AJ Towers is a magnificent 14 storeyed twin-tower being developed in Gulberg Greens, Islamabad. The sky-high edifice is a multi-purpose project offering shops, apartments, offices and food court – all under one roof. AJ Towers is proud to be the first CDA approved and FBR amnesty-registered project in Gulberg Greens.

The iconic mall serves as an excellent investment opportunity in Islamabad with its state-of-the-art design and modern and elegant interior.

The construction work on the architectural marvel, AJ Towers, has already started and being done at a fast pace!

Continue reading to know more about the project; Location & Map, Prices & Payment Plan, Development Update, and Booking details.


AJ Towers is located on the Gulberg Expressway on a corner plot opposite to Telenor’s Futuristic Country Head Office. Being minutes away from the entrance at Islamabad Expressway, it holds an ideal position inviting major footfall from Gulberg as well as neighbouring societies.

AJ Towers Location on map

Many other projects are being developed in the close vicinity including Skypark One, Gulberg Mall and Signature Living, Prism Heights and The Magnus Mall.

Moreover, it is only 20 mins from Bahria Town, 24 mins from Bahria Paradise Commercial, and 25 mins from Blue Area.

What makes AJ Towers different? The alluring architectural design of the sky-high twin-tower edifice combined with unmatched standards of quality will enable the project to stand out!

The dedicated corporate tower is a major strength of the project which can potentially attract major corporate activity, contributing to the success of the project.

AJ Towers is being developed next to the Country Head Office of Telenor which is already operational in Gulberg Greens.

AJ Towers Gulberg Greens - Location on map

Moreover, the numerous famous and already developed housing societies are located in the surroundings of the project location. This promises a larger footfall and expects immense demand from the public and the real estate market. Check out the detailed review on the location of Gulberg Islamabad.

Here is a snippet of the Google Maps where you can explore the location of the project further.

NOC of AJ Towers

AJ Towers is approved by CDA (Capital Developmental Authority) signifying the project carries no complications regarding the construction work.

What does AJ Towers offer?

Having a beautifully designed exterior coupled with a sophisticated and modern interior, AJ Towers has received its NOC and is approved by CDA. Moreover, the land for the project has been acquired completely and all dues have been cleared.

AJ Towers consists of two adjacent 14-storeyed towers connected with a skybridge located at the rooftop. The skybridge brings a Panoramic Sky Floor for the first time in Pakistan.

The bottom four floors of both towers have been dedicated for the shopping mall. Starting from third floor, two adjacent towers will stand tall upto the 14th floor. One of the towers is residential and has been dedicated for apartments. The second tower is corporate and offers spacious office spaces.

Total floorsG+14
Parking space550 Vehicles
Types of Apartments2 bed & 3 bed

The height of both towers will be around 250 feet. The panoramic sky floor at the rooftop will provide an exclusive sight for visitors making it an attractive visiting spot in Islamabad.

AJ Towers is a multi-use property that caters to all types of investors and consumers including commercial, corporate and residential. The following types of units offered by the project provide an excellent investment opportunity for real estate investors.

  1. Apartments
  2. Corporate Offices
  3. Commercial Shops and Food Court

1. Luxury Apartments in AJ Towers

The residential tower at AJ Towers has brought the most scenic apartments in Gulberg Greens. With no obstructing structures present in all four sides of the project, the apartments and offices will provide a beautiful view to the residents.

The top priority of Aziz Group of Industries has been “quality!” Aligned with their vision, the apartments at AJ Towers are very spacious providing ample living area, decently sized kitchen and rooms equipped with large windows.

The apartments are available in following sizes:

  • 2 bed apartment
  • 3 bed apartment
Apartment TypeMin SizeMax Size
Two Bed1600 sqft1836 sqft
Three Bed3023 sqft3096 sqft
Residential Tower – Floor 3 to 13

2. Corporate Offices

AJ Towers brings to you corporate offices with the most deluxe and sleek interior. The corporate tower in AJ Towers offers spacious offices from 4th floor to 13th floor. The seperate entrance for the corporate tower promises the potential of a healthy corporate environment.

The size of offices being offered by AJ Towers, in the prime location of Gulberg Greens, ranges between 801 sqft and 1839 sqft.

TypeMin SizeMax Size
Corporate Office801 sqft1839 sqft
Corporate Tower – Floor 3 to 14

Moreover, one dedicated parking spot is provided with every office. Additional parking spaces can be purchased by paying the required charges.

3. Commercial Shops in the Shopping Mall at AJ Towers

The bottom four floors of both towers, i.e. Lower Ground, Ground, First & Second, have been dedicated for the shopping mall. Commercial shops starting from 168 sqft are available at the most reasonable prices in the entire city.

The rate for each shop depends on the location of the shop in the floor plan which indicates a fair pricing policy by the developer. The complete payment plan is attached below!

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Commercial FloorMin SizeMax Size
Lower Ground171 sqft496 sqft
Ground214 sqft1363 sqft
First168 sqft668 sqft
Shopping Mall – Floor LG to 1st

Food Court

The second floor in the shopping mall has been reserved for Food Court. The food court has two types of shops, restaurant and kiosks.

The size of food court shops or restaurants in AJ Towers ranges from 251 sqft to 1543 sqft.

Furthermore, the size of the kiosks in the food court starts from 93 sqft and goes upto 236 sqft.

TypeMin SizeMax Size
Food Court Shops251 sqft1543 sqft
Kiosks93 sqft236 sqft
Food Court – Second Floor

The complete payment plan of Food Court is attached below:

Features & Amenities

The 14-storeyed Twin Towers provide all the essential and luxury features to increase functionality as well as convenience of the residents and visitors.

Some of the major features are as follows:

  • Panoramic Sky Floor
  • Smart Homes feature in Apartments
  • Separate Entrances for Residential and Corporate Towers
  • Separate Entrance for Shopping Mall
  • Ample Parking Space
  • Dedicated Parking for Offices
  • Spacious and Fast Elevators
  • Fireman’s Elevators and Lobby for Emergency Situations
  • CCTV Surveillance and 24/7 Security
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply

Developer of AJ Tower

The project is being developed by Aziz Group of Industries, a name that has gained respect and trust in various industrial fields delivering the best always.

Why is developer of AJ Towers sound and reliable?

The developer of the marvelous project has strived to render the best services in textile, matchstick, and particleboard manufacturing, and now introducing AJ Towers as a landmark real estate project in Islamabad.

  • The Chairman of Aziz Group of Companies, Mohsin Aziz, has also been a Senator in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
  • The CEO of the group, Afan Aziz, is a graduate of London School of Economics and Politics.
  • Mr. Afan Aziz is also a Director of SNGPL and Honorary Consul for Republic of South Korea.
Portfolio and Previous Projects
  • AJ Textile Mills Limited – one of the largest Textile Spinning Mills of Pakistan.
  • Mohsin Match Factory – A renowned name in the matchstick industry of Pakistan.
  • AJ Match Pvt Limited
  • Aziz Ice Factory and Cold Storage
  • Premier Formica Industries Limited
  • Premier Chipboard Pvt Limited
  • Premier MDF Pvt Limited

Payment Plan

The shops, offices and apartments in AJ Towers are available at an easy installment plan of three years. The terms of the plan have been summarized below:

Installments12 Quarterly
On Possession10%

Booking can be done at 25% downpayment while 10% of the amount has to be paid at the time of possession. The rest of the amount has to be paid in 12 quarterly installments.

The detailed payment plans for Commercial Shops, Apartments and Offices are available for download below:

Floor Plans

The complete floor plans of AJ Towers are available in high resolution. Please allow some time for the pdf file to load.

Construction Updates

The construction work of the project has already started and is being done at a rapid speed. The grey structure has been completed.

The biggest plus point of AJ Towers is that the plot is in complete ownership and construction is soon to enter the finishing phase!

Check out the latest update from January 2024:

Why invest in AJ Towers?

The strategic location, the esteemed developers and rapid construction of the project are some of the main encouraging aspects to invest in. Speedy construction, contemporary architecture, world-class amenities, and picturesque interior add up to ascend AJ Towers to the top among the list of the best investment opportunities in Islamabad.

CDA Approved and FBR Amnesty Registered

AJ Towers is approved by Capital Development Authority (CDA) which makes your investment safe and secure. Moreover, AJ Towers is also registered in FBR’s Amnesty scheme.

Rapid Construction

The construction work of AJ Towers has already begun. The developers will be following a strict schedule for construction which will ensure timely possession.

Rapid and timely construction of a project is a crucial aspect in the success of the project and brings lucrative return on investment.

Land Fully Acquired

The land of the project has been acquired completely and all the dues have been cleared. The ownership of the land has been transferred in the project’s name.

This shows the high commitment of the developers in delivering the project on time.

Check out the article for more in-depth insight on investment scope in AJ Towers: 5 Reasons to invest in AJ Towers Islamabad.

Booking in AJ Towers

The booking for commercial shops, offices and apartments can be done at 25% downpayment. Contact us right now to secure the best deal at the best price!

Check out the payment plan or simply send us a whatsapp message at +92 334 5557734 for further details!

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As already mentioned, the rapid construction, fully acquired land, approval and NOC from CDA and reasonable prices make the project a candidate for immense success and potentially one of the best real estate investments in islamabad.

It’s not far in the future when the project will be relishing the demand greater than expected by our real estate analysts at iReal Projects. Hence, investing in the project at pre-launch prices would be sagacious!

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