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Islamabad is a dreamland. Its scenic beauty, clean roads, peaceful atmosphere makes it an ideal place for people to live there. Islamabad has become a hub of housing schemes and sound developers are investing in this region like no tomorrow. There are numerous developed and upcoming residential and commercial projects in Islamabad. There is one thing that is common and highlighted by most of the projects that is being a “Smart City.” So, what is Smart City? What exactly do they mean? All your queries will be solved by us in this blog.

Smart cities are the need of the hour in Pakistan’s real estate sector. It is more like an advanced framework of city that addresses the current and foreseen challenges in urbanization. Overall, the concept of smart city is dedicated to enhance the living standard, amplify business opportunities and ensure environmental sustainability.

Concept of being “SMART”

We are living in a century where technological advancement is at its peak. New discoveries and inventions are occurring at a rapid pace. To cope up with these speedy developments, the concept of being “Smart” emerged in our societies. Gone are the days when is was only people that used to be street smart. In this era, life revolves around smartphones, automated vehicles and high-end appliances.  Following the trend, even houses have to be equipped with smart features to meet the desired needs of the fast-paced society.

What Exactly is a Smart City?

What exactly is a smart city? And what it means when a housing society claims to be a “Smart City.” A concept of smart city is not new; it has been implemented abroad for ages. In layman terms, Smart City is a society that is equipped with smart features and is technologically advanced. In this era, where the world has become a global village and is extremely connected, this phenomenon of Smart City has become a need of the hour to stay updated with the rest of the world.

In Pakistan, this idea is relatively new when compared to developed countries but it’s been greatly admired by people. Real estate investors and end consumers are showing great interest towards societies that claim to be smart cities to ensure modern and luxurious yet comfortable lifestyle.

Benefits of “Smart City”

Benefits of investing in a Smart city are never ending. It is a great abstraction that ensures safer communities, upgraded transportation network, effective public utilities and planned infrastructure. In short, it is indeed a gateway for new economic development opportunities.  The concept of “Smart cities” not just provides you with a SMART way of managing your own house but is extremely beneficial for the managers of the society. This system keeps everything interconnected and let the authorities manage the whole society with technologically advanced features.

Prominent features

  • Now you can manage all your house chores effortlessly by Smart house Application.
  • Generating E-bills was never this easy and with just one click your payment will be done online.
  • With Society’s dedicated application, send and receive timely reminders about dues and pay smartly via society’s app.
  • Unlike other societies, in smart cities there will be an open platform to rate supporting staff for easily raising complaints.
  • Now there is no need for you to run from one department to another for filing complaints; with smart application you will have direct access to societies’ maintenance professionals.
  • Top-notch security services. Real-time status updates and notification about Cars In-outs.
  • E-tags for cars to keep track of visitors, residents and the number of vehicles in general.
  • Easy communication with residents, maintenance staff, community members and security guards.
  • When a guest enters a society, an automated visitation request from the visitor to the resident is sent.
  • In case of emergency, information or notice can be sent to one or all the residents within seconds.
  • Now there is no need to flip pages of thick registers to dig out information, in smart cities everything is stored on the cloud for easy access. Data of all sorts can be reviewed through dedicated web portal to avoid any hassle.
  • Education, Healthcare services, 24/7 Water supply, Electricity and Gas supply

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Upcoming Smart Cities in Islamabad

The idea of smart cities in Pakistan is quite new. Internationally, this phenomenon has got great hype and has been followed by many developed countries. Singapore is at the top of the list of being “the smartest country in the world.” Nonetheless, Barcelona, San Francisco, Oslo, and London are also known for being technologically advanced. Meanwhile, Pakistan is also striving hard to promote the idea of Smart city in its developed cities.

Real estate developers are collaborating with International companies to implement this great initiative in Pakistani societies too. Islamabad is known for its captivating beauty and lately many upcoming societies there claims to be equipped with smart features. Some of the great upcoming modern housing societies in Islamabad are as follow:

  • Capital Smart City is one of the biggest names among such housing societies. It claims to be the “The Only Smart City in Pakistan.” This project belongs to Habib-Rafique Limited who has given its Master Planning to SURBANA JURONG, the Singapore based consultancy firm. Capital Smart City promotes luxurious lifestyle in a sustainable environment. Click here to find the details about Capital Smart City Islamabad.
  • Blue World City is another name that is promoting one of a kind project in Islamabad. It’s a joint venture between Chinese company and Blue Group Pakistan. It is termed to be Pak-China friendly City.
  • Next in line is Bahria Town Islamabad. It is equipped with smart features and is designed to grab the attention of international investors residing in UK, Canada and USA.
  • Top City Islamabad is another name that claims to provide first-class international standard living to its residents. It promises to facilitate its residents with E-Health services, top-notch Educational institutes, 5-star hotels, Theme Parks, International standard dining experience, Golf-course, Entertainment zone and what not.
  • Eighteen Islamabad is a project of reputable and trusted entrepreneurs from Egypt and Pakistan. Ora developers, Saif group and Kohistan builders’ initiated this housing project following their successful Mobilink telecommunication partnership. They are offering smart villas, pavilion style buildings, 18-hole championship golf course and exclusive high-end shopping malls.

Smart features in a smart city simply automate routine societal tasks and serves as a strong communication medium within the community. From keeping check on security to maintaining visitor’s record, managing society events to scheduling and tracking activities; smart features in a smart city got you covered. In smart cities, there is an exclusive smart application that integrates all the departments of housing society that ensures safe, secure and above all hassle free life.

Next time a real estate project claims to be SMART, you know what to look for!

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