The Wait is Over: Capital Smart City Launches on 6 October 2019

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Real estate investors and end-consumers! Are you ready? Yes! You have heard it right. Capital Smart City has finally disclosed their launch date. Despite all the rumors and uncertainty in the market regarding this huge project, they made it. The official launch of Capital Smart City is on the 6th October, 2019. So let the countdown begin!

Capital Smart City is brought to us by FDH (Future Development Holdings) in an association with HRL (Habib-Rafique Limited) and SJ (Surbana Jurong) Singapore. Capital Smart City (CSC) got hype in the market the minute they disclosed their idea of coming up with “Self-sustaining city”. Finally! CSC is launching;  A society that claims to present more than 300 feet long main boulevard, four functional tube-wells, first ever Signature Golf Course, an establishment of Movenpick hotel that will offer 250 rooms and more than 150 apartments.

CSC is no less than a “Goose that laid golden eggs” for the real estate investors and developers.

Pre-launch phase started in 2017, it is when real estate investors and developers started booking.  Investors who invested in 2017 reaped good profit margins, however, the investors of 2018 didn’t get much profit because of relatively higher new booking prices. Then, came the launch of overseas block in January 2018. Its construction started with great pace and it quickly managed to gain public’s confidence. Despite all of this, uncertainty prevailed in the market regarding its launch. Rumors floated in the market of Smart City being illegal but finally they managed to get NOC 7506, an approval from RDA. Now that they have got green signal, they are finally launching on 6th October, 2019.

What to expect after the official launch of Capital Smart City?

Existing Members:

The news of the official launch of Capital Smart city along with enticing TV commercials have largely increased the popularity of Capital Smart City among the public in general. Everyone wants to  reserve a place in the revolutionizing community either to call it home or to benefit from the rising prices.

According to society’s policy letter, if you pay  or have paid 50% of the total price by 15 October 2019, you will enter into the first ballot of Capital Smart City. Right now, they are offering balloting on 3000 executive and 3000 overseas plots. General block file holders still have a chance to convert to executive block and enter into the first ballot.

Amidst the hype created by the launch and balloting, short-term investors – who may not want to inject further  amount – have a great chance to exit while enjoying a good profit margin.

New Investors:

If you have not already purchased a file or invested in the project and you’re thinking that you missed the opportunity, no worries! The first launch of Capital Smarty City comes with a huge opportunity window for all types of new entrants. We suggest you to book your files right now before the prices are increased post-launch. Call +92 334 5557734 for further information and reserve your file before it’s too late.

What you need to know about balloting in Smart City?

  • 15th October 2019 is the last date for payment for depositing 50% dues. Once 50% payment is done the consumer will get an acknowledgement slip for the first ballot. If the file is general, it will be also be converted to executive and added to the ballot list.
  • Tentative date of first ballot is 15th November, 2019. Only the Executive and Overseas blocks are included in balloting. Nonetheless, general block files can be converted to executive as already mentioned. This offer may be short-lived, so act fast!
  • New bookings done with 50% or more payment will also be added to the first ballot. Once again, first-come-first-served implies that it’s time to hurry.

Two Cents of our experts!

Why would you want to be a part of the first ballot? Our research team has confirmed that 6000 plots are in the first ballot and you will get it on a first come first serve basis. Once 6000 plots will be allotted, two types of files will be floating in the market; balloted and unballoted.

The demand of balloted files will remain high because of the confirmed location, the most popular being Commercial plots, 5 Marla residential and Overseas 5 and 7 marla residential plots.

Moreover, after 15th October or by the end of October the company will most likely start applying surcharge, so it is advised to customers to pay at least two installments before that.

Our recommendation for consumers is to get into the first ballot, if they have the resources, to benefit from the situation. It will also lower the risk associated with the timing of second ballot. Since the date of second balloting is not confirmed and market situation of that time can’t be predicted, the risk can be huge. For now, even selling your file in the market can help you gain profit and avoid the risk.

So what are you waiting for? Contact our real estate expert, Sahban Tariq Malik from Beacon Investment, at +92 334 5557734 or email at info@irealprojects.com for further information.

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