Skypark One is a luxury apartment complex and shopping mall, being developed in the Gulberg Greens, Islamabad. Sky Park One offers 1-bed, 2-bed and 3-bed luxury apartments along with many amenities that provide an elevated living standard. Located at the very entrance of Gulberg Greens, Sky Park One is the perfect place to call home! Check out the payment plan, floor plans, 3D model, Development Updates, and all the details about Skypark One. Moreover, scroll down to see the Virtual 3D tour of the model apartments.

Skypark One also includes a shopping mall and food court. Seeing the track record of the developers and quality of project, the project will definitely attract all the major national and international brand and food chains for outlets. OPTP and Subway have already signed up.

Not to forget that there is a Skypark at the rooftop offering outclass amenities including infinity pool, gym, walking/jogging track and indoor games. Yes, there is a jogging track at the rooftop! There is even a volleyball and badminton court! Scroll down for all the details!


Skypark One is located on the Main Gulberg Expressway in Gulberg Greens, Islamabad. The location of Skypark One is ideal due to the centrality of Main Gulberg Expressway. Gulberg Expressway serves as the link road between the neighboring societies of Gulberg (including OPF society, AJK society, WWF society, Naval Anchorage, Airport Society P-11 and Senate Society) and Islamabad Expressway. Withal, this road hosts some marvelous projects like AJ Towers, Gulberg Mall and Signature LivingPrism Heights, and The Magnus Mall.

To find out more about this, check out our previous post about the location of Magnus Mall and how Gulberg Expressway is used as a link road by neighboring societies.

In short, Gulberg Expressway connects Gulberg Residencia with Islamabad Expressway through Gulberg Greens. Since the neighboring societies have small access roads, routing through Gulberg is a faster way for them to get to the city. This brings a higher footfall on the Main Gulberg Expressway elevating the value of properties along the road.

More importantly, Sky Park One is located at the very entrance of Gulberg Greens further increasing the strategic importance of the project where many other notable projects have commenced. Check out all the details of the project below!

What Does SkyPark One Offer?

Skypark One is a multi-purpose building offering a shopping mall, food court restaurants and luxury apartments. The facade of the thirteen (13) story building presents a beautiful blend of contemporary architecture and nature.

Furthermore, the rooftop of Skypark One is also designed as a green roof providing ample options sports and entertainment including an infinity pool, volleyball and badminton court, kids play area and a roof garden.

The carefully designed green building truly maximizes the potential and brings an environmentally friendly commercial and residential complex, a treat for environmentalists. Check out the details below.

Skypark One - Gulberg Greens - front view

Luxury Apartments in Skypark One

The luxury apartments in Skypark One provide the best living solution for small and large sized families in Gulberg Greens. The one-bed and two-bed apartments are suitable for small families while three-bed apartments are perfectly suitable for large families.

The apartments are allocated from the third to the eighth floor while third-floor apartments are sold out already! Let’s dig into the details of these apartments’ features and layout plans!

One-bed Apartment

The one-bed apartment in Skypark One has a covered area of 971 to 2727 sqft providing one bedroom, one bathroom, terrace, kitchen, living room, and a walk-in-closet.

The price of one-bed apartment is Rs. 11,700 per square foot on average. The image below presents a detailed layout of the apartment.

Click here to watch the video of 1 Bed Apartment’s Interior View in Skypark One.

one-bed apartment in skypark one-3D floor plan

Two-bed Apartment

The two-bed apartment in Skypark One has a covered area from 1496 to 2727 sqft including two bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, and living room. Moreover, there is a terrace and a walk-in closet attached with each room.

The price of two-bed apartment is Rs. 11,700 per square foot on average. The image below presents a detailed layout of the apartment.

Click here to watch the video of 2 Bed Apartment’s Interior View in Skypark One.

two-bed apartment in skypark one-3D floor plan

Three-bed Apartment

The three-bed apartment in Skypark One has a covered area of 2602 sqft including three bedrooms, three bathrooms, kitchen and living room.

There is a terrace attached with two bedrooms and a walk-in-closet attached with each bedroom.

In addition, the 3-bed apartment of Sky park One also has a powder room located at the entrance perfect to entertain frequent guests.

You also get a maid-room or servant room with separate toilet. With ample storage space of the walk-in-closets, you also get a box room (a store) and a laundry room.

The price of three-bed apartment is Rs. 11,700 per square foot on average. The image below presents a detailed layout of the apartment.

The three-bed apartment is perfectly suitable for big families maximizing each and every square foot of space.

three-bed apartment in skypark one-3D floor plan

Talk to our featured real estate agent, Mr. Sahban Tariq Malik, at +92 334 5557734 or send a Whats-app message for booking related information.


The shopping mall of Skypark One is situated on ground, first and second floor. Moreover, the lower ground floor includes space for a large grocery store. There is also free-of-cost terrace area of 150 sqft available with each shop.

As per recent updates, Ground Floor shops are sold out. First floor and Second floor shops are available for sale in the following sizes.

ShopsSize (sqft)Price (per sqft)
1st Floor593 to 890Rs. 55,000
2nd Floor384 to 1066Rs. 50,000
Commercial Shops in Skypark One

Due to the soundness of the developer and high-quality design and finishing, the project will attract a large number of prominent national and international brands. Lately, well-known clothing brand, Khas stores has signed up for the shopping mall of Skypark One. The success of the previous projects by the developer shows that the developer has the ability to attract and negotiate the best deals for the branded outlets.

Therefore, if you purchase or invest in a shop in Skypark One, high returns in terms of rental income and capital gains (profit on resale) are highly expected.


The third floor of the project is reserved for food court and offers space for restaurants. The food court of Skypark One is currently one of the most popular items among investors in Gulberg.

Many popular food chains including OPTP, Subway, Pizza Originale, Jessie’s Burger, Wild Wings, Tayto, and Second Cup have already signed up with Skypark One. Moreover, negotiation with China Town and Jade Cafe is also in progress and they are expected to formally sign up soon. The presence of such popular brands ensures the success of the project and increases its popularity and reliability.

Most of the restaurants are already sold out, leaving only a limited number of spots for booking. Here is the detailed floor plan of food court of Skypark One. Please allow a few moments to load.

Food CourtSize (sqft)Price (per sqft)
Shops308 to 1066Rs. 45,000
Foud Court in Skypark One

Talk to the authorized real estate agent of Skypark One, Mr. Sahban Tariq Malik at +92 334 5557734 right now and get your hands on a special deal in food court with reference of Islamabad Projects. You can also send a Whats-app message or sign up in the simple form below. Limited slots available!

Rooftop Park “Skypark”

The rooftop of Skypark One has been converted into a green roof with ample plantation. In addition to a roof garden, the rooftop also features gym and an infinity pool to keep you healthy and fit.

Moreover, it has a play area for children which is a huge plus for families with kids. No intensive travel needed for a day out with kids, just go to your rooftop.

The rooftop Skypark also features indoor games room, volleyball and badminton court for youngsters and adults.

rooftop floor plan - skypark one -infinity pool, gym, garden, volleyball and badminton court
Rooftop Skypark

Payment Plan of Skypark One

The prices of Skypark One are very reasonable when we consider all the aspects of the project. As already mentioned, apartments are priced at Rs. 9,700 per square foot. Although the layout of all apartments is same, size in square feet differs slightly depending on the location and orientation of apartment.

The down-payment required for booking is 30% of total price. The remaining amount will be paid in 10 equal quarterly installments. The last installment is to be paid at the time of possession.

The price of shops or restaurants in the Food Court is Rs. 50,000 per sq. ft. while the price of commercial shops in shopping mall is Rs. 55,000 to Rs. 70,000 per square foot depending on the floor.

The complete and detailed LATEST payment plan of Skypark One can be downloaded in pdf format. 

Amenities at Sky Park One

Sports and Entertainment

The rooftop skypark includes a number of options for entertainment for both children and adults. An mentioned above, the kids’ play area, indoor game room, badminton and volleyball court will make your day-outs perfect and that just at the comfort of your rooftop.

Health and Fitness

In addition to your entertainment, Skypark One has also got you covered to stay healthy and fit. The walking/jogging track and a fully equipped gym at the rooftop are enough for anyone to stay healthy. You will have no excuse to miss your gym session.

Secure and Designated Parking

Skypark One has reserved two floors in the basement for parking. Moreover, the lower ground floor also has some parking space. Altogether, Skypark One has a secure parking space for more than 200 cars.

Lighting and Ventilation

The amalgamation of nature in modern architecture has brought abundant natural and eco-friendly light and ventilation. The central courtyards on every floor bring a lot of ventilation into the building preventing heat trap at higher level floors.

Quality and Design of Skypark One’s Apartments

Skypark One doesn’t sell you just an apartment; it brings modern and elegant homes designed by professional interior designers. The virtual 3D tour of 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom model apartments highlight the coziness of a beautifully designed and well-kept home.  All the fixtures and decorative elements are of high quality.

To further enhance the comfort and coziness of your home and bring natural light and air in, each apartment has a terrace with a dramatic view.

Development Update of Skypark One

The construction work of Skypark One is being done at a very rapid and unmatched pace.

As promised, the structure of the building has been completed for all floors. It can be fairly expected that the project will be completely ready and possession will be handed over by the end of 2022.

The summary of the construction work is as follows:

  • Building Structure has been Completed.
  • Main Entrance is Ready.
  • The Apartmnts are near Completion.
    • Windows and Doors have been fixed.
    • Washrooms are also fully developed.
    • The finishing of the kitchen is in last stage.
  • Decorative plantation in front of the building is also complete.
  • Finishing Touches have Started.
  • Plaster Work is done and the Paint is in full swing.
  • Minino, Second Cup, and Burger Lab are operational and a great number of vendors visit regularly.

Brands Signed up with the Food Court in Skypark One Mall

The prime location combined with high quality of the project is enough to attract many prominent brands in the shopping mall and food court.

Many popular food chains including OPTP, Subway, Pizza Originale, Tayto, China Town, Jessie’s Burger, Wild Wings, and Second Cup have already signed up and reserved their places in the food court. Moreover, negotiation with Jade Cafe is also in progress and they are expected to formally sign up soon. 

Second Cup is opening soon. Construction and Renovation of Second Cup will start in a couple of days. 

Brands Signed up with Skypark One’s Shopping Mall

The luxurious shopping mall, Skypark One is launching numerous notable brands under its territory. Recently, the popular name in the clothing industry- Khas Stores, has also signed up with the luxury mall.

Second Cup, Burger Lab and Miniso are expected to start operations within the next three months.

Why Invest in Skypark One?

While a project might appear to be attractive to live or invest in, it is very important to do the due diligence before you put your hard-earned money in it. Islamabad Projects is here to give you honest and fair due diligence of its featured projects and the best investment advice. In short, we have found Skypark One to be a trustworthy project for investment and reliable for both residential and commercial purposes.

1. Sound Developer

The best reason to invest in Skypark One is the soundness of its developer. Skypark Developers is the developer of the project and has successfully delivered many similar real estate projects in the past.

The track record of Skypark Developers along with the ongoing construction work at the site show the ability of the developer to complete the project on time and with quality. 

2. Visionary Project Design

Another reason to invest and be a part of Skypark One is the vision behind the product design. Suhail & Fawad Architects is presiding over the project for the engineering and design.

The apartment layouts are quite comfortable and spacious. Even the one-bed apartment takes care of privacy, storage (a spacious walk-in-closet) and comfort.

Moreover, their three-bed apartment provides all the features that a house for a large or medium sized family needs in Pakistan.

3. Functionality

Moreover, the shopping mall is also quite spacious and the shop sizes are very reasonable. The amenities offered by Skypark One are just matchless and give the project an instant boost.


These are the few reasons that make Skypark one an investment-worthy project. For further one-on-one counseling and investment advice, contact Mr. Sahban Tariq Malik (the authorized real estate agent of Skypark One) at +92 334 5557734. Mr. Sahban is a real estate expert and portfolio manager for more than 1500 national and international clients.

In collaboration with Mr. Sahban Tariq, Islamabad Projects has brought a “special offer” for you. You can get the restaurant/shop in food court at investor rates.

Due to high demand, only a limited number of shops are available. Hurry to reserve yours before they are all gone. For further information about booking and project details, contact us at +92 334 5557734 or send a Whats-app message.

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