1 Bed Luxury Apartment for Sale

Price of listing - ireal projects
Rs. 13,260,000
Upfront Payment
Rs.10,978,813 approx.

Property Details

no. 70


Address: Gulberg Mall & Signature Living, Islamabad Expressway.

Size & Dimensions

Size: 1,105
No. of Bedrooms: 1
No. of Bathrooms: 1

Price & Payment Plans

Total Price: Rs. 13,260,000
Available on Installments
Downpayment: Rs. 2,182,375
Average Quarterly Installment:
Rs. 595,134
Amount paid in the file: Rs. 4,761,072

Upfront Payment Required: Rs. 10,978,813 approximately

Applicable Transaction Costs

Transfer Fee: Rs. 100,000
Brokerage Fee: 1% of Total Price

Sahban Tariq Malik
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About Project
Plot no. 1-2, Gulberg Expressway, Gulberg Green, Islamabad

About the Property

A luxury 1 bedroom apartment is for sale at Gulberg Mall & Signature Living, located at the entrance of Gulberg Greens. Possession expected in 2.5 to 3 years!

Being an insignia of innovation, Gulberg Mall and Signature Living is an extravagant state-of-the-art commercial and residential complex in Gulberg Greens Islamabad.

Gulberg Greens, being home to spacious farmhouses, provides a luxurious environment to the sophisticated emblem of architectural magnificence.

The construction work is happening in full swing; check out the latest construction updates of the luxurious Gulberg Mall & Signature Living!

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