The Magnus Mall – An Architectural Marvel Coming up in Gulberg

the magnus mall - an architectural marvel coming up in gulberg residencia

Have you caught up with the rising trend of tall and beautiful malls in Islamabad? Yes! Next in line is, The Magnus Mall Gulberg. Malls tend to offer all in one place from shopping to dining, residence to leisure, and office space to entertainment. Most of all, such malls provide us with a symbol of luxury and elegance to be proud. The Magnus Mall, coming soon in Gulberg Residencia, is also another architectural marvel that will bring class to the city of Islamabad. This aesthetically pleasing and sensibly designed mall is a perfect blend of modern and contemporary style. The Magnus Mall Gulberg is going to be a huge success, as its name suggests. It is incredibly designed for an area of around 16 kanals, so you can imagine very well how gigantic it is going to be. The Magnus Mall Gulberg is an upcoming hub of shopping centers. In addition to shopping mall, Magnus Mall offers professional corporate offices, lavish food courts, luxurious penthouses, big indoor and outdoor swimming pools and what not! You name it and The Magnus Mall Gulberg has got you covered.

Now talk about not having enough malls in Islamabad! The recent developments in Islamabad have wiped out all the notions related to Islamabad being a boring city. Due to the addition of great architectural sites and lavish shopping malls, now it is safe to say that “Islamabad never sleeps.”

Developers of Magnus Mall

Who else can come up with such thoughtful project rather than Ovaisco Builders? Yes! Ovaisco Builders Islamabad, are all set to come up with yet another masterpiece in the green city of Pakistan, The Magnus Mall Gulberg. They are known for their professionalism and expertise in delivering exceptionally marvelous projects and The Magnus Mall Gulberg  is going to be one of them.

Top Notch Projects by Ovaisco Builders

Ovaisco Builders have a team of competent engineers, professional experts and outclass architects and due to their exceptional teamwork, they come up with aesthetically pleasing and one of a kind projects in Islamabad. In Islamabad, they are known for delivering top-notch projects. Singapore Plaza and Gulberg Business Center are some of their successful projects. Their recent project, Gulberg Rabi Center has also grabbed great attention in real estate market and is almost sold out. We are hopeful that The Magnus Mall in Gulberg Residencia is going to be a blockbuster too.

What is Magnus Mall Gulberg?

The Magnus Mall is all set to be approached by the real estate investors and end-consumers. It is designed not just beautifully but quite sensibly to ensure the comfort of their customers. Its four-cornered site is planned to give an easy entry and exit to the customers and it will be highly approachable for the people in its surroundings. The Magnus Mall is going to be huge and extremely lavish.

Location! Could it be any more ideal?

The Magnus Mall is located in Block E in the main commercial center of Gulberg Residencia, also called D-Markaz Gulberg. The location of the mall inside Gulberg is ideal as it lies at the Blue Area Main Boulevard that connects Gulberg Greens to Gulberg Residencia.

The Magnus Mall Gulberg is present opposite to Rabi center making it approachable from multiple routes of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Not just that it is also surrounded by some great housing societies such as OPF society, AJK society, WWF society, Naval Anchorage, Airport Society P-11, and Senate Society etc. The Magnus Mall Gulberg is going to be in the center of its surroundings, making it easily accessible. It’s affiliation with sound developer and presence on an ideal location makes it an enticing investment option among real estate investors.

Exclusive Amenities of Magnus Mall:A Recipe for Success

Whether you are looking for a shop in Gulberg, a high standard corporate office, an opulent penthouse or a fine dining experience, The Magnus Mall Gulberg got you covered. It is not an ordinary shopping mall. This all-side-corner site does not just have a jaw-dropping architecture, but is exclusive in terms of its unmatched features and amenities.

We are listing down some high-class amenities and features that this makes this all-in-one mega corporate, commercial and residential complex a perfect recipe for success.

1. Sumptuous Food Court with Spacious Parking at The Magnus Mall Gulberg

The Magnus Mall has given a special preference to the exclusivity of their food court. It has one of the spacious food courts in Islamabad and will comprise of following features:

  • National and International Food Chains.
  • Special parking space has been allotted for the Food court area for people to have a memorable, fine-dining experience.
  • Customers don’t have to roam around a whole mall to get to their favorite restaurant, all thanks to the presence of food court floor with designated parking space for almost 100 vehicles
  •  Say Bye! To the elevators, when you can directly get to the food court, park right there and enjoy scrumptious food without any delay.

To book your shop in Food Court level 1 at a discount, contact us right now at +92 334 5557734! Choose your favourite shop, confirm its availability and book before it’s gone!

2. Professionally styled Corporate office only at The Magnus Mall Gulberg

The Magnus Mall Gulberg is proudly catering to the needs of corporate offices by providing them with private space within the mall. A completely separate floor is designated for corporate offices, to provide professionals with a peaceful work environment. It is expected that the facility of bathroom and kitchen will be present in the office space. Stay tuned for updates!

3. Luxurious Pent houses only at The Magnus Mall Gulberg

Instead of just two or three bedroom apartments, The Magnus Mall Gulberg is offering exclusively embellished penthouses, to give their owners a real taste of what luxurious living is like. Details coming soon!

4. Swimming Pool

There are going to be two swimming pools; one if indoor and the other is at the roof top for people to swim and relax.

5. Fun House and Bowling Court

Fun house and bowling court are also planned for the food court level 1 to provide fun activities to the visitors.

6. Sparkly Commercial Shops only at The Magnus Mall Gulberg

The Magnus Mall Gulberg is an upcoming shopping complex. It is right in the start of D Markaz, Gulberg Residencia Islamabad which makes it an ideal place for people to access it. Commercial shops will not just have known national brands but presence of deluxe International brands will make it talk of the town. Indeed, The Magnus Mall Gulberg is an upcoming shopping hub of Islamabad with four floors designated just for shopping. Yes! Shopaholics, get ready. Ground level 1, 2, 3 along with first floor is assigned for commercial shops.

Let us break a good news here, the booking of commercial shops has already started, contact Mr. Sahban Tariq Malik right now to ask for more details +92 334 5557734 through call or WhatsApp.

Moreover, we can help you seize the opportunity to make timely investment in an upcoming project in Gulberg Greens – AJ Towers. Recently, AJ Towers has been the new hype. Check out why!

What makes these commercial shops worth your investment?

  • It is all-side-corner building, which gives it a competitive edge over other malls as The Magnus Mall has athe liberty to give separate entrance to each Ground level that open towards commercial shops.
  • Imagine carrying a cranky toddler and you have to roam around a whole mall just to get to one shop.  It’s a nightmare! But with each floor’s own entrance, Mommies! Get to the shop straightaway.
  • Booking of commercial shops are available at 30% of the total price. Moreover, 16% of the price will be payable at the time of acquisition and transfer, rest of the amount can be paid in easy installments of 4 years.
  • The starting total price of a commercial file is about Rs. 8 million. The payment plans and floor plans of Magnus Mall can be downloaded here.

For more updates, kindly contact +92 334 5557734 to talk to our featured agent, Mr. Sahban Tariq Malik or email at for further information.

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