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Lahore Smart City Balloting

Balloting in Lahore Smart City

Lahore Smart City has successfully held its first balloting for Overseas Prime Block. See balloting results here.

Capital smart city first Balloting on 21 December 2019

First Balloting of Capital Smart City on 21 December 2019

The first balloting of Capital Smart City is finally here! The long awaited balloting of Capital Smart City is just three days away. That’s right! 21st December 2019 is the date of the first ballot of Capital Smart City members who have submitted more than 50% of the dues.

capital smart city islamabad

The Wait is Over: Capital Smart City Launches on 6 October 2019

The official launch date of Capital Smart city is out! Yes! You have heard it right. Capital Smart City is set to launch on 6 October 2019. In the grand ceremony, the society is expected to make important announcements. Read to find out more!

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