Goldcrest Highlife 1, 2 & 3 are the three towers of Goldcrest Highlife, which is an iconic residential estate project being developed by Al-Ghurair Giga Groups. Constructing the Goldcrest Highlife is a commendable step taken by the Al-Ghurair Giga to emulate the Dubai-styled apartments in DHA-II Islamabad.


Goldcrest Highlife 1, 2, and 3 are located on a prime location, as these are situated in DHA Islamabad Phase 2 Sector C & being located on Main Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Road, it can easily be accessed from the main G.T Road.

Furthermore, these mighty towers are surrounded by various famous housing societies and are only 5 minutes away from the iconic Giga Mall Extension.

Besides, two more malls are also going to be developed in the vicinity area which will further makes it a favorable residential option.

The distance from major landmarks is mentioned below:

  • Gulberg Greens – 20 minutes away
  • Bahria Town Rawalpindi – 25 minutes away
  • CMH Rawalpindi – 18 minutes away
  • Islamabad International Airport – 1 hour away
  • Faizabad Interchange – 35 minutes away

About Developers

Goldcrest Highlife 1, 2 and 3 are a project by Al-Ghurair Giga, a leading name in the developers of the real estate industry. Al-Ghurair Giga is known for delivering the best to the real estate sector, one example of their splendid work is Giga Mall in DHA Phase II, Islamabad.

What does Goldcrest Highlife 1 offer?

Goldcrest Highlife 1 is a deluxe residential project, a 24 storey apartment tower, offering 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments laden with modern features and spacious interior. The design and architecture of these apartments is inspired by the world-renowned Jumeirah Lake Towers Dubai.

The residents would not only relish the comfortable ambiance of the apartments but the scenic views of the twin cities as well. The building is provided with all the basic and modern features to ensure an untroubled living for the residents.

The project offers three different sizes of luxury apartments. Furthermore, the apartments are classified into different types. Each type has different size and layout.

1 bedroom apartments

1 Bedroom Apartment (1389 sqft)

Type K 1 bedroom apartment offers 1 large sized bedroom, 1 stylish bath, 1 modern powder room, and a spacious balcony. The total area of type K 1 bedroom apartment comprises 1389 sqft.

Moreover, other features of 1 bedroom apartment entail a connected lounge & dining area, a kitchen that opens into the dining area, and a space for doing laundry adjacent to the kitchen. The entrance of the apartment opens into a wide lobby.

Here’s the detailed layout of the type K 1 bedroom apartment in Goldcrest Highlife 1:

Highlife1- 1 bed-type K
2 bedroom apartments

2 Bedroom Apartments

2 bedroom apartments are available in Type B, D, F, G, H, and J.

Type B (1353 sqft)

Type B 2 bedroom apartment in Goldcrest Highlife 1 offers 2 palatial rooms, 2 stylish baths, and an enough sized balcony. The balcony is connected to the lounge offering mesmerizing scenes of the city.

The lounge and dining area are combined in form of a big hall. However, each family has unique needs and can make use of the space as they may like to.

The total area of the type B 2 bedroom apartment is 1353 sqft. To know more about the layout of the apartment, refer to the image below.

Highlife1- 2 bed-Type B

Type D (2208 sqft)

2 bedroom apartment of Type D is another amazing option to choose from the Goldcrest Highlife 1. It consists of 2 grand sized bedrooms, 2 attached baths, 1 powder room in the lobby area, and an incredibly spacious balcony. The lobby and balcony are comparatively spacious in type D 2 bedroom apartment.

The spacious lobby connects the lounge-cum-dining area to the kitchen. This is a distinguished feature of type D 2 bedroom apartment as the kitchen is separated from the dining area. Families that prefer a separated kitchen would find this befitting.

There’s also a store room in the apartment which is unlikely in the traditional apartments’ layout. The total area of this apartment comprises of 2208 sqft and is immensely equipped with homelike features to serve you with best.

Highlife1-2 bed-type D

Type F (1607 sqft)

Type F 2 bedroom apartment is spread on 1607 sqft area. It has 2 wall-to-wall luxurious bedrooms, 2 attached baths, 1 powder room in the lobby area, and a long narrow balcony. Notably, the balcony is connected to the bedrooms and would serve the residents with the magical views of the twin cities.

The apartment also has a spacious hall which serves as the lounge and a dining area. The narrow lobby is sandwiched between the kitchen and the dining area. A separate space that would be laundry and storeroom is adjacent to the kitchen.

Highlife1- 2 bed-type F

Type G (1823 sqft)

2 bedroom apartment of Type G apartment has all features that are comparatively spacious. The 2 grand sized bedrooms facing each other open into the hall. The capacious hall is divided into a lounge and a dining area. The lounge and each bedroom open into the ample-sized long balcony.

There are 2 modern attached baths and 1 powder room near the entrance door. Moreover, there is a dedicated space facing the entrance of an elegant kitchen. The size of the type G 2 bedroom apartment is 1823 sqft.

Highlife1-2 bed-Type G

Type H (1742 sqft)

The total area of the apartment comprises 1742 sqft. The obvious feature of type H 2 bedroom apartment is 2 palatial bedrooms accompanied by the dressing areas and attached baths.

The rest of the amazing features entail 1 powder room near the entrance door, a long and wide balcony connected with lounge and bedrooms, a kitchen opening into the spacious dining area.

There is a laundry-cum-storeroom as well which is situated across from the kitchen. The laundry/storeroom is a distinctive feature of Goldcrest Highlife 1 apartments as most of the apartments in the city do not offer such luxury options.

Highlife1- 2 bed-type H

Type J (2086 sqft)

Type J 2 bedroom apartment offers 2 super big bedrooms, 2 attached baths, and a spacious balcony.

The balcony is exclusively long as it runs along the periphery of half of the apartment. The balcony that is accessed through the bedrooms is separated from the part of the balcony that is accessed from the lounge area.

The entrance door opens into a long narrow lobby which then becomes spacious. The kitchen is also spacious and the lobby separates it from the dining area.

The laundry area is adjacent to the kitchen. A powder room is situated in the entrance area. All these features are well allocated in the total area of 2086 sqft.

Highlife1-2 bed- Type J

3 bedroom apartments

3 Bedroom Apartments

3 bedroom apartments has two different types, Type A and Type E.

Type A (2337 sqft)

3 bedroom apartment of Type A is perfect to call home for a large family. The apartment is spread over 2337 sqft area, features 3 bedrooms, 3 attached baths, 1 powder room facing the entrance door, and 2 balconies. One balcony is comparatively large, however, each balcony is connected to the 2 of 3 bedrooms.

There is a small kitchen near the entrance and opens into lobby which furthers into the dining area. The dining area is connected to the TV lounge area, that makes the two look like a long hall. The storeroom which can also be used a laundry space is situated in the kitchen besides powder room in the lobby.

Highlife1-3 bed-Type A

Type E (3223 sqft)

3 bedroom apartments in Type E is also an enormous one among the aprtments offered by Goldcrest Highlife 1. The aprtment is spread on the total area of 3223 sqft.

The apartment has 3 bedrooms with 3 attached baths. The two bedrooms are super spacious while one bedroom is comparatvely small. Moreover, one of the three bedrooms also has a dressing area.

The rest of the features include 1 powder room for visitors, a separated dining area, a separate lounge, a big drawing room, and a narrow lobby. The separation of dining, lounge, and the drawing room is an attractive bit about Type E e bedroom apartment for families that like to maintain privacy.

The balcony in this 3 bedroom apartment is specifically enormous sized and can be accessed from all main parts of the apartment such as the bedrooms, and the lounge. The scenic views of the sky and the city would make the evenings more delightful.

Highlife1- 3 bed-Type E

Floor Plan of Goldcrest Highlife 1, 2 & 3

In Goldcrest Highlife 1, 3 bed Type A, 2 bed type B & D, and 1 bed type C apartments are allocated on floor 1 up till floor 18. 3 bed Type E, 2 bed type G, and F apartments are allocated from floor 19 to floor 21. Floor 22 and 23 are reserved for 2 bed Type J & H and 1 bed type K apartments.

The floor plans of the Goldcrest Highlife 1 are available for download:

The layout of individual apartments are given below:

Goldcrest Highlife 2 & 3 both have 24 stories with similar floor plans and apartment layout.

The floor plans of the Goldcrest Highlife 2 & 3 are available for download:

Price summary

The booking for apartments has opened. The residential apartments are available at a 20% down payment.

The price summary of apartments in Goldcrest Highlife can be found below.

Unit TypeArea (sq/ft)Price range (3 years)
1 bedroom814 – 1164Rs. 5,616,600 – Rs.8,031,600
2 bedrooms1353 – 1865Rs. 9,335,700 – Rs 12,868,500
3 bedrooms2078 – 3223Rs. 14,338,200 – Rs.22,238,700

What does Goldcrest Highlife 2 & 3 offer?

Goldcrest Highlife 2 & 3 are also 24 storey towers and a procession of the Goldcrest Highlife 1 project. Both the Goldcrest Highlife 2 & Goldcrest Highlife 3 have similar architecture, design, and floor plans.

The towers offer 1, 2, and 3 bedroom luxury apartments. The apartments consist of elegant features to render a world-class living experience. The apartments in both these towers have been sold out and the bookings are closed now.

1 Bedroom Apartments

1 Bedroom apartments of Type C1 are a perfect little home for a small family to dwell. The project features a super sized bedroom, 1 attached bathroom, and an adjacent small terrace offering celestial views to behold.

The lounge area is spacious enough to hang out with your close friends and family. There’s also a kitchen right across the lounge. The apartment is spread on a total area of 622 sqft. Below is the detailed view of the apartment layout:

Highlife 2 & 3 - 1 bed - Type C1
2 Bedroom Apartments

2 bedroom apartments are offered in two different sized in Goldcrest Highlife 2 & 3.

  • Type B1 (906 sqft)
  • Type B2 (882 sqft)

Type B1 (906 sqft)

The 2 bedroom apartments of Type B in Goldcrest Highlife 2 and Goldcrest Highlife 3 consist of 906 sqft area. The apartment has 2 palatial rooms, 2 baths, 2 balconies, a spacious lounge, and a kitchen.

Each room has a separate balcony connected to it. However, one balcony is of small size while the other one is comparatively large and has more capacity.

The smaller balcony is adjacent to kitchen and has a window to the kitchen. Thus, offers the lady of the house or whoever is using the kitchen with the pleasing sights of the city evenings.

Highlife 2 & 3 - 2 bed - Type B1

Type B2 (882 sqft)

2 bedroom apartment of Type B2 in Goldcrest Highlife 2 & Goldcrest Highlife 3 towers have 2 spacious rooms, 2 baths, 1 enormous lounge, a kitchen, and a balcony.

The lounge area also has a dedicated space for dining, although there is no separation between the two. The entrance door opens into the lounge. The kitchen is just across the lounge & dining area.

One of the two bedrooms has access to the balcony. Although, the second room has a wide window to showcase the scenic views of the skies and the city.

Highlife 2 & 3 - 2 bed - Type B2
3 Bedroom Apartments

3 bedroom apartments of Type A are offered in both Goldcrest Highlife 2 and Goldcrest Highlife 3. Type A 3 bedroom apartment has a total area of 1370 sqft.

The apartment has enough space to accommodate a moderately large family. It has 3 palatial bedrooms with 3 attached baths, 2 balconies, 1 kitchen, and a spacious lounge-cum-dining area.

The smaller balcony connects with the kitchen and can also be served as a dining area. The larger balcony can be accessed through the lounge and it is capacious enough to have a small gathering to light up your evening.

Highlife 2 & 3 - 3 bed - Type A

Features & Amenities

Goldcrest Highlife 1 is all about the comfort, luxury, and, ultra-modern lifestyle. The residential project is ensured to render the high quality living experience to its residents.

The facilities at Goldcrest Highlife 1 include:

  • Contemporary architecture
  • Luxurious ambiance
  • Air conditioning
  • Car parking
  • Fast elevators
  • Intercom access to the main gate
  • Closed circuits televisions
  • 24/7 CCTV security and surveillance
  • Power back up
  • Mosque
  • Rooftop facilities
  • Kid’s play area
  • Jogging track
  • Garden area
  • Swimming pool
  • Health Club
  • Relaxation lounge

Why invest in Goldcrest Highlife 1, 2, 3?

The Goldcrest Highlife 1 is a grand opportunity to have a Dubai-styled supreme lifestyle in Pakistan. The apartments have all the contemporary features one can ever wish for.

The elegant architecture and the spacious terraces speak quite for themselves and present a picturesque ambiance. Moreover, the plentiful modern features and amenities are precisely what a luxury residential project must have.

The tower is surrounded by several renowned commercial buildings and residential societies which hints at the smooth flow of life in the locale. The Goldcrest Highlife 1 is being developed at a steady pace and the apartments are available for booking on easy installments. Could you afford to lose such an exceptional opportunity that comes along with comfort and luxury?

Construction Update

All three towers of Goldcrest Highlife are being constructed rapidly. More than 15 floors are constructed for two towers.

Below is the construction journey from February 2021 to February 2022:

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