Who doesn’t want to relish the features of smart living within the comfort of one’s own home? A villa located in the midst of Crystal Lake, Floating Village and 18-hole golf course with mesmerizing neighborhood? Well! Wait for it. Capital Smart City is just unstoppable and now coming up with fascinating dream villas. Smart villa by Capital Smart City promises to offer 24/7 connectivity, automatic gas and water leakage detection, electric vehicle charging, smart home and almost everything that you have desired for. 

PROJECT DETAILS: Capital Smart City

To give you the real essence of exceptional smart living and coming up with one of a kind project, Capital Smart City deserves a huge round of applause.


These Smart Villas are located in the Overseas and Executive Block, in the midst of Crystal Lake and the 18 hole golf course – an ideal location within Capital Smart City. 

These Villas are located at a prime location, along Motorway (M-2). Moreover, they are only 5-7 minutes away from New Islamabad International Airport, which further adds value to their importance.

These smart villas will be about 20-25 minutes away from all major landmarks of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Furthermore, the area will facilitate by a bus rapid transit system, making transportation easier and cost-effective.

Executive block- B contains 5 Marla Villas while block C carries 10 and 12 Marla Villas. 7 Marla Villas are located in Block D.

Location of Smart Villas - Executive Capital Smart City

Overseas block contains 5, 10,20 and 40 Marla Villas. Block E contains 5 Marla Villas, Block C carries 10 Marla Villas while grand 20 and 40 Marla Villas are located in Block B and A respectively.

Location of Smart Villas - Overseas Capital Smart City

Residents of these Villas will be able to relish the views of the Crystal lake and Golf course from their terraces. Isn’t it amazing? Smart Villas are currently under rapid development. These villas will be among the first few blocks to be delivered to the residents. Villas are expected to be handed over to the residents for possession by 2022.

Visit “Capital Smart City Latest Development Work Updates” for updates on construction of Smart Villas in Overseas and Executive block. 

What do The Smart Villas by Capital Smart City offer?

The Smart Villas are the future for those who want to experience a luxurious lifestyle. The innovative design makes it unique and worth acquiring.

The Smart Villas are available in four different sizes including 5, 7, 10, 12 marla, 1 and 2 kanal.

In addition to size, you can choose among the three available styles, i.e. Contemporary, Mediterranean and Georgian Style. The key difference between the three styles has been discussed below. 

Smart Villas are not just a place to live in but a fully-functional and futuristic approach to live life to the fullest.

To find out the best option according to your requirement, call our market expert, Mr. Sahban Tariq Malik, at +92-334-5557734 and get a free consultation now! 

Floor Plans of The Smart Villas 

The complete layout of The Smart Villas and floor plans depict the lavish lifestyle being offered by the fully finished housing by Capital Smart City. 

In this section, we will describe the specifications of different sizes of smart villas with complete floor plans. 

5 Marla Smart Villas

The total size of 5 marla plot is 1125 sqft while the covered area ranges from 1800 to 2050 sqft. There are 3-4 bedrooms with attached baths and a spacious porch for one car. 

Contemporary style villas offer four (4) bedrooms, four bathrooms in total. There is a powder room and drawing room at the ground floor.

contemporary style - smart villa - 5 marla

Moreover, each floor consists of a living room and a kitchen. 

5 Marla Smart Villa - Contemporary Style (Capital Smart City)

Mediterranean Style villas include three (3) bedrooms, three bathrooms, a powder room, drawing room and porch for one car.

mediterranean smart villa - 5 marla

Furthermore, each floor consists of a spacious living room and a kitchen. 

5 Marla Smart Villa - Mediterranean Style (Capital Smart City)

Georgian Villas also include four (4) bedrooms, four bathrooms, a powder room, drawing room, laundry area and porch for one car.

georgian villa - 5 marla smart villa

In addition, each floor offers of a spacious living room and a kitchen. 

5 Marla Smart Villa - Georgian Style (Capital Smart City)

7 Marla Smart Villas

The total plot size of 7 marla villa is 1590 sqft while the covered area is about 2400 sqft. There are 4 bedrooms with attached baths, a double car porch and spacious dining/drawing room. 

The floor plans or layout of 7 marla villas are quite similar to each other, however, the beautifully designed exterior will represent a lot about your personality. 

Contemporary Style 7 marla villas offer four (4) bedrooms, four bathrooms in total along with a powder room at the ground floor. There is one spacious kitchen in this category. The modern exterior of the contemporary style villa quite difficult to resist. 

contemporary Smart Villas - 7 marla

As compared to the 5 marla villa, the 7 marla villa comes with car porch for two cars and a spacious dining room attached with the drawing room. 

7 Marla Smart Villa - Contemporary Style

The Mediterranean Style 7 marla villas also come with an irresistible classic exterior. Combined with extremely functional layout, the villa is perfectly suitable for mid-sized families.

Four bedrooms with attached baths, drawing/dining, living room, kitchen and a double car porch provide a perfect living space. 

mediterranean smart villa - 7 marla

In addition to the basic components, the villas also include laundry area, powder room, a patio and a spacious lobby to complete all the functional elements. 

7 Marla Smart Villa - Mediterranean Style

Georgian Villas also include four (4) bedrooms, four bathrooms, a powder room, drawing/dining room, laundry area and porch for two cars.

georgian villa - 7 marla smart villa

In addition, each floor offers of a spacious living room and stair lobby. The 13’x8′ kitchen is perfect for your cooking meditation. 

7 Marla Smart Villa - Georgian Style

10 Marla Smart Villa

The layout of 10 marla villas is carefully designed to allow for maximum accommodation and functionality. The number of bedrooms ranges from 4 to 5. In addition, there is a one-room servant quarter with separate entrance from the back. 

The total plot size is 2275 sqft while the covered area ranges from 2600 to 2800 sqft. Each style includes a car porch for two cars and all functional elements of a complete house. 

Contemporary Villa of 10 marla offers five (5) bedrooms with attached baths. 

contemporary villa - 10 marla smart villa

As shown in the floor plan below, the living room is conjoined with drawing and dining room providing the modern contemporary living experience. The open plan enhances the spaciousness of the villa. 

10 Marla Smart Villa - Contemporary Style

Mediterranean Villa of 10 marla offers four (4) bedrooms with attached bath, two on each floor. In addition, it has a one-room servant quarter with separate entrance. The highlight of the Mediterranean style 10 marla villa is the private balcony at the back. 

mediterranean smart villa - 10 marla

In addition to the front terrace, this Mediterranean villa comes with a terrace at the back to provide you with sunlight and fresh air in privacy. 

10 Marla Smart Villa - Mediterranean Style (Capital Smart City)

Georgian Villa of 10 marla is carefully designed as a combination of modern and classic when we examine the exterior. The interior is equally balanced between space and functionality of a modern household. Five bedrooms, servant room, living room, drawing/dining and a large kitchen are the main components of its layout. 

georgian villa - smart villa - 10 marla

The floor plan of the Georgian is the same as Contemporary style. However, the difference lies in the exterior as well as interior finishing. See the previous section for detailed description of both styles. 

10 Marla Smart Villa - Georgian Style

12 Marla Smart Villa

The size of the plot for 12 marla villa is 2720 sqft while the total covered area varies from 3300 to 3500 sqft. The three styles differ slightly in layout and features. 

Contemporary Style of 12 marla Smart Villas offer five bedrooms with attached baths, two full sized kitchens, living room, drawing/dining room and a patio on the first floor. 

contemporary villa - 12 marla smart villa

The large terrace on the front brings light and fresh air into different areas of the house through large glass windows. The lobby on each floor separates the stairs from the rest of the house enabling large families to live together while maintaining privacy. 

12 Marla Smart Villa - Contemporary Style

Mediterranean Villa has a total covered area of 3300 sqft owing to the private terrace given at the back of the house on first floor. The rest of the layout is same as contemporary style. 

mediterranean villa - 12 marla - smart villa

Four bedrooms with attached baths along with ample living area and amenities allow medium to large families to interact with each other in the best possible way.

A full sized kitchen on each floor and separate lobby also allows for some level of separation as well. The possibility if separation of both floors is ideal for rental income. 

12 Marla Smart Villa - Mediterranean Style

Georgian Villa of 12 marla also offers five (5) bedrooms, each with an attached bathroom. Similar to the layout of contemporary style, there is a large kitchen and a central living room on each floor. 

georgian villa - smart villa 12 marla

In addition, the Georgian style 12 marla villa also includes a store on the first floor to provide extra storage. Furthermore, the patio on the first floor brings natural light and fresh air into the living room.  

12 Marla Smart Villa - Georgian Style

Payment Plan

Smart Villas are available on convenient 36 quarterly installments. You can find the payment plan of exclusive smart Villas below.

Discount Offer:

Capital Smart City has brought a discount offer for the members who have booked the Smart Villas on installments. The members can get 5% discount on submitting 100% payment and 2.5% on submitting 50% payment.

FBR Advance Tax Policy

In accordance with the new FBR Advance Tax Policy, the investors, sellers, and buyers of CSC Smart Villas are required to pay the FBR taxes.

HOW To find out how much tax is due on your CSC Smart Villa?

READ: FBR Advance Tax Policy For Sale, Purchase & Installments.


Possession will start from 30th September 2023. Smart Villas in Overseas East are included in this first batch of possession.

More at Possession Schedule of Capital Smart City | Overseas and Executive Block 1

Finishing Styles

Designed as per international standards, the Smart Villas are being offered in three distinctive styles, called Contemporary, Mediterranean, and Georgian. 

Contemporary style

If you are a fan of modern designs; clean, minimalist architecture, warm ambiance, glass doors and large windows that allow you to enjoy exterior views, then, Contemporary Villas are for you; a perfect mix of fashion and warmth.

contemporary villas in Smart Villas by Capital Smart City
The Smart Villas – Contemporary Villas

Mediterranean Style

Mediterranean Villas are perfect blend of Open spaces and Pastel colors. For experiencing the freedom and spaciousness this is should be your choice, free souls! These villas are inspired by the Spanish and Italian architecture. Spacious openings, wide courtyards, wooden designs and terracotta roofs, you have it all.

mediterranean villas in Smart Villas by Capital Smart City
The Smart Villas – Mediterranean Villas

Georgian Style 

If you adore elegant interiors, sliding glass doors, huge windows this is your type. An understated design with minimalist architecture this is Georgian style for you. 

Georgian villas in Smart Villas by Capital Smart City
The Smart Villas – Georgian Villas

Salient Features of Smart Villas

Trivelles International is famous for their finest material, excellence and fittings. They are coming up with classic villas with an add-on facility of Smart features. You can choose premium home to enjoy double glazed windows, water boilers on each floor and anti-damping facility with 24/7 maintenance facility.

Some of the distinguished features and facilities that will be provided to the residents of Smart Villas are mentioned below:

  • Sensitive Mirror: These smart mirrors will allow you to have access to your smart devices like laptops and mobile phones.
  • Load Shedding free environment: In smart villas, you will never face any load shedding of electricity. The management ensures a 24/7 supply of electricity.
  • IP Surveillance: 24/7 IP blanket surveillance via alert generation will ensure your security.
  • FTTH GPON Network: Each smart villa, office, and building will have fiber cable connectivity. This will ensure the smooth provision of internet, telephone, and tv.
  • Smart Water Management: Sensore of water usage, ph, and purity will be installed to keep track of the water quality.
  • Smart Street Lights: Smart Street lights with the ability to detect vehicles and dim the lights would be installed.
  • Wireless PA System: The residents of smart villas will be able to facilitate from a public announcement system enabled through Wifi speakers.
  • Energy Management: The effective energy management system would help in saving up to 30% of electricity bills.
  • Weather Stations: Weather detecting sensors would help to monitor weather conditions.
  • Smart City Wallet: Smart City Wallet will be a virtual wallet. It will be connected to payment gateways and facilitate the residents to order food and goods via smart wallet.
  • Intelligent building: These grandiose buildings will contain electricity, gas, and water monitoring equipment. Moreover, they will also contain wireless climate control and access control.
  • Smart CCTV cameras: High-resolution cameras that not only have a face recognition facility but also objects can be seen clearly. Your home is fully secured and you can view your house from anywhere in the world.
  • Magic Remote: Now in smart villas you will have control over your appliances through a smartphone.
  • Smart Doors: To ensure your safety, doors, and windows of the houses will have sensors for detection of any unnecessary intrusion.
  • Carbon Mono-oxide Sensors: To save you from hazardous incidents, these gas sensors can detect leakage of the gas and warn you beforehand.
  • Automatic Locks: Now you don’t have to leave your warm and cozy bed to go out and lock the doors, use your phone and get it done by a click.
  • Emergency Services: SOS App will be there to call paramedics and law enforcement agencies anytime, in case of any emergency.

Customization Options of Smart Villas

With rapid technological advancement all across the globe, Smart Villas are need of the hour and Capital Smart City is the pioneer of bringing such an innovative idea to Pakistan. Smart Villas are offering secured environment to its residents who can enjoy the scenic beauty and serene neighborhood within the first smart city of Pakistan.

They are offering 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, 12 Marla, 20 and even 40 Marla houses with an option of selecting designs and facilities according to customers’ choice. 5 Marla will have 3-4 bedrooms whereas 40 Marla can have 7 bedrooms.

The Smart Villas - Sizes and Bedrooms
The Smart Villas – Sizes and Bedrooms

They offer four options of “Finishing features” that you can pick and drop from according to your desire and taste.

  • Standard: In standard finishing, you will get Fan/Lights/Exhausts along with Hob(Oven)
  • Semi Furnished: In Semi-Furnished, along with Standard finishing, Fridge, Washing Machine, Imported Dish washer and Electric Operated Geysers are included.
  • Full Furnished: In fully furnished, one can get all the facilities of Semi-furnished with an addition of A/C inverter, LCD, Kitchen and Wardrobe Accessories. Not just that, Furniture too.
  • Executive Furnished: Executive Furnished is the most exclusive option where you get a full-fledged house; equipped with furniture, electronic equipment and access to smart features.
The Smart Villas - finishing choices - smart villas in capital smart city
The Smart Villas – Finishing Choices

Development Updates of Smart Villas

The development work of Smart Villas by Capital Smart City is going at a fast pace. The grey structure of the Villas is under progress. You can view the work progress of Smart Villas in the images below.

LEARN MORE: CAPital smart city latest development work updates

Booking Smart Villas in Capital Smart City

All Smart Villas are available and can be booked on a feasible 3-years installment plan.

Booking starts from 10% down payment, after 30 days 10% payment is deposited at the time of confirmation. Download the complete payment plan below!

Contact our featured real estate agent, Sahban Tariq Malik at +92 334 5557734 right now and book your Smart Villa.

Why invest in Smart Villas?

According to our experts, the project Smart Villas by Capital smart city has huge potential. Its location within the overseas block makes it enticing for Overseas’ Pakistani to invest in these luxurious Villas. 

For investors, it can prove to be a “Cash Cow” and one can reap a stable flow of profits from it. It’s a profitable project for real estate investors as well as end-consumers. So don’t wait for too long as there 5 and 10 Marla plots are selling rapidly.

If you have any query don’t hesitate to talk our real estate expert, Mr. Sahban Tariq from Beacon Investments, for free consultation at +92 334 5557734.

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