that by dividing the half-yearly installments equally and adding to the monthly installments. 

Booking in Overseas Prime

Booking in Overseas Prime block is open for the residential and commercial plots at 10% downpayment. Another 10% will be payable within 1 month of booking as confirmation.

The remaining amount will be payable in installments over a period 3 years.

For booking in overseas block, proof of foreign residence is required at the time of booking to make sure that the booking is being done by overseas Pakistani. 

Plot Selection

The management of Capital Smart City is now allowing the members to select plot location. It would allow members to choose their plots before balloting.
This option would highly facilitate members because plots with good locations offer higher value and are easy to sell. Members who have paid at least 40% of their outstanding payment will be eligible to opt for plot selection.

Payment of Confirmation Amount

The management of Capital Smart City has issued a final notice for the members of the Overseas prime who possess residential or commercial plots in the block.
The members who are liable to pay their confirmation amount on or before 31st January 2021 are directed to submit the amount before 13th February 2021.
Failure to deposit the confirmation amount would lead to cancellation, and as per the company’s policy amount will be refunded.

Commercial in Overseas Prime – Signup for further details!


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