CDA to Install Smart Traffic Signal System on Srinagar Highway! 

smart traffic signal system kashmir highway Islamabad

Yes! You have heard it right. According to our sources, this news; “CDA to install smart traffic signal system on Srinagar Highway” is true. 

The capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad, is all set to experience a change in traffic management system. Who doesn’t want to get rid of traffic jams and long queues during peak hours? To manage the traffic load, the civic agency has issued tenders to install a smart traffic signal system on Srinagar Highway, Islamabad. 

What is Smart Traffic Signal System?

Capital Development Authority (CDA) deserves a huge round of applause for coming up with this great initiative of installing Smart system. This automated system comprises of “Smart Optical Sensors” that have the ability to detect the volume of traffic at any given time to adjust the timings of signals accordingly. 


This smart traffic system will ensure the smooth flow of traffic in major avenues of Islamabad. For trial run, the plan is to install these new signals along the Srinagar Highway from sector G-7 to G-11. If the results come out positive, smart signals will be installed along all the main roads and intersections of Islamabad. 

Benefits of Automated Smart Traffic Signal System

  • Ensures an easy flow of traffic by reducing traffic jams.
  • A drastic reduction in the need for manual intervention along major avenues.
  • An automated switching between the Green, Yellow and Red lights to regulate traffic volume.
  • Installation of high level “Optical Sensors” to regulate traffic better, especially during peak hours.
  • Easy spotting of over-speeding cars or those breaking signals.
  • Improves city driving by decreasing travel time.
  • Better and more enjoyable commute to work, to school and to breathtaking landmarks of Islamabad.

Smart Traffic System is a great initiative of CDA. This system has an ability to give real-time data to its users and let the operators figure out all the flaws and inefficiencies in traffic system. Overall, it makes the authorities capable of taking better and well-informed decisions. 

Good news for Real Estate Investors

All the major housing schemes on Srinagar  Highway or near Srinagar Highway will now have a great edge over their competitors. Who would not like to invest in an area where the traffic is well-managed and runs according to the international standards? Top City, University Town Islamabad, Eighteen Islamabad, Airline Avenue Housing Society are some names that will enjoy the perks of these smart traffic lights around their premises. 

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