Top Five Reasons Why Your Real Estate Agent Is Your Well-Wisher

Top five reasons why you need a real estate agent

In this era of technological advancement, instead of seeking assistance from a professional, people expect the internet to find a solution for them. Even though the benefits of Internet are undeniable, however, in a lot of matters, we still need reliable humans to intervene and assist us. Why is it even a question whether we need a Real Estate Agent? Or whether Real Estate Agent is our well-wisher?

Well! Do we have any other option rather than involving a realtor to choose the best possible option among a pool of hundred thousand portfolios available?

For any type of ailment, one needs a Medical expert; for the evaluation of computer software, one needs a Software engineer; to resolve the problem of leakage in a pipe, we call a Plumber and to install and maintain electrical equipment, we rely on Electricians. So, why would one question the need of a Real Estate agent in the buying and selling of property?

In this post, we have covered five reasons why you need a real estate agent!

Who is a Real Estate Agent?

Real estate agents are the experts of the real estate market. They work with a team and keep a close eye on the market situation and as a result provide up-to-date and reliable information to their clients.

Not just that, they make sure their clients stay relaxed and manage all the paperwork involved on their clients’ behalf.

Most Common Myth! Real estate agent is an added expense; Think Again!

It is a common belief that a real estate agent is nothing but an added expense. Based on this belief, most of the sellers, buyers and tenants try their best to avoid this cost and bypass the need of involving an agent.

Well! if you know hundreds of real estate developers and have connections with great deal of buyers and sellers then you might not need an authorized agent. However, if you don’t, any real estate agent will add value to your transaction.

You will not only get monetary benefits but also can’t deny the fact that an authorized realtor has the expertise to get the job done in a much shorter time frame, at a considerably inexpensive cost. You don’t even have to deal with the hassle of all the paperwork involved in the transfer process, so do consider a real estate agent your well-wisher rather than an expense.

Top five (5)compelling reasons of why we need a Real Estate Agent!

Buying and selling of a property seems a simple task but it does involve many complex aspects that require professional assistance. When a person intends to sell land or a building, he often thinks that he can beat the local realtor by selling the property quicker than him.

However, once he gets into it, he often realizes the need and importance of a professional real estate agent. If you involve a real estate agent in any real estate transaction, there are numerous benefits for sure that you are not going to get in a direct deal.

Here, we tell you the top five reasons why your real estate agent is your well-wisher and why you are better off by involving a good realtor in your transactions!

1. Real Estate Agents Have Strong Connections

It is the job of real estate agents to connect sellers and buyers, therefore, they have a complete profile of potential buyers and sellers. Not just that a real estate agent has strong connections with developers, other authentic dealers and large number of investors. If you go to an authorized real estate agent to buy a piece of land or a house, he can provide you with the information of potential candidates within just a few minutes.

For example, if an authorized agent is claiming to sell a property of let’s say Capital Smart City, Park View City, or Top City, etc. he is very likely to have strong connections with the developer that can make a dealing quite easy for the buyer.

“Real estate agents have a proper team” The work of real estate agents starts when they get to know about the inception of an upcoming project. Their competitive team starts looking for each and every single detail of the project to inform potential buyers about the worth of the project. Real estate agents don’t just connect you with the buyer or seller. An authorized agent is capable enough to professionally assist you by answering any queries that you might have during the course of buying or selling process.

Furthermore, if you want to find the worth or reliability of a project, you can get that information from the network of your real estate agent. Since he is sitting in the market, he would know which project is worth investing despite the attractive marketing tactics used by some low quality projects. In the end you will find real estate agent you true well-wisher.

2. Buying and Selling is Real estate agent’s Full Time Job

Looking for buyers or sellers, maintaining their records and keeping a close eye on the real estate market is the full time job of the realtor and an ordinary person can’t compete with the knowledge and experience that an authorized agent has. Real estate is their only priority. Real estate agents are not just leisurely selling and buying properties. It is their business; hence they are working on it day and night, striving hard to look for up to the mark news and building connections to come up with the best options for you. Their interest lies in it, that’s why they are in the business and definitely have better expertise in this field than a layman.

One important thing here is; how can you trust a real estate agent? Well, always look for an authorized agent to save yourself from any fraud. Other than that, a full time real estate agent will have a good customer base and goodwill in the real estate market. Referrals and testimonials are a good way of finding a good real estate agent who can manage your portfolio without your having to constantly worry about frauds and losing value on your property. Real estate agents wishes well for you by all means.

3. Real estate agents provide you with unbiased opinion

Real estate agents act as a neutral party between a buyer and a seller. They work exactly according to the desires and wants of their client. They assess customers’ preferences and choices and then simply recommend the best possible option available to them. In addition to this, it is commonly believed that a real estate agent acts on his own interest. Well, real estate agents are notorious for not letting seller and buyer deal directly. It is believed that they won’t tell the right price, or the price they will quote will be inclusive of profit, hence it is going to be high.

Any person who offers you his/her services expects something in return. In case of real estate agents, they charge a certain amount of fees for their services and indeed it is their right. However, if you have any doubt on their intention, always look for an authorized real estate agent.

Choosing a credible realtor is entirely on you; look for authentic agents with great goodwill in the market. Good things come with a price! So, if you want to get your property sold within 5 weeks instead of 5 months, then get assistance from an authorized dealer near you and trust them. You’ll find out that real estate agent’s commission is worth it. In the end you will find real estate agent your true well-wisher.

4. Real estate agents take responsibility of all the paperwork required

A person who has tried to transfer a property must know how much paperwork it involves. There is a lot of transfer work involved in any transaction made in the real estate industry and transfer deed involves a lot of paperwork. Not just that, there are a number of steps before the actual transfer takes place such as appraisal of property, getting No Objection Certificates from the local Development Authorities and most of all, steps to ensure the safe transfer of money and property.

If you intend to buy a property in a new, upcoming society or want to buy a CDA or RDA approved plot, you will have to go through a transfer process, which is quite lengthy. There are a lot of things that you have to check off the list before the transfer can be successfully done. On the other hand, it is a routine work for real estate agents and with his expertise, he can get this task done sooner than your imagination. Moreover, most real estate agencies have employees specifically for such tasks to speed up the process. Now you know why real estate agent is your well-wisher.

5. Real estate agent simplifies the task of Buying and Selling

You must have heard this phrase “If you can’t beat them, join them.” It is true in the real estate market; an ordinary person can’t beat the knowledge, connections and expertise that a real estate agent has. So, to make a profitable deal in a short period of time, it is better to let the realtor choose the best option for you. Realtor, with his expertise, can simply make real estate deal a piece of cake for you.

We have an answer to how an agent can ease the task of buying or selling of any property for you:

  • Real estate agents have better knowledge about the top rated projects in the market
  • Real estate agents can inform you well about the mode of payment the seller is accepting
  • Realtors have a lot of connections with whom they can get in touch within fraction of seconds
  • Realtors get the information from their resources before it is out in the market publicly
  • Real estate agents provide you with a complete package, so that you don’t have to go door-to-door for completion of the task
  • Real estate agent takes a complete charge of submitting a fees required to be submitted in different departments that’s why real estate agents are your true best friend/well-wisher
  • Real estate transactions are of big scale and take a lot of time for an ordinary person to complete the whole process, it is where realtor’s expertise comes in handy and you don’t have to worry about nitty-gritty details.

Final Word:Trends in Real Estate Markets are not constant

Trends in the real estate market are constantly changing and it is one of the expertise of realtors to keep a close eye on the market situation. Unlike ordinary man, real estate agents are connected with the developers, real estate investors, and even common buyers and sellers. For the transfer of property, you will have to look for connections. On the other hand, all the relevant candidates will be on realtors’ speed dial. Believe it or not! You can’t deny the role and importance of a real estate agent. All you have to do is choose the authorized one and the one who has good clientele and a goodwill in the real estate market.

Bonus point: the after-services matter a lot especially if your motive is short-term investment. After all, you’re gonna need the agent to sell it for you as well.

Real estate agents’ active network deserves at least a “Thanks” as they are always busy looking around for the up-dated information for buyers and sellers, and they are the ones who successfully involve all the parties and get the deal done in no time. Trust your well-wishers!

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