Top three Housing Societies Offering Villas in Islamabad

top villas in islamabad

The real estate industry of Islamabad is transforming drastically to cater to the divergent interests and needs of people. The housing societies are bringing the latest international standard of living to the city. Modern and smart residences are in the trending. This is why many housing societies are offering grandiose finished villas with extensive features and amenities in Islamabad.

Who wouldn’t love a finished brand-new home, especially if it’s specifically custom-designed for you? On top, if it is located in a lavish and serene environment? This sounds quite rosy and dreamy but many posh housing societies are offering fully constructed luxurious villas in Islamabad.

So, if you are planning to start living in Islamabad and weighing the pros and cons of different residential options, this post would be really helpful for you.

Why Buying a Villa on Installment is Better than Constructing a Home?

 If you want to start living in Islamabad, you can choose to either construct your own house or buy an already constructed Villa.

However, constructing a home from scratch can be a tedious task and you would end up spending plenty of time and resources in designing your dream home.

Constructing a house involves multiple processes and one wrong step could lead to unsatisfactory results. Moreover, if you are a professional or overseas resident, it would be difficult to dedicate adequate time towards home construction.

If you want to save yourself from all these hustles, we suggest you buy an already constructed villa. It allows residents to avail themselves privacy, security, a better lifestyle, and a good return value.

The Villas are spacious and well-designed properties which make them perfect for individuals who prefer a serene and luxurious lifestyle. Moreover, if you wish to start living in Islamabad soon, buying an already constructed villa would save you time and construction-related fatigues.

Often you need to pay the total payment in one go while buying already constructed Villas and this prevents many people from opting for this investment option. However, in Islamabad, various housing societies are offering villas in installments.

This means that you do not need a lump sum amount to buy a villa, instead, you can purchase it on a convenient monthly or quarterly payment of 1 or 2 years.

Buying a house is quite a big financial responsibility and you cannot make a wrong choice here. Therefore, you need to consider all important aspects and make an informed decision.

So, if you are looking to purchasing a villa in Islamabad and want t live in it or rent it out , this blog post would be quite helpful for you.

We have come up with the list of “Top Three Projects that offer constructed Villas” to help you in making an informed decision. We have selected these residential projects after deeply evaluating them, based on the following criteria.

Criteria for choosing a Villa

Investing in a property is a big deal and requires careful evaluation. We suggest you to look into following aspects before deciding to purchase a villa.


The value of the property is co-related to its location. If you desire to enjoy a well-rounded life of luxury and comfort, selecting a good location is absolutely essential. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the right place for your living.

The villa should be constructed in an area which is easily approachable and near to the city center. It should be located near to your workplace, hospital, and schools and facilitate a convenient commute to the other parts of the city.

The locality should offer well-developed infrastructure, connectivity, and other basic facilities of life.


You cannot undermine the importance of developers when deciding to purchase a villa of your dreams. Undoubtedly, developers play a massive role in delivering an on-time and high-quality project.

Therefore, before deciding to move to a residential society and buy your villa, it is imperative to ensure developers’ credibility.  

Refined and trustworthy developers determinately deliver as per their commitments. 

They will devote themselves to providing a well-constructed villa with all desirable amenities. Moreover, good developers effectively manage and maintain a residential society. Click here to know more about the attributes of good developers.

The Design of a Villa – Exterior and Design

Investing in your future home demands a big commitment. Your house is not going to be your residential spot merely, but it will emit the reflection of your personality and taste.

A perfect villa should be a perfect fusion of sophistication and practicality. It means that besides having an eye-catchy and aesthetically pleasing architecture, the interiors of the villa should also be in context with the exteriors.
Architectural aspects and interiors of the villa go hand in hand and are inter-linked. Connecting the architecture with good internal design while maintaining a sense of nature makes the villa a hospitable and comfortable place.
The layout plan is one of the most important aspects of the villa’s interior design. It determines the overall composition of spaces and the ventilation of the house. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the villa possesses high-quality architecture, interiors, fittings, and fixtures.

Features of the Villa

Another factor that outstands a particular villa from another villa is its features. A high-ended and luxurious villa offers distinguishable features and amenities.

The villas should provide a continuous supply of gas, electricity, water, security system, parking lots, and other basic life needs.

Moreover, these days posh villas are offering premium features such as swimming pools, servant quarters. Furthermore, the ultra-modern villas are equipped with smart technology such as sensitive mirrors, smart doors and central control remote, automatic looks, and much more.

Facilities Provided By the Residential Society

Yes, the villa you are seeking out is up-to-the-mark and fits according to your needs, but it is also essential to make sure that the housing society in which these villas are located facilitates an elevated and outclass living standard.
Residential society should possess all prominent facilities and amenities for a good living experience. It should have all basic facilities such as wide roads, playgrounds, hospitals, mosques, parks, educational institutes, jogging tracks, and entertainment places.

Moreover, the housing society should be well-managed by the relevant authorities.

Housing Societies Offering Best Villas in Islamabad

In this section, we will disclose top three residential housing societies that are offering posh and luxurious villas in Islamabad.

1. The Smart Villas in Islamabad by Capital Smart City

An abode of smart and comfortable living- Smart Villas by Capital Smart City offer a premium lifestyle. These villas are located in the Overseas and Executive Block of the Capital Smart City and offer views of Crystal Lake and the Golf course from the terraces.

These smart villas offer a range of extensive features and facilities. The smart villas are equipped with smart technology and provide various smart features such as home automation, sensitive mirrors, smart CCTV cameras, magic doors, smart doors, and automatic locks, and a lot more. Check out our detailed post on the Smart Villas to know further about their salients features.

To cater to different family needs, these smart Villas are offered in different sizes including 5, 7, 10, 12 Marla, 1, and 2 Kanal with options to select from a diverse range of designs and facilities as per customer’s needs.

Inspired by various themes, these luxurious villas are available in three different categories,i.e, Contemporary, Mediterranean, and Georgian Styled villas.

These aesthetically designed villas are designed according to international standards and aim to deliver an international standard of living. These smart villas offer security and bring innovation and serenity at one door.

Furthermore, the project’s developers of Capital Smart City, Future Holdings Developments and Habib Rafiq(Pvt) hold a credible and outstanding track record of delivering quality real-estate projects.

Located at M2 motorway, Capital Smart City provides an ideal and accessible location to its residents. Moreover, the housing society provides numerous facilities and features such as a health zone, educational zone, mosques, a themed park, an 18-hole golf course, a smart security system, and green spaces.

We suggest you visit the detailed profile of Capital Smart City to know more about the society.

Investing in Smart Villas offers huge potential. Located at M-2, Capital Smart City is only a 5-7 minutes drive away from Islamabad International Airport and offers easy accesibliy to the city center of Islamabad.

Developers’ credibility and their track record promise the deliverance of up to the mark villas. Smart Villas encompass every possible need and desire of yours.

Moreover, Capital Smart City presents you with the facility to book your villa in 10 convenient quarterly installments. Click here to know more about the payment plan and pricing of Smart Villas in Capital Smart City.

Contact our featured real estate agent, Sahban Tariq Malik at +92 334 5557734 right now and book your Smart Villa. If you have any queries, sign up for further details.

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2. Park View Villas in Islamabad

Islamabad’s most sought out residential society, Park View City offers exclusive residential villas. These villas are specifically designed to provide a life of comfort and luxury to the residents.

Nestled in Bani-gala hills, the villas offer lush green natural surroundings. The elegant villas offer a luxurious lifestyle and provide numerous facilities and features to cater to every need of residents.

These villas are available in different sizes including, 5 Marlas, 10 Marlas, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal villas. These villas follow the classic and modern style of architecture. Model Villas are available for visits as well.

park view homes - Park view city islamabad - residential villas

Park View City is a project of Vision group that possesses a commendable record in delivering quality projects across Pakistan. The development of some of society’s blocks has already been completed, and it surely seems to stand high on quality grounds.

Therefore, we believe that the housing society is going to offer villas of its class in Islamabad.  Check out our all-inclusive post on development updates of Park View City, click here to read. 

Moreover, the location of Park View City is ideal as it is located at the prime location of Islamabad, besides Bahria Enclave, and offers easy accessibility to the city center.

The society offers a range of extensive facilities and amenities such as underground electricity, cinemas, mosque, load shedding free zone, hospitals, schools, green spaces, and community centers.

Choosing to invest in the villas of Park View City is going to reap you high returns. The well-designed and strategically planned society offers a mesmerizing view and provides a green living environment for its residents.

The villas are designed on international standards and aim to deliver luxurious living to the residents. Park View City provides you the convenience to purchase the villa of your dreams in an easy one or two-year payment plan. With a high pace of development, the residential society is a hot spot of investment at the moment.

Contact us at +92 334 5557734 through phone or Whats-app for free consultation and first hand information from our featured real estate agent Sahban Tariq Malik who is an authorized agent of Park View City.

3. Villas in Islamabad by Eighteen Islamabad

Eighteen Islamabad brings forward the premium villas, just 10 minutes away from the New Islamabad International Airport. The serene and private villas offer scenic views and extravagant living.

The modern villas combine luxury and comfort to provide an exclusive lifestyle to the residents.

These villas range from 10 Marla to 1, 2, 4, and 8 Kanals of Villas. With a three to seven-bedroom layout, the villas are merged decentely with their natural surroundings. All these villas have spacious bedrooms, kitchen, living areas, a swimming pool, a servant quarter, and a private parking area.

These grand villas are specially designed for people who prefer bigger houses. Moreover, these villas are complimented by smart technology, high-quality fixtures and fittings, and a lot more.

The project is one of its kind and offers supreme quality of life away from all city chaos and disturbance. Although these luxurious grand villas are pricey, these premium villas are equipped with high-quality features that justifies every ounce of your money.

Eighteen Islamabad is a landmark of lavish international living. The project is backed by Ora Developers from Egypt, Saif Group, and Kohistan Builders & Developers from Pakistan.

Ora developers have a reputable portfolio of delivering high-quality real-estate projects internationally. Saif Group and Kohistan Builders have also delivered credible projects across Pakistan. Together, the developers are fostering international, luxurious, and sustainable living in Pakistan.

Eighteen Islamabad is a perfect investment spot for you if you cherish a lavish living style. The location of society is ideal, and it offers extensive range of amenities. It features an 18-hole golf course, business hub, opulent shopping malls, and numerous other luxurious facilities.

These villas are designed to provide the finest living experience and promise high returns on investment.

The unprecedented project offers high-quality features and facilities. Due to the elite nature of the project, the prices demanded are higher as compared to other residential societies. Click here to get to know further about Eighteen Islamabad.

The epitome of luxury living in Islamabad, Eighteen Islamabad is ideal for you if you want to live a lavish life, a big house, and a fantastic view.


In this post, we discussed three residential societies that offer the finest constructed Villas in Islamabad. They are as follow :

  • The Smart Villas by Capital Smart City
  • Park View Homes by Park View City
  • The Villas by Eighteen Islamabad

Prudent and well-informed decisions are crucial for ensuring secure investments. As you seek to purchase a villa, we highly recommend you to contact a reliable property estate agent.

To find out about the best investment options for you, call +92 334 5557734 to talk to our featured real estate agent, Sahban Tariq Malik from Beacon Investment, who is a market expert and a real estate portfolio manager with more than 500 national and international clients.

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