Four Reasons of Why Living in an Apartment is better for you! Any challenges?

Four Reasons of Why Living in an Apartment is better for you! Any challenges

Certainly, apartments are more affordable to buy or rent than houses. This is why, apartments are increasingly becoming a preferred choice over houses for the last few decades. Not only do families and young people on a budget specifically prefer apartments but many people choose apartments for the right reasons. Have you also given thought to living in an apartment but can’t decide whether living in an apartment is better for you or not?

Do you want to shift to a house or apartment and wondering which should you choose? Do you want to know Are Apartments a better residential option for you? Read our detailed article to find out if should you shift to an apartment or not!!

Pros of Living in an Apartment

The pros of living in an apartment are discussed below:

Less maintenance

Living in an apartment causes less financial burden as the apartment requires less maintenance compared to the house. Besides, the cost of maintenance is often shared or borne by the management company.

Coworking couples and working women who are also mothers would find 2 or 3 bed apartments more convenient to manage than a whole house. As apartments have less space to be managed and maintained, you can save a lot of your time and energy. 

On the contrary, living in a house requires more of your time to maintain it because it is bigger and has many parts such as a backyard, porch, rooftop, front of the house, etc. If you are a working individual, you would hardly get enough time to keep things maintained at a bigger house.

Ready to move in 

If you want to own a place to live, buying an apartment would be less hassle than constructing a home. Building a home is constant work that can keep you occupied for months. 

On the other hand, if buy an apartment all you have to do is move to the apartment. Moreover, if you choose an apartment built by a credible developer, it means the project’s developer has taken care of all the construction work and reliable companies often use high quality material which ensures a long lasting building that demands fewer maintenance needs over time. 

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Relatively More Secure

Apartments have enhanced security with guards appointed on the building’s entrance and CCTV surveillance. This provides a sense of security to residents while the security in a society’s neighborhood might not be that efficient due to the vast expanse of the area assigned to them. 

Exclusive Amenities

The residential apartments nowadays offer the latest amenities to improve the quality of life. Such as monitored entry, dedicated parking, kids’ play area, grocery stores, outdoor amenities, and other opportunities for fun.

The apartment residents are entitled to the exclusive amenities offered along with these apartments. You would have to pay a large amount to enjoy these amenities.

Cons of Living in an Apartment

Less Space

Residential apartments have limited space which can cause inconvenience in many aspects of everyday life. You would be forced to keep smaller and limited furniture in your house. Handling too many guests in a small space can be a challenging task as a host. You may not find an extra space in the apartment to carry out your exclusive activities such as a peaceful work space might not be possible while living with your family in the apartment.

Limited Control

Since an apartment offers less space than a house of comparable size, it offers fewer opportunities to customize. You cannot add personal touch to your living space but only restrictedly. Even if you plan on doing a major renovation to alter the space, the options are not as wide as there would be with a multi-floor house. For example, the porch, front, and back yard of the house provide a huge leverage when it comes to decorating. Furthermore, the rooftop provides ample space for outdoor seating, gardening, and even utilities.


If you like quietude and peace, an apartment might not be a good option for you. There’s a great probability, that you will be exposed to noise, that too from multiple walls, due to walls being shared with your neighbors above and beside you.

Diminished Privacy

If you choose to live in an apartment, you might feel your privacy is not as private as you want it to be. The balconies are sometimes too close and this can cause disturbance or annoyance knowing that your neighbors see or hear you while you are at your own home. 

Moreover, the amenities are also shared by all residents of the building. Such as gym, swimming pool, and rooftop amenities; everyone would have access to these. If you like to do things privately and you are conscious about hygiene you wouldn’t feel satisfied with this. 


A decision to live in an apartment or a house should be based on the needs and financial budget of a person or family. An apartment is a better choice for smaller families or individuals who need to save money. If you have surplus money, you can choose to live wherever you want.

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