Balloting in Park View City – Overseas Block

Balloting in Park View City – Overseas Block
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Park View City has announced the balloting in Overseas Block and the balloting is scheduled for 30th July 2022. Not only that, the balloting has come along with the special discount offers to facilitate its members.

Park View City is a futuristic housing society that is located in the pristine location of Islamabad, near Bani Gala. The development work is also underway for the Overseas block and J block. Besides residential and commercial plots, the society offers Park View Homes and apartments that meet contemporary standards.

Balloting Policy of Park View City

Let’s find out the details to participate in the upcoming balloting of Overseas Block in Park View City.

Who can participate in Balloting?

  • You can take part in the balloting of Overseas Block if you submit 50% of the total Plot Price by 25th July 2022.
  • If your overdue installments exceed the 50% payment, you are also required to submit all of the overdue installments by 25th July 2022.
  • If you have already submitted all overdue installments and upto 50% of plot price before 30th June 2022, you have become eligible for the balloting.

What is the deadline to submit dues for balloting in Park View City?

The last date to submit the dues is 25 July 2022. Only the members who successfully pay the dues by the deadline will be eligible to participate in the Park View City balloting.

Discount Offer in Park View City

Park View City is offering highly attractive discounts on outstanding installments. The discount offer is available for all blocks.

1. Advance Payment

You can avail 10% discount on Advance Payment, i.e. payment of the installments that are not due yet. In order to avail the discount the advance payment must be done at least one month before the due date. The offer is valid till 30 July 2022.

2. Overdue Installments

You can avail 50% reduction on Late Payment Charges if you pay all of the overdue installments. The late payment charges or surcharge applicable on the overdue installments will be reduced to half if you submit all of the overdue installments before 30th July 2022.

Deadline for Discount Offer

The last day of the discount offer is 30th July 2022.

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