Capital Smart City Balloting Schedule & Results!

Capital Smart City Balloting Schedule & Results!

Capital Smart City is one of the most talked-about upcoming housing societies in Islamabad. Its claim to be “The Only Smart City of Pakistan” makes it an incredibly popular project compared to the other impending ventures. Lahore Smart City is the succession of this project.

The balloting of Capital Smart City always creates a thrill across the community of real estate, investors, agents, realtors, and the public alike. In this post, you will find everything related to the balloting in Capital Smart City – upcoming ballots and results from past ballots.

Let’s understand first what does the term “Balloting” mean?

What is Balloting?

After the investors have booked the plot files with unmarked location – ballotting is done to assign the location to these plots randomly. It’s more or less like a Lucky Draw which is why it gives an extra boost to the hype among real estate investors who are risk-takers at heart.

But wait, what if someone wants to be sure about the location of their plot in Capital Smart City. Is it possible to choose the location of your choice? Find out the answers below!

Can I choose the location of my plot or villa in Capital Smart City?

Yes, if you have booked a plot or villa at 40% downpayment, you are eligible to choose the location through “Plot Selection”.

Plot Selection lets you choose the location of your plot before the random balloting. As already mentioned, this option can be availed only if you pay 40% or more upfront payment at the time of booking.

Capital Smart City offered Plot Selection at 20% downpayment for Overseas Central (Overseas-2) block in a special offer. Since the offer was valid for a short time only, there are a few files with the option of plot selection with 20% payment.

Nevertheless, before you choose your plot, you have to abide by the company policies and pay all outstanding dues! Read the company policies on balloting below.

What increases chances to get a good location in ballot?

The ballot is conducted by software and is entirely random. It is recommended to pay regular installments to increase the chances of a good location.

When is the next Balloting expected in Capital Smart City?

Earlier, the Capital Smart City dropped hints for balloting of Villas and Villa Apartments in Capital Smart City that is expected in June 2022.

First Balloting in Capital Smart City – Overseas and Executive Block

The first balloting event of Capital Smart City took place on 21st December and the e-results were published on 24th December 2019.

About 6,000 plots from the Executive-1 and Overseas-1 blocks were included in the first balloting.

Candidates who had submitted up to 50% of the dues on their plots or files were eligible to take part in the first balloting.

Results of First Balloting of Capital Smart City

The E-result of the first balloting was published online on 24th December 2019. Check out the official results of the first balloting of Capital Smart City here! You can view your plot on the map by inserting your CNIC number and MS no. of your file.

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Second Balloting in Capital Smart City – Overseas Central

After the first balloting, investors and consumers have been awaiting this moment.

The second balloting of Capital Smart City Overseas Central block was successfully held on 12th March 2022. The balloting was entirely executed through computer software and the results were uploaded to the internet afterward.

Results of Overseas Central Ballot – Capital Smart City

The E-result of the second balloting was published online on 14th March 2022. Click here to view your balloting result in Overseas Central Balloting in Capital Smart City.

Overseas Central Map

The master plan of Overseas Central has been revealed and is available for download below:

5 marla plots in Faisal Hills
8 marla plots in Faisal Hills
10 marla plots in Faisal Hills

Third Balloting – OS Prime & Harmony Park

The third balloting in Capital Smart City was done for three blocks: Overseas Prime, Harmony Park & Harmony park Overseas.

The balloting event was held on 30th May 2022 in Serena Hotel Islamabad. The balloting was entirely executed through computer software and the results were uploaded to the internet afterward.

third balloting announced in capital smart city - Overseas Prime, Harmony Park overseas & Harmony Park blocks

Results of Third Balloting

Like the previous ballots, Overseas Prime and Harmony Park (Overseas East & Overseas Central) Balloting was also performed through software and the results were uploaded online. Click here for the results of CSC Third Balloting.

Harmony Park & Overseas Prime Maps

The master plans of Overseas Central 2, Overseas East sector – M, and Overseas Prime are available for download below:

The plots of Harmony Park were adjusted to Overseas Central 2 and Overseas East sector – M.

Eligibility and Policies

Let’s find out about the details of the ballotting

Who is eligible?

  • All members who successfully paid their due installments, whichever is higher, are eligible for balloting.
  • All transferred files are required to pay 50% payment or payable installments, whichever is higher, to be eligible for balloting.

What is the deadline to pay remaining dues?

Customers re usually required to pay their all remaining dues until a deadline or 50% payment, whichever is higher to be eligible for balloting.

Who is able to choose the location?

  • Overseas Prime Block: All members who had already paid 100%, 50% and 40% upfront payment were given the opportunity to choose the location on map without going into balloting. However, they were required to pay their remaining dues 2022 to be entitled to choose the location.
  • Harmony Park Overseas & Harmony Park Block: For both blocks, all members who had paid 100%, 50% or 25% upfront also were eligible for plot selection. However, they were required to pay their remaining dues to be entitled to choose the location.
  • Members who wish to avail the opportunity for selection on map, they must pay their 25% lump sum amount (undue amount) of the plot value. This amount is over and above of due payments and for transferred files over and above 50% payment & due payments.

The Location Selection for Harmony Park OS East and Central started from 9th May 2022, for those members who were eligible to select the plot on their own choice as per their acknowledgment receipt. Last date for selection was 22nd May 2022.

What is Acknowledgement Receipt?

Company issues an Acknowledgement Receipt after clearing the dues confirming that you will be eligible for the balloting.

The date of issuance for Acknowledgement Receipts of Third balloting was extended till 29th April 2022.

CSC Third Ballot - Last Date extended for acknowledgement receipt

Members who booked plots on 100%, 50% 40% and 25% upfront payment are highly advised to immediately obtain acknowledgement receipts. The members are solely responsible to obtain acknowledgment receipts after payment.

Furthermore, the members who have acquired the Acknowledgement Receipts can contact the office for a revised receipt to claim their eligibility for choosing a location.

Moreover, as per the latest updates, the new master plan of Capital Smart City has been revealed and the development work is progressing at an impressive pace.

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