Blocking of Files in RUDN Enclave

Blocking of Files in RUDN Enclave

Rudn Enclave has always been considerate of its clients and consistently aided its members to prevent the blocking of files. The management of Rudn Enclave extended the deadline to update the ledger quite a few times. RUDN Enclave also offered discounts on late payments to avoid the blocking of files. Besides that, the members were repeatedly reminded of this through SMS, calls, and social media. 

Those members who have blocked files in RUDN Enclave, don’t worry! You can still decide the future of your block file. As the company is now offering a Last Chance to prevent the blocking of files. Continue reading for details. 

Deadline to Update Ledger to Restore Blocked File

The members can restore their blocked files in RUDN Enclave, by submitting the overdue installments before deadline: 15th September 2023.

see details: Rudn Enclave Offers Discount On Late & Advance Installments

When a member fails to pay the due installments within the deadline, the society holds the right to cancel or block that member’s plot file. The blocked files will be updated as per the current rates of plots.

Why should I invest in Rudn Enclave?

Rudn Enclave is a housing society located on Adyala Road in Rawalpindi which lies close to the Thalian Interchange and Ring Road Rawalpindi. The project has an excellent infrastructure that offers all the contemporary amenities to meet the community’s needs. The development work is being carried out with full fervor. Possession is also expected to be granted this year. 

Project details: rudn enclave

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