Breaking News! Capital Smart City’s First Balloting Has Been Rescheduled

Capital Smart City Balloting Postponed

Attention! The first balloting of Capital Smart City has been postponed and rescheduled. In the official launching ceremony of Capital Smart City, the authorities disclosed a tentative date of first balloting to be somewhere around 3rd week of November. However, it has been postponed for about a month now. Is that a good news or bad?

Well, our experts think that the postponement of balloting of Capital Smart City has provided investors with another window of opportunity to gain from the upcoming ballot. The deadline for selection of custom plots has also been extended to the 5th of December. So, existing members and investors who are eligible for custom plots have a great chance to reserve residential and commercial plots of their own choice. This will bring a higher chance of capital gains for the investors and members. You can find more about selection of plots in Capital Smart City in our earlier article about the initial plan of first ballot.

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Islamabad Projects is well aware of the fact that you must have a lot of queries regarding this breaking news of rescheduling. Don’t worry! We are here to answer few frequently asked questions regarding this rescheduling of first balloting.

Q1: For which blocks,a revised schedule of first balloting has been announced?

Ans: A revised schedule has been disclosed for the first ballot of residential and commercial plot in Capital Smart City’s Overseas and Executive blocks.

Q2:What was the initial date of first ballot?For how long has the first balloting of Capital Smart City been postponed?

Ans: The tentative date of first ballot was somewhere around 3rd week of November this year. However, according to our resources, the ballot of Smart City has been postponed for one month, i.e. December, 2019.

Q3:Why has the first balloting been rescheduled?

Ans: The primary reason is unknown, however so called ‘Political arrest’ is supposed to be one of its major causes.

Q4:How can eligible candidates select their plots?

Ans: Map of Overseas and Executive Blocks of Capital Smart City is out now. Eligible candidates can select a plot on the map by visiting the Head Office of Capital Smart City.

Q5:I cannot visit Smart City’s office.Is it possible for me to select my plot number?

Ans: Yes! If you are eligible for selection of plot, you can contact your authorized agent to facilitate the selection of plot for you in your absence. You may contact our authorized agent, Sahban Tariq Malik, at +92 334 5557734 for guidance or email us at info@irealprojects.com for prompt response.

Q6:Who is eligible to select the plot?

Ans: The plot selection option is available to those candidates who booked plots at either 50% or higher upfront payment.

Q7:Is there any deadline for the selection of plots?

Ans: Yes! For now, the selection process will continue till 5th December 2019. So, eligible members you better hurry up to confirm your plot numbers.

Q8:When is the allotment of plot numbers expected?

Ans: Once the selection of plot is done, leftover eligible files will be included in the first ballot. Allotment of plot numbers to the residential and commercial plot will be computerized and is expected to be held in 3rd week of December, 2019.

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To know more about Capital Smart City’s updates, talk to our featured agent, Mr. Sahban Tariq Malik, on +92 334 5557734 or email at info@irealprojects.com for further information. 

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