Goldcrest Chic is a complex of three 12 story apartment buildings named Goldcrest Chic 1, 2, and 3. Wherein, Goldcrest Chic is part of the upcoming premium residential estate project Goldcrest Highlife, consisting of 7 residential towers including Goldcrest Chic.

The developer of this phenomenal project Al-Ghurair Giga Groups is a well-known name in the real estate industry. This residential project aims to bring the Dubai-styled apartments to the residents of Islamabad. Scroll down to find out floorplans, pricing, and all related details.


Goldcrest Chic is located in DHA Islamabad Phase 2 Sector C which is a developed and elegant locale. Moreover, it is located on Main Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Road which is just on the back of the main G.T Road. This means G.T Road is only 7 minutes away from where the towers are situated.

Also, the area in the surroundings and vicinity has all the basic facilities and amenities. The iconic Giga Mall Extension is only 5 minutes drive away while D Mall and W-07 are going to be launched too nearby.

What does Goldcrest Chic offer?

Goldcrest Chic are classically designed luxury apartment buildings, each consisting of 12 stories. The residential project offers fully furnished apartments:

  • 2-bedroom apartments
  • 3-bedroom apartments

Moreover, the apartments would have palatial rooms, contemporary interior design, European-style furniture, and the kitchen would be provided with all the necessary appliances. The building as well is provided with all the modern facilities and amenities to ensure a comfortable lifestyle for the inhabitants.

Goldcrest Chic 1, 2, 3

Each of the three buildings offer picturesque apartments that are already furnished with world-class furniture. The residents would relish the exclusive ambiance, modern facilities, and the scenic views of the DHA surroundings.

Lets dig into the details.

Goldcrest Chic 1

Goldcrest Chic 1 offers 2 & 3 bedroom apartments which are available in different sizes and designs. But the one thing that remains constant in each of these apartments is the elegance.

2 Bedroom Apartments

Type B floor plan of 2 bedroom apartments offer 2 adequately wide balconies, 2 spacious rooms, 2 baths, 1 powder room, laundry space, storeroom, and a wide & long lobby. One bedroom also has a dressing area while both bedrooms have separate balconies.

Moreover, The dining room and living are combined in form of an ample sized hall. The inhabitants can make use of this space as per their specific needs. The kitchen separated from the dining area which makes this apartment a considerable option for families that prefer a separated kitchen from dining area.

The apartment’s total area consists of 1865 sqft.

Goldcrest Chic 1 - 2 bed - Type B

3 Bedroom Apartments

3 bedroom apartment of Type A floor plan has 2078 sqft total area. The apartment offers 3 large sized bedrooms, with 3 attached bathrooms. Two of the three bedrooms have a dressing area as well. Whereas the third bedroom has a wide window showcasing the panoramic display of the city.

The rest of the features include 2 wide balconies that are separately connected with the two bedrooms, a spacious lounge with a big window to behold majestic views of the sky, an elevated kitchen situated right across the dining area, a laundry space, and a lobby containing powder room.

Goldcrest Chic 1 - 3 bed - Type A
Goldcrest Chic 2

Goldcrest Chic 3 offers 2 sizes of luxury apartments.

  • 2 bedroom apartments (Type C & D)
  • 3 bedroom apartments (Type A & B)

2 Bedroom Apartments

2 bedroom apartments are available in two layouts Type C and Type D.

Type C (1982 sqft)

Type C floor plan of 2 bedroom apartment is spread on a total area of 1982 sqft, offering 2 wide balconies, 2 spacious rooms, 2 spacious baths, 2 balconies, and a palatial hall that serve as a lounge and a dining area. Each bedroom has a separate balcony.

Moreover, the entrance door opens into a lobby wherein a powder room and a laundry-cum-storeroom are situated. The kitchen is at the corner away from the dining area. The lounge and dining area are big enough to throw a party or invite an adequately large group of friends and family.

Goldcrest Chic 2 - 2 bed - Type C

Type D (1634 sqft)

Type D apartment offers 2 spacious rooms, 1 balcony, 2 baths, and a powder room. The total area of the apartment is 1634 sqft.

The layout is as follows:

Goldcrest Chic 2 - 2 bed - Type D

3 Bedroom Apartments

3 bedroom apartments are being offered in two floor plans: Type A and Type B.

Type A (2162 sqft)

Type A 3 bedroom apartment offers 3 enormous sized bedrooms, 2 sufficiently wide balconies, 3 attached baths, and a powder room. Each balcony is connected to the two bedrooms. The total area of the apartment is spread on 2162 sqft.

The powder room and laundry room are in the lobby area near the entrance door. The kitchen is in the corner away from the dining space. The lounge is quite spacious to serve a fairly big party.

Goldcrest Chic 2 - 3 bed - Type A

Type B (2057 sqft)

Type B 3 bedroom apartments have 3 ample sized rooms, 2 balconies, 4 baths, along with spacious dining and living area. The total area consists of 2057 sqft. The balconies offer a perfect spot to spend your evenings in calm.

Moreover, the powder room and laundry space(also used as storeroom) are in the corner near the kitchen. The kitchen entrance faces the dining area and has an access route to and from the dining.

The spacious lounge has a wide window, the individuals sitting there would be accompanied by the magical views of the city. There is also a wide lobby at the entrance.

Goldcrest Chic 2 - 3 bed - Type B
Goldcrest Chic 3

Goldcrest Chic 3 offers 2 sizes of luxury apartments.

  • 2 bedroom apartments (Type B)
  • 3 bedroom apartments (Type A)

2 Bedroom Apartments

The Type B floor plan of 2 bedroom apartments features 2 bedrooms, 2 attached baths, 1 powder room, a laundry room, a storeroom, lounge & dining, and a kitchen.

Each bedroom has a separate balcony. The lounge and dining area are combined into a hall. The kitchen is spacious and is across the dining area.

The entrance lobby contains a powder room while the laundry and storeroom are situated right after where the lobby area ends. The apartment has a total area of 1865 sqft and meets all criteria to be called your home.

Goldcrest Chic 3 - 2 bed - Type A

3 Bedroom Apartments

3 bedroom apartments of Type A floor plan have a total area of 2078 sqft. The apartment has 3 super large rooms, two of them have a dressing area as well while each room has an attached bath. Moreover, the apartment features 2 balconies, both connect to the bedrooms – one bedroom with a dressing area and the other without a dressing area.

The rest of the features of this apartment entail 1 powder room (in the lobby), 1 laundry room (near lobby), a grand sized lounge that offers scenic views of the city, a dining area in front of the kitchen, and a wide lobby at the entrance. The total area of the apartment consists of 2078 sqft.

Goldcrest Chic 3 - 2 bed - Type B

About Developers

Goldcrest Chich 1 is a project being developed by Al-Ghurair Giga, a real estate group that has been delivering only the best to the market for decades. Giga Mall in DHA Phase II, Islamabad has been a successful project by Al-Ghurair Giga and represents the sense of perfection and innovation of the developer.

Floor Plan of Goldcrest Chic 1, 2 & 3

Goldcrest Chic 1
Goldcrest Chic 2
Goldcrest Chic 3

Features & Amenities

Goldcrest Chic is everything you can dream about a luxury lifestyle. The building is equipped with all the contemporary facilities and amenities to guarantee supreme, world-class, and elite-like culture for the residents.

The facilities entail:

  • Contemporary architecture
  • Furnished apartments
  • Luxurious ambiance
  • Air conditioning
  • Car parking
  • Fast elevators
  • Intercom access to the main gate
  • Closed circuits televisions
  • 24/7 CCTV security and surveillance
  • Power back up
  • Mosque
  • Rooftop facilities
  • Kid’s play area
  • Jogging track
  • Garden area
  • Swimming pool
  • Health Club
  • Relaxation lounge

Why invest in Goldcrest Chic?

Goldcrest Chic is a futuristic housing option and might be a one-time opportunity to have an apartment that matches the world-class standard. The housing project is located in a well-developed area that is overflowing with all the basic facilities, be it a bank, school, hospital, or excursion opportunities.

Moreover, the apartments are available on easy installments of 3 years payment plan. The public and real estate investors have shown keen interest in the project. Consequently, the apartments in Goldcrest Chic 2 & 3 are sold out. Hence, the project is already a success and has outstretched scope.

Book Apartment in Goldcrest Chic

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