Islamabad Square – What makes B-17 the best location for a luxury apartment complex?


Islamabad Square, a luxury apartment complex in B-17 Islamabad, is an amazing upcoming project by Ovaisco and Century Builders. Ovaisco and Century Builders are known for their top notch projects in Islamabad and one should not be amazed to imagine the success of their upcoming venture “Islamabad Square” in Multi Gardens B-17. Why though? We know exactly what you are thinking! What makes Islamabad Square so attractive? Is it worth paying your hard-earned money against four-year installments for an apartment in Multi Gardens B-17? Is this place worthy of calling home? In this post, we present our careful and objective analysis of the project, Islamabad Square, in terms of location and neighborhood. Let’s begin by talking about the location of the residing society first.

Multi Gardens B-17-Remarkable place to Invest

Multi Gardens B-17 is an outstanding place to invest. It is significantly populated and already has Schools, Mosques, Banks, Running commercial centers and some famous Restaurants. B-17 is well-maintained and thoughtfully planned area, with a Petrol Pump just at the entrance, Campus of Case University inside, eye-catching lush green parks and green belts in the society makes it a dreamland to invest in. Pretty soon, corporate offices will be coming to B-17; it’s indeed a small world of its own inside Islamabad.

What makes the location of Multi Gardens B-17 strategically ideal?

Multi Gardens B-17 is an ideal location for any project, as it touches GT road, that connects Islamabad with Wah and Taxilla, (N5) and M-1, the Islamabad-Peshawar motorway, making it easily accessible for the people coming to or going back to Islamabad. At present, there are two entrances from N5 which makes it super accessible for the people coming at the highway. Moreover, it takes only 30 minutes on the busy highway to reach B-17 from Islamabad. Isn’t it remarkable? Its connection with the GT road (N5) leads to Taxila and Wah too, so no worries for the students as Universities there are in pretty close proximity.

M-1 Interchange for B-17?

“Why Multi Gardens B-17 is a great location to start a residential project” does not end here. The management of Multi Gardens B-17 has applied for interchange at M-1 and once they get the interchange at M1, then Islamabad International Airport and Kashmir Highway will be only 2-5 minutes’ drive away from the Multi Gardens B-17. Islamabad Projects is quite hopeful that B-17 will get an access to the Interchange (M-1) because of multiple valid reasons, such as:

  • Exceptionally great track record of its developers
  • B-17 being a CDA sector gives it a competitive edge over others
  • Multi Gardens is well developed and considerably populated

Development Status of B-17

Multi Gardens B-17 is a well-developed housing society with considerable population. The beautifully designed housing project offers various lush greens parks and green belts accentuating the beauty of its high quality roads. Moreover, the society already has a number of banks, schools, restaurants, grocery stores and other necessities of a high quality lifestyle. There is even a campus of a private university called Sir Syed Case Institute of Technology in B-17.

Islamabad Square-Apartment Complex

Islamabad Square is an epitome of mesmerizing architecture. Ovaisco Builders have a team of competent engineers, experts and creative architects. Due to their brilliant teamwork, they come up with artistically pleasing and one of a kind projects in Islamabad including Gulberg Rabi Center and The Magnus Mall in Gulberg among the recent ones. Their next in line project is, Islamabad Square. Islamabad Square is an apartment complex, which is offering 1 – 4 bed-room apartments. A fusion of modern and classic architecture, Islamabad Square is designed very keenly and with proper planning. Even its square shape is for a reason; to provide its architects enough room to experiment with it and to make it spacious for people to enjoy living there.

Exclusive Amenities offered by Islamabad Square

Islamabad Square claims to provide exceptional amenities to its residents. Offering 24/7 maintenance service , this 12-story apartment complex is meant to provide comfort and safety to its residents. Almost every apartment has a balcony. There are emergency exits on every floor and the building has Earthquake resistivity as well. In addition, the luxurious residential project has high-speed power elevators, fitness center, ample car parking, mosques, libraries, cafes, grocery shops and what not! It has almost every facility one requires to live a comfortable, peaceful and secure life. Check out further details about Islamabad Square here.

Islamabad Square:Ideal location in B-17

Islamabad Square is ideally located at the very first entrance of B-17 when coming from Islamabad. It is a corner plot, which gives its residents multiple entry and exit options rather than just one. It is beautifully surrounded by residential plots and houses with no high rise buildings around, which will give residents a spacious and nice view from their balconies. Islamabad Square is going to be the only high rise building, providing the apartments a beautiful view of mountains. What else one can ask for?

What makes the location of Islamabad Square worth living?

Are you still confused whether to invest or not? Here are few solid reasons to convince you that Islamabad Square might be the best place for you to call home due to its location!

location of islamabad square apartment complex on google map
  • Multi Gardens B-17 is already a developed housing society and is considerably populated.
  • Islamabad Square is ideally positioned at the very entrance of B-17, at a corner plot of 8 Kanal.
  • It is surrounded by famous banks, excellent schools, famous restaurants and grocery stores.
  • Family Park, Block B is present right in front of Islamabad Square making it a perfect place for families to enjoy their free time and safely let the kids play in the fresh air.
  • The commercial center in front of Islamabad Square is home to branches of popular bank.
  • Islamabad Square promises its possession in about 4 year. By the time the project is completed, you can imagine how much more developed B-17 will be.

All of the above mentioned reasons ensure that Islamabad Square is an incredible place for living comfortably in a peaceful environment. So what are you waiting for?

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