After the tremendous success of Giga Mall, its Extension is now in the market. Al-Gurair Giga has finally launched the extension of Giga Mall called “Giga Mall Extension” and booking is open for investors and end consumers. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of such an amazing project which is bound to be the tallest building of Islamabad? Here you will get all the details of the project including pricing, payment plans, floor plans and all other project details. 

Scroll down to see how many floors the project will have and what they bring to us! 

What does Giga Mall Extension Offer? 

The sky-high Extension of Giga Mall offers everything that one could dream of about a mall; shopping mall, food court, hotel apartments, restaurants, five-star hotel and a roof top Mosque. 

Shopping Mall (Commercial Shops)

The Giga Mall Extension will have commercial shops on a total of sixteen (16) floors. The commercial shops have been provided from Lower Ground floor up to 17th floor where some of the floors in the middle have been reserved for Food Court and Play Area to give you the most needed break from your shopping spree.  

The floor plans of commercial floors of Giga Mall Extension can be downloaded here. (Please allow the document to load as it’s a high quality file)  

Food Court

The food court of Giga Mall Extension is planned on the 5th floor which occurs after six floors of commercial shops. 

Play Area

Two entire floors, i.e. 10th and 11th floor, have been reserved for play area. It is expected that the play area will feature a range of activities and entertainment opportunities for families. 

Hotel Apartments

Giga Mall Extension is now offering Hotel Apartments on the 12th to 16th floors. The apartments will offer a bedroom that accommodates living area and living room along with a stylish bathroom.

Duplex apartments are also available in a very limited number. Moreover, each floor has Services area and a sophisticated lobby.

The floor plan of hotel apartments is available for download below:

The Booking is available for the Hotel Apartments at 20% Downpayment. The rest of the amount will be paid through 8 quarterly installments within 2 years while 20% will be required to pay at the time of possession.


Three floors including 18th, 19th and 20th will have restaurants. Undoubtedly, all popular restaurant chains will strive to reserve a spot in the sky-high Extension of Giga Mall.

Moreover, it also presents a golden opportunity for aspiring businessmen to open a successful restaurant in Giga Mall Extension and benefit from the high footfall that the magnificent project will offer. 

Five Star Hotel in Giga Mall Extension

Have you not wondered about getting a hotel room in a skyscraper where you could see the rest of the city from your window? Well! You don’t have to go on an expensive foreign trip to live your dream. It’s going to be possible right here in Islamabad. 

Giga Mall Extension will have a five-star hotel situated from 23rd to 26th floor. The hotel reception, kitchen and services will be situated at the 23rd floor while the upper floors will have the rooms that all of us have been dreaming about. 

Hotel Shops

The entire 21st floor has been reserved for Hotel Shops to take the experience of hotel residents to a next level. It can be expected that the hotel shops will mainly include cultural and traditional items to cater to the tourists residing at the hotel. 

Sky-high Grand Mosque-Masjid

The top two floors have been reserved for a grand mosque, Jamia Masjid, which will have the capacity to accommodate hundreds of people. The influential Islamic architecture combined with amazing views and zero disturbance will be a perfect place for spiritual healing and mindful prayers. 

Floor Plans of Giga Mall Extention

A summary of floor plan is given below in the table:

No. of floors30
ParkingBasement 1 to 4
Commercial ShopsFloor LG, G, 1-4, 6-9, 17
Food CourtFloor 5
Play AreaFloor 10-11
RestaurantsFloor 18-20
HotelFloor 12-16
Grand MosqueFloor 29-30

The floor plans of the grand project can be downloaded here. Below is the tentative floor plan of Giga Mall Extension for Commercial Shops and Hotel:

Prices in Giga Mall Extension

Commercial shops, food court shops, hotel apartments, and restaurants are available at great prices.

Note that the bookings at the old rate are being sold at a profit ranging from 1 to 10 lac depending on the floor. If you’re looking for a commercial shop in Giga Mall Extension, it is recommended to check out the shops in resale as they will be available at a much lower rate.


Giga Mall Extension is a project by Al Ghurair Giga Pakistan (Private) Ltd (AGGPPL) which is known for its remarkable history in entrepreneurship. The developer has leading businesses in various industries including Banking, Real Estate, Textile, and Gold Refining.

The company was originally founded in Dubai in 1965 and has delivered some highly regarded real estate projects in the Middle East. Their leading projects in Pakistan include Goldcrest Highlife, Goldcrest Views, and D- Mall. Goldcrest Mall in DHA Lahore is their another commendable project that has been completed lately and is now operational.

Construction Update

The groundbreaking was done in January 2021 and the excavation had also been completed. The development work resumed in April 2022 and is well underway.

Below is the summary of developments at the construction site:

  • The foundation has been completed.
  • The structure of more than 10 floors has been prepared.
  • The construction of upper floors is proceeding.

Below is the latest update from the construction site:

Booking in Giga Mall Extension

Booking is open for the hotel apartments and commercial floors of the building. Sign up below to be contacted by our representative and get further details about booking. 

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