Amaaj One is an upcoming commercial and residential project in Mumtaz City, Islamabad. The property holds a prime location and expects to invite a large footfall in the proximate future. Keep reading for details about location, payment plan, floor plans, and other related information about Amaaj One.


Amaaj One is located on Allama Iqbal Avenue in Mumtaz City in Rawalpindi. The location of Mumtaz City is ideal as it is situated at the junction of M-1, M-2 and Srinagar Highway. Therefore, it can be easily accessed through different parts of the twin cities through highways including N-80, M-1, Srinagar Highway, and Rawalpindi Kohat Road.

Moreover, Amaaj One is only 6 minutes away from Islamabad New Airport, 7 minutes away from Islamabad Toll Plaza on M-1 motorway, and merely 2 minutes away from Top City-1.

The image below indicated the distance of Amaaj One from important locations of the city:

Amaaj One Location on Map
Mumtaz City is a housing society located at the Kashmir Highway. Plots …


Amaaj One has acquired the NOC from Rawalplindi Development Authority. This leaves no place for misconceptions or controversy regarding the project. The project is definitely a safe investment option in twin cities.

Amaaj One has also successfully acquired NOC from Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority. The project meets the criteria for height clearance for flight safety purposes and is not more than 100 feet above sea level.

What does Amaaj One offer?

Amaaj One is an RDA approved multipurpose building with an eye-catching exterior that offers Shops, Offices, and Apartments. The building has 5 stories along with lower ground and ground floor. Each floor covers an area of 1200 sqft and offers the following units:

  • Commercial Shops
  • Corporate Offices
  • Luxury Apartments

The building is equipped with all the basic amenities its inhabitants would need to live without stress. The occupants would enjoy the uninterrupted supply of electricity, water, and gas and the project owner is responsible for the maintenance of these facilities.

Commercial Shops

The commercial shops are available on lower ground and ground floor and the shop sizes start from 156 sqft.

Corporate Offices

The corporate offices in Amaaj One are offered on First, Second, & Third floors and the lowest size available is of 185 sqft area.


The Fourth & Fifth floors offer 1 & 2 bedroom residential apartments. Each floor has 2 apartments.

The 2 bedroom apartment features 2 bedrooms along with 2 attached baths, a kitchen, a spacious lounge, and a lobby. While 1 bedroom apartment has 1 bedroom, 1 bath, lounge, and a kitchen.

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Floor Plans & Layout of Amaaj One

The building has dedicated floors for each type of unit.

FloorsType of Unit
Lower GroundCommercial Shops
GroundCommercial Shops (Sold Out)
FirstCorporate Offices
SecondCorporate Offices
ThirdCorporate Offices

Download the PDF floor plans of Amaaj One here:

Payment Plan

Shops, apartments, and offices are available in Amaaj One on 30% downpayment. The prices would vary with unit size and the floor type.

Check out the LATEST payment plan below:

Why invest in Amaaj One?

  • The Amaaj One is located on an ideal location. It is located in Mumtaz city which is a developed residential society and it also has another society Top City-1 in close distance.
  • Moreover, it is 5-minute drive away from new Islamabad International Airport. This not only indicates the place would have a larger footfall but also that the cargo services, travel agents, and similar businesses would be hunting for office spaces & apartments anywhere close to the airport. Hence, Amaaj One could serve their needs in the best way in terms of location.
  • Moreover, a great number of employees at the airport work in different shifts at odd hours. All these workers are always looking for a place to dwell near the airport. The apartments in Amaaj One is the best residential solution they could ever have.
  • Amaaj One is a reliable project as it is situated in Mumtaz City that has been approved by Rawalpindi Development Authority. The development work in the area is in progress and has picked up pace in recent years.
  • The post-construction management will be looked after by the management which is the ultimate good news for those investors who are looking for the rental income from the unit purchase.
  • Considering the above discussed reasons and after careful market analysis, the expected rental yield would be 7-7.5% per annum on completion.

So, think again before you avert your eyes from this promising opportunity to invest in Amaaj One.

Development Update

The development has started and is now proceeding apace. After the completion of the excavation, the foundation has been laid successfully.

Now the construction of the Ground floor has commenced. The structural frame for ground floors, first floor, second floor, and third floor is developed. Beams have been placed to support columns for first, second, and third floor. Moreover, the brick walls are being built for first ground floor.

Check out the development images below:

Booking in Amaaj One

Bookings are open in Amaaj One and offices, shops, apartments are available on installments. The Ground Floor shops are sold out already.

To book your shop, office or apartment, contact Sahban Tariq Malik or WhatsApp +92 334 5557734.

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