4 Best Residential Apartment Projects in Islamabad

Best Residential Apartment Projects in Islamabad

Islamabad, the Capital of Pakitan, is a city where you find a perfect blend of tranquil and natural beauty with Margalla Hills towering over it. In a survey,  Islamabad ranked as the second most beautiful capital in the entire world, followed by Paris, Washington, Berlin and Tokyo. 

No wonder why this city attracts everybody and people prefer to move here permanently. A great number of people have migrated to Islamabad in recent years which created the need for new homes. Several new housing projects have started, on the outskirts of the capital territory, to meet the residential needs of the increasing number of citizens.

As constructing a home from scratch is expensive and not an easy task, this is why the public’s interest has gradually been shifting toward apartments. Alongside the residential societies, many vertical housing projects have also been launched across the city. This is why residential apartments are now becoming a priority for home buyers, consequently, investors can make a fortune by investing in apartments. 

Have you been looking for the best apartment projects in Islamabad to settle or for investment purposes? We have chosen the 4 best residential apartment projects in Islamabad.

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1. Warda Hamna Residencia I, II, III

Warda Hamna Residencia is a complex of three apartment towers: Warda Hamna Residencia 1, Warda Hamna Residencia 2, and Warda Hamna Residencia 3. These three towers are situated side by side, located in the prime location in G-11 sector of Islamabad. 

The project offers 2, 3 & 4 bedroom apartments. The apartments have beautiful interiors with high-quality finishing and contemporary architecture.

DevelopmentCompleted & Delivered
PriceRs. 15 million – Rs. 24 million approx
DetailsVisit link!

2. Goldcrest Highlife

Goldcrest Highlife is another complex of three apartment complexes known as Goldcrest Highlife 1, 2, and 3, Goldcrest Chich, and Goldcrest Views. Goldcrest Highlife is a high-end residential project built exclusively on Dubai styled apartments and is meant to offer a world-class residential lifestyle in Islamabad.

  1. Goldcrest Highlife 1, 2, and 3: Each of the three towers is 24 floors high and offers 1, 2, and 3 bedroom luxury apartments. The project is under rapid development and is expected to be delivered in due time.
  2. Goldcrest Chic (I, II & III): These three towers all also 24 floors high and offers 2 & 3 bedroom luxury apartments. The development work for this project is being carried out day and night.
  3. Goldcrest Grand: Goldcrest Grand is 25 storey project which offers 1 & 2 bedroom luxury apartments. The apartments in Goldcrest Grand are fully furnished with European style furniture. Project developmen is well underway

Goldcrest Highlife is ideally located in DHA Islamabad, at a walking distance from Giga Mall Extension. DHA Islamabad is a developed area and provides all the facilities one needs to live a comfortable life in a neighborhood.

LocationDHA Islamabad Phase 2
DevelopmentGray Structure in Progress
PossessionNot Available. Expected in 2-3 years?
PriceRs. 56 lacs – Rs.22 lacs approx
DetailsVisit link!

3. Five Star Residence

Five Star Residence is an upcoming residential apartment tower in G-11/3 Islamabad (located by Warda Hamna Residencia). If you wish to live in the heart of Islamabad, nothing could be more fitting than Five Star Residence. As it is easily accessible from all sectors of the city.  

Being built on contemporary standards, the project promises a smart exterior of the building combined with an exquisite interior. Five Star Residencia offers 2 & 3 bedroom luxury apartments. 

The development work is well underway on the project site. 

LocationG-11/3 Islamabad
DevelopmentDue by July 2025
PossessionNot Available
PriceRs. 36 million – Rs.43 million 5 lacs
DetailsVisit link!

4. Eighteen Islamabad Apartments

Eighteen Islamabad is a famous residential project of Islamabad that offers a luxury lifestyle. It offers luxury villas and apartments in a serene environment located on Srinagar Highway near F-18 Islamabad.

The Heights is a complex of 28 apartment buildings in Eighteen Islamabad. The offered apartments are available in different sizes starting from Studio apartment to 4-bed and Penthouse. 

The surroundings have beautiful lush green scenes that only enhance the living experience at The Heights. The apartments have a pavilion style architecture and offer exclusive amenities that are found nowhere else in the city. 

The unique element about The Eighteen Islamabad is that 10% of its total land is dedicated to green area and 35% is dedicated to the golf course. This makes this society a particularly serene and bustle-free area. 

LocationDHA Islamabad Phase 2
PriceRs. 2 crore – Rs.5.5 crore
DetailsVisit link!


Many apartment projects have been launched across the city flooding the market with new investment opportunities. As apartments have a huge clientele, it presents an auspicious investment opportunity of time for real estate investors. The experts at iReal Projects have picked 4 best apartment projects of Islamabad discussed above in the article:

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