Bahria Town Lahore is a posh residential project in Lahore. The project is proud to be of the pioneers of luxury housing projects in not only Lahore but the entire country. The society offers Residential and commercial plots of various sizes that are perfect to build your luxury house. 

Bahria Town Lahore Location

Bahria Town Lahore is located at the Canal Road of Lahore and is also in the distance between Main Raiwind Road and Lahore Ring Road. 

The distance from famous housing societies are listed below:

What does Bahria Town Lahore offer?

Bahria Town Lahore sprawls over a vast spread of land and comprises 6 sectors that are further divided into several blocks. These sectors include A, B, C, D, E & F. Block G is soon to be launched with exciting new investment opportunities. 

The society is popular for its urban infrastructure that comes along with surplus amenities and facilities. Wide roads, exquisite parks, shopping centers, hospitals, educational institutes, and a lot more is offered in its neighborhood. 

If you are someone who is looking to settle in a smart community, Bahria Town Lahore is the best bet! Besides the futuristic amenities, Bahria Town Lahore’s location is the best which lets you access key areas of the city within less than an hour.

Let’s discuss the sectors of the society below:

Sector A

Sector A consists of two blocks named Babar block and Canal block. It offers plots in sizes from 4 marla to 2 kanal.

Sector B

Sector B has seven blocks: Umar Block, Shaheen Block, Takbeer Block, Ghouri Block, Awais Qarni Block, Ali Block, Usman Block. It offers plots in sizes from 4 marla to 4 kanal.

Sector C

Sector C included Gulbahar Block, Tulip Block, Gardenia Block, Nargis Block, Gulmohar Block, Iris Block, Chambeli Block, Jasmine Block, Janiper Block. This block has plots from 3 marla to 1 kanal.

Sector D

Sector D has five blocks named AA, BB, CC, DD & EE. It offers plots of various sizes from 5 marla to 1 kanal.

Sector E

Ths sector has seven blocks: Jinnah Block, Talha Block, Quaid Block, Iqbal Block, Nishtar Block, Rafi Block, and Johar Block. Sector E offers 5 marla, 10 marla, and 1 kanal plots.

Sector F

Sector F has six blocks named Tauheed Block, Sikandar Block, Alamgir Block, Shershah Block, Ghaznavi Block, and Tipu Sultan Block. This sector also offers plots of different sizes from 5 marla to 1 kanal.

Sector G

Sector G is coming soon. Stay tuned for timely updates!

Developer of Bahria Town Lahore

Bahria Town Lahore is developed by the renowned Bahria Town Limited, founded and owned by Malik Riaz Hussain. The company is known for its steadfastness and excellence to deliver high-quality projects. Bahria Town Limited has bagged 10 prestigious awards in recognition of its unmatched strategies and methods of real estate development. 

Bahria Town Rawalpindi & Islamabad, Bahria Town Karachi, and Bahria Town Nawabshah are the other projects delivered by Bahria Town Limited. These projects are thriving at their best in the real estate market.

Bahria Town Lahore NOC

All blocks of Bahria Town Lahore are approved by LDA (Lahore Development Authority).

Bahria Town Lahore Postal Code

The Postcode of Bahria Town Lahore is 53720.

Features & Amenities

To render a sophisticated environment to its residents, Bahria Town Lahore offers numerous amenities of contemporary standard. Each sector is equipped with all these basic amenities to ensure the facilities are available by your doorstep.

The society has its own hospital Bahria International Hospital alongside many other clinics and health centers in the society. Moreover, the residents would never have to worry about load shedding as the developers have installed the solar panels to eradicate power outages.

Below is a list of the salient features and amenities available in the society:

  • Gated community
  • Carpeted wide roads
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • 24 Hours Security Guards
  • Uninterrupted Electricity Supply
  • Shopping Malls, Markets & Shopping Centers
  • Banera Country Club
  • Educational Institutions
  • Modern Healthcare Facilities
  • Bahria International Hospital
  • Beautiful Parks & Green Areas
  • Grand Jamia Mosque
  • Eifel Tower Replica
  • Zoo
  • Cinema
  • Graveyard

Bahria Town Lahore Prices

The residential plots are now mostly available on sale in all sectors. We have shared a summary of prices in all blocks of Bahria Town Lahore. 

Prices – Sector A

Babar BlockMinimumMaximum
10 Marla 14,000,00017,000,000
1 Kanal25,000,00035,000,000
2 Kanal45,000,00057,500,000

Prices – Sector B

Bahria Springs28,000,00035,000,000
Ghouri Block18,000,00065,000,000
Takbeer Block15,000,00036,000,000
Shaheen Block18,000,00065,000,000
Ali Block10,000,00016,000,000
Usman Block14,000,00016,000,000
Umar Block8,500,00016,500,000
Awais Qarni Block15,000,00021,000,000

Prices – Sector C

Gulbahar Block12,000,00070,000,000
Jasmine Block20,000,00037,500,000
Chambeli Block19,000,00035,000,000
Gulmohar Block19,000,00035,000,000
Tulip Block19,000,00035,000,000
Janiper Block11,000,00030,000,000
Hussain Block10,000,00025,000,000
Iris Block12,000,00030,000,000

Prices – Sector D

AA Block10,500,00013,000,000
BB Block10,000,00012,000,000
CC Block1,000,00022,500,000
DD Block12,000,00018,000,000
EE Block16,000,00030,000,000

Prices – Sector E

Rafi Block7,500,00014,500,000
Iqbal Block11,500,00013,500,000
Jinnah Block8,000,00027,500,000
Nishter Block12,000,00025,000,000
Quaid Block11,500,00015,000,000
Johar Block9,500,00012,500,000
Talha Block7,000,00018,000,000

Prices – Sector F

BlockMinimum PriceMaximum price
Tauheed Block4,000,00018,500,000
Ghaznavi Block10,000,00013,500,000
Sikandar Block7,500,00017,500,000
Tipu Sultan Block8,500,00020,000,000
Ghazi Block6,700,00016,000,000
Alamgir Block6,500,00017,000,000
Sher Shah Block6,500,00013,000,000

Bahria Town Lahore Booking

Residential Plots in are available on resale. However, new plots will be available on installments with the launch of Sector G.

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