Rudn Enclave offers Discount on Late & Advance Installments

RUDN enclave islamabad - discount on installments

Have you not paid the RUDN Enclave installments for six months or more? If you haven’t, here’s your chance to evade the late payment surcharge. To facilitate the members, Rudn Enclave Islamabad has extended the deadline to submit your late installments, until 15th September 2023.

RUDN Enclave Islamabad is a residential society located on Main Adyala Road. The investors are taking a keen interest in the project due to its prime location which lies close Chakri interchange. Moreover, Rawalpindi Ring Road’s path would crosses through the midst of Rudn Enclave.

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Deadline for Late Installments Payment

The last date to pay your pending installments in Rudn Enclave was on or before 15th Septemember 2023. The society has announced that No further extension will be granted.

Those members who had failed to pay any installments to update their ledger within last 6 months would be taken as defaulters. Blocked files will be restored under the following conditions:

  • Levy of Surcharge
  • Conversion of old rates files to current rates files (Current rates of all category plots are attached at the bottom)
  • Blocked Files issued at Current rates will only be regularized after payment of 100% dues & ledger update.

Restore Files to Old Rates in RUDN Enclave

Members can restore their files to previous by updating their ledger before 15th November 2023

Transfer fees will not be applied for plot files with 50% or above updated ledger.


Plot SizeRestoration to Old RatesDeadline
All Plot sizesUpdate Due Ledgers15th November 2023


  • Merging discount Merger & RUDN Enclave Installment Vouchers RAIV is not entertained anymore.
  • All Open or Closed Files of Executive & H-Block will be Converted to New Rates after 15th November 2023.

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