DHA Multan is the first project of Defense Housing Authority in the city of saints after tremendous success in major cities of Pakistan including Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and many others.

Launched in March 2017, DHA Multan had quickly become a sensation for the real estate investors all across the country. The fast-paced development work, modern urban planning and unmatched amenities made DHA Multan the dream of every homebuyer.

Spreads over 9000 Acres, DHA Multan not only provides residential and commercial plots of varying sizes, it also offers fully finished villas equipped with the most modern finishes and architecture.

The state-of-the-art and luxurious housing society aims to provide a modern living standard to the residents of Multan. Since DHA Multan has successfully granted possession to three of its blocks, it has undoubtedly lived up to its promise and delivered a comfortable and international living experience to its inhabitants.

Keep reading to find out all the details about DHA Multan including maps, pricing, payment plan, development update of plots and DHA Villas.


DHA Multan is situated in an appealing area of Bosan Road near Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan.

The housing society is planned on a large area and has two main entrances, one at Bosan Road, and the other at Matital Road. The luxurious housing society is a gated community providing unmatched security to its residents.

DHA Multan - Location on Map
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DHA Multan is surrounded by various landmarks and popular housing societies such as WAPDA Town, PIA Employee Housing, Faizabad Colony and Bahauddin Zakariya University.

NOC and approval

It is imperative to make sure that the housing society has obtained NOC. So far, no issue regarding the legality of DHA Multan has arisen.

The society has applied for NOC, and considering the fast-paced development of the society, it is expected to receive its NOC soon. For more updates related to NOC approval, stay tuned to Islamabad Projects.


Like all projects of Defense Housing Authority, DHA Multan is being managed by retired or serving officials of Pakistan Army who envisage DHA Multan to be the abode of modern, luxurious, and sustainable living.

The chairman of the project is General Muhammad Waseem Ashraf while the Director of the magnificent project is Brig Shoeb Anwer Kayani.

Furthermore, the development of the large scale project is being done by ProMag who provided all services from master plan to final execution.

Check out the master plan and development updates of DHA Multan below.

What does DHA Multan Offers?

The elegant housing society- DHA Multan is one of its kind. It provides a wide array of investment options to cater to the varying needs of people. The housing scheme offers residential plots, commercial plots, and exclusive DHA- Villas.

DHA Multan spreads over 9000 Acres and contains 26 sectors named Block A to X. It offers an extensive range of residential plots, commercial plots, and luxurious DHA Villas of varying sizes.

Residential Plots

The society provides an extensive range of residential plots starting from 5 Marla to 2 Kanal in size. The available sizes are as follows:

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Commercial Plots

DHA Multan is expected to be the hub of commercial activities as it is providing lucrative options for business investment.

The commercial plots are available in DHA Multan at very reasonable rates in the following sizes

  • 4 marla
  • 8 marla

DHA Villas in DHA Multan

Besides residential and commercial plots, the housing project also offers fully finished, lavish and ultra-modern villas under the name, DHA Villas.

The perfectly designed finished Villas aim to deliver a life of comfort, security and ultimate luxury to its residents.

DHA Villas Multan Location

See payment plan for DHA Villas here.

DHA Villas – Construction Status

The development work of DHA Multan Villas is going on rapidly. The gray structure of the villas is near completion and finishing is in progress.

Features and Amenities

DHA Multan is committed to providing an incredible living experience to its residents through strategic urban planning. The gated housing society ensures the provision of safety, convenience and advanced facilities at your doorsteps.

  • 300 feet wide network of roads
  • Underground electricity
  • Free internet
  • Healthcare and medical centers
  • 24/7 security in a gated community
  • World-class gym
  • 24/7 supply of water, gas, and electricity
  • Mosques

Not just that, the housing projects offer many amenities to provide exceptional living experience to the residents including

  • Five-star hotel
  • Arena
  • Mother Nursery
  • Sports complex
  • Zoo
  • Theme Park
  • Water Park
  • Golf community
  • Mega mall

Some of the prominent features that make the housing society attractive and distinctive from other residential projects of the entire southern Punjab are described below.

Theme Park

The project has dedicated a special large area to the natural theme park situated in the center of DHA Multan.

The theme park will provide a green and healthy atmosphere to the residents along with ample opportunities of entertainment for families.

Theme Park - DHA Multan

The Arena

The housing project is also going to feature an Arena to provide a grand site with unique and luxurious experience for events such as birthday parties, official and corporate events, marriage ceremony or leisure outdoor time.


DHA Nursery

The DHA Multan has specifically dedicated a large area of two and half acre for plant nursery referred as the Mother Nursery. The nursery will contain numerous types of plants and provide an aesthetically pleasing as well as green environment to its residents.


Health Care City

The housing society has specially allotted an adequate amount of land for its health care city. The medical city will provide ideal hospitalization and emergency medical facilities to the residents.

Besides providing medical facilities, the health care city will also feature nursing college and medical and dental college.

Health Care City- DHA Multan

Rumanza Golf Course

The state-of-the-art 18 hole signature golf course will be one of a kind in the entire Southern Punjab and provide the ultimate golfing experience.

The Romanza Golf Course will be the first sand-filled golf course making it one of a kind in the world.

The golf course in DHA Multan has been designed by Sir Nick Faldo, who remained as the number one golfer of the world for a total of 98 weeks for his tremendous success in International golf.

Rumanza Golf Course- DHA Multan

The development work at Rumanza Golf Course is almost complete and it will be open for all in October 2021.

Golf Community

With the ideal combination of lush green meadows and peaceful ambiance, the Golf community will offer a perfect arena for business, sports, and social interactions.

Most of the infrastructure of Rumanza Golf Community has been completed and the possession has been granted as well for the construction of homes. It is expected the residents would be moving in in a few months.

Golf Community- DHA Multan
Al-Rehman Mosque

Lately, the Project Director of DHA Multan Brig Shoeb Anwar Kayani executed the Ground Breaking of Al-Rehman Mosque in Rumanza Golf Community. The graceful design of the mosque is inspired by Islamic & Multani architecture.

The mosque is built on 13,760 sqft area and would be spacious enough to accommodate 750 people at one time. Moreover, it has 3 separate entrances and a parking space for 160 vehicles.

More updates will be coming up.

Education City

The grand residential society features an Education City that aims to provide the finest educational facilities to its residents.

To provide high-quality educational opportunities to the kids of the community, the city is going to feature the SICAS kids campus.

Furthermore, institutes of language, engineering, agriculture, IT and social sciences will be introduced in the education city of DHA Multan which will largely uplift the educational sector of Multan.

Education City DHA Multan
FAST University – Coming Soon!

DHA Multan and FAST National University (NUCES) had recently signed an agreement to launch the campus of FAST National University in DHA Multan. The Agreement Signing ceremony held on 18th June 2021 in presence of the Project Director Brig Shoeb Anwar Kayani.

A 20 acres piece of land has been reserved for the campus building. The upcoming instutuition is the FIRST CAMPUS of the said alma mater in Southern Punjab. The development work at the site of the university is expected to commence soon.

FAST University - Education City - DHA Multan


A marvel of architectural innovation, the housing project brings an elegant dome-shaped mosque. The mosque spreads over 5 Kanal 10 Marla land and has the capacity to accommodate 1,200 males and 250 females.

Besides the praying area, the grandiose mosque features teaching areas for boys and girls, a library, and permanent residences for staff and Imam. There is a mosque in each block of DHA Multan while a grand mosque or Jamia Mosque in each sector.


Mega Mall

The populated city of Multan contains succinct mega retail stores. However now DHA Multan aims to provide a perfect Mega Mall to the residents of the society and the city as well.

Mega Mall- DHA Multan

Wasim Akram Cricket Academy

The renowned Pakistani cricketer – Wasim Akram has announced the establishment of Wasim Akram Cricket Academy in Multan where young aspiring cricketers will be given training under his expertise.

This Academy is going to not only elevate the importance of DHA Multan but the city of Multan as well.

Cricket Academy

Master Plan

DHA Multan has released the Master Plan of Phase-1 which contains 26 sectors, named alphabetically from A to X.

The Master plan of DHA Multan Phase 1 can be downloaded below.

The Master plan of DHA Multan Villas is also available and can be downloaded below.

Payment Plan

The plot files of DHA Multan have already sold out and the payment plan for the plots has ended. However, these plots can be purchased at full price.

The price range of residential plots in DHA Multan can be viewed below.

Plot SizePrice Range
5 Marla15 – 22 lacs
8 Marla23 – 30 lacs
10 Marla32 – 38 lacs
1 Kanal28 – 58 lacs
2 Kanal115 – 150 lacs

The payment schedule for DHA Villas is still available on installments. You can find the payment plan below.

DHA Villas – Payment Plan

The Payment Plan of DHA Villas Multan can be viewed below.

DHA Multan Villas - Payment Plan

The demand, and hence, price for the plots in DHA Multan has been rising rapidly in the market due to the efficient development work. With the grant of possession in the third block, the prices are expected to further increase in the near future.

If you intend to buy or sell a property on resale in DHA Multan, check out our latest blog post Transfer Process of DHA Multan – How does it work?

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Development Work Update

The development work at the site of DHA Multan is proceeding in full fervor. The villas are being constructed at a rapid pace and many of the facilities already have been provided in the Villas community, such as gas pipelines have been laid out and surveillance cameras are planted.

Click here to check out more about development in DHA Multan.

DHA Main Park

The ground breaking of DHA Multan’s biggest park spread over 25 acres of land in Sector U, DHA Main Park held on 14th October 2021. 

DHA Main Park - sector U DHA Multan

Ch. Rehmat Ali Avenue

The Ground Breaking of Ch. Rehmat Ali Avenue has been executed recently. This avenue will connect N-5 to Shah Rukn e Alam Gate and to Pakistan Square. Moreover, it will shorten the travel distance to Multan City, Islamabad, and Lahore.

Rescuee 1122 Station

The Rescuee 1122 building is developed and will be functional soon. The staff and equipment placement is expected to arrive next month.

Shah Rukn e Alam gate

The contract for the road from Shah Rukn e Alam gate has been forwarded to NLC and the construction will be complete within 8 to 10 months.

Roads Development

The roads connecting to Pakistan Square are currently under development. The 320 feet high flag will be installed soon as the foundation for the flag has been constructed.

Sector A

The development work for 2 kanal plots in sector A is complete and the possession has been granted.

Rehmatulil Aalimeen Mosque

The Foundation Stone for REHMAT-UL-LIL AALIMEEN MOSQUE in Sector R has just been laid. Project Director Brig Shoeb Anwar Kayani himself conducted the stone laying. The mosque entails these features:

  • Total area of 8082 sqft
  • Three separate entrances
  • Parking area for 30 vehicles
  • Capacity of 1000 people (females/males)
Rehmat-ul-lil Alimeen Mosque in Sector R - DHA Multan

Sector M

Sector M in DHA Multan has recently got underground Electric Energization. A formal event was held to initiate the electricity supply wherein Project Director Brig Shoeb Anwar Kayani pressed the button to relish this milestone.

To know more about the development work, possession, and balloting schedule, refer to the development calendar of DHA Multan below:

Recently, the real estate agents and business partners were invited by DHA Multan to have a detailed visit to the project site. Cofounder iReal Projects “Sahban Tariq Malik” also participated in the visit being an Authorized Agent for DHA Multan.

The development work of DHA Multan has been carried out at a fast pace. Street light posts have been placed from Jinnah Gate to Iqbal Gate. It is expected that possession will be given in some of the sectors that are near completion within the next 6 to 7 months.

Around 556 DHA Villas are under construction, and almost 102 villas are already at the finishing level. Moreover, roughly 1.8 million saplings have been planted on 150 acres of land.

Development work of sector M, Q, has almost completed. More than 60% of development work has been completed in sector R.

The co-founder of Islamabad Projects, Sahban Tariq Malik recently paid a visit to the project site of DHA Multan. Few glimpses of the site visit are available below.

DHA Multan held a celebratory possession ceremony for Sector R on 25th February 2021. Project Director, Brig. Shoeb Kayani addressed the audience about the rapid progress of DHA- Multan. Followed by the fast pace of development and possession in Block R, it is expected that around 1000 or more families will be residing in it by the end of 2021.

Sector U is expected to get completed in the upcoming months. Possession certificates were distributed to the plot owners during the event. Islamabad Projects was also invited to the possession ceremony.


DHA Multan has just announced the possession of 2 Kanal plots in Sector A. The Possession Ceremony will be held on 31 August 2021, in DHA Multan Arena.

DHA Multan has already given possession of Sector H in June 2021.

Previously, DHA Multan has successfully given possession to three blocks including

  • Block M (Jun 2020)
  • Block Q (Jun 2020)
  • Block R (Feb 2021)
  • Rumanza Golf Club

DHA Multan has successfully handed over possession to Rumanza Golf Community on 2nd April 2021. The members who have paid their downpayment and the first installment are eligible to receive complete ownership of their respective plots.

Construction Incentives

The possession of Block R has already started. Now DHA Multan is giving a 100 percent waiver on development charges to plot holders who begin their home construction within 1 year of possession acquisition.

The management of the residential housing society is dedicatedly ensuring up to the mark and on-time development of DHA Multan.

News & Updates

Updates from Phase I 2nd Ballot

DHA Multan’s Phase I 2nd Location Ballot held on 30th September 2021. Below are the highlights from the ceremony:

  • Due to rising demand, 5500 plots were added in this ballot including 1-Kanal, 10-Marla and 5-Marla plots.
  • The price for 1 Kanal plots are expected to rise between 9 to 11 Million after ballot.
  • 100 Plots added in sector B1. 
  • 1000 to 1200 plots of 5-Marla are added in sector P and T.
  • 1 Kanal plots are added to 6 sectors: Sector E,  L, S, X, W1 and W2.
  • The ballot files for Phase 1 3rd ballot are available which is expected to be held within 1 year.
  • No Phase 2 Files are expected to be launched.
  • The number of 4-Marla Commercial plots is reduced in Sect P, T, and V. Small sized commercial plots are provided by DHA Multan in all these sectors.
  • Development charges for these plots will be started from next year.

Updates from Sector A – 2 kanal Posession ceremony

The town plan has been updated for DHA Multan and soon the updated map will be revealed too.

  • Low-cost housing in B1 – 1500 TO 1600 houses
  • Updated map of sector B1
  • Direct Access from Matital Road to RUMANZA through 150 ft Road
  • Redesigning of W1 & W2
  • Theme Park & Sports Complex
  • Addition of Monuments
  • Expansion of Education & Health City
  • Enhanced Connectivity & Traffic Flow

Find out more in our latest post on DHA Multan Development Update.

Balloting Results of Plots on Easy Intallments

The balloting was a success as the project balloted 1000 plots and received tremendous response from market. The aim of the balloting was to provide the existing and potential investors an affordable opportunity to invest with DHA Multan, despite the constant inflation of prices, without facing financial challenges.

More than 33000 applications were received and 8000 applications were from overseas applicants. 4 and 5 marla plots came out as the most demanded ones and more sectors had to be added to meet the demands. Moreover, 1 kanal plots now offered at 1 core and 20 lacs are expected to bring returns as high as 1 crore to 2 crore in the coming one or two years.

Plots on Easy Intallments

DHA Multan is offering a limited number of residential & commercial plots in Phase-1 on 1, 2 & 3 years installments plan. The applications to book these plots on installments will be accepted from 16th July to 6th August 2021. The successful applicants will be required to deposit down-payment and membership fee till 10th Sep 2021. Learn about the application process for these plots.

Mango Festival 2021

DHA Multan brings a mega Mango Festival scheduled on 8th July till 10th July 2021, at DHA Arena Multan. The festival entails several mango-inspired fun and business-oriented activities such as Seminars, B2B Meetings, and exhibitions.

The general public, real estate ambassadors, investors, govt. officials and individuals from the mango industry are expected to participate.

Direct Sale in DHA Multan

Single and jointed residential plots of 2 kanal in sector A & N of and 2 marla commercial plots in Rumanza Golf Community are available for direct sale in DHA Multan. The selling policy requires 10% percent downpayment for booking and the rest of the amount will be paid in three months installments.

The sale will be conducted on 15th July 2021 while the Briefing session about conduct modality is scheduled to be held on 12th July 2021 at the Arena Event Complex. Register online to partake in direct sale https://eapp.dhamultan.org/onlineinvitation/

Direct sale plots & payment details - DHA Multan

Twin Towers

After Business Hub, Bodla Builders & DHA Multan are now ready to bring another amazing residential-cum-commercial project to society – Twin Towers. Both parties have recently signed an agreement regarding the project.

The Twin Towers will be located on Main Boulevard near Askari-3. The project will offer apartments, commercial shops, offices, and restaurants. The development work is expected to commence soon.

Plot Finder

DHA Multan has recently launched (GIS) Plot Finder Application to keep their members all-informed about the plot they own in society and the ongoing proceedings of the work.

The application would help members search and identify the on-ground location of their properties. Moreover, the application also lets users monitor the progress of development in the respective sector.

Ground Breaking of Dealers Enclave-II

Recently, Project Director of DHA Multan Brig Shoeb Anwar Kayani executed the Ground Breaking of the Dealers Enclave-II. The need for another enclave arose due to the escalating demand among the real estate dealers which is why the administration decided to expand the enclave.

Dealers Enclave-II will consist of 24 offices along with a cafeteria and other amenities to entertain the registered dealers. Being adjacent to the Site Office at Jinnah Avenue, the Dealers Enclave-II will provide great ease at handling the dealers.

DHA Multan – Plot Adjustment Ballot Ceremony

In the upcoming event Plot Adjustment Ballot Ceremony held by DHA Multan, scheduled on 20th May 2021, Sector W1 & W2 plots would be adjusted into X & Y sectors.

This ceremony is going to be an incredible opportunity for the plot owners of Sector W1 & W2 who wanted to get their plots adjusted rather in Sector X & Y.

DHAM’s Affordable Housing – May 2021

DHAM is providing land for Low Cost Housing Projects in Sector V & T reinforcing PM’s Vision for Housing Sector. Four investors have signed agreements for affordable housing in Southern Punjab.

DHAM management has already arranged House Financing model from various banks in light of Government Policy. This project will certainly open up business and job opportunities to the populace of Southern Punjab.

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