Gulberg Islamabad, also known as IBECHS Phase 3, is a housing scheme by Intelligence Bureau Cooperative Housing Scheme (IBECHS). IBECHS is a welfare organization that aims to provide shelter for its employees. In the past, it has successfully completed the construction of Pakistan Town near PWD, and now it is actively making Gulberg the new society of excellence. Gulberg Islamabad is located on the main Islamabad Expressway near Airport Chock. The project is currently under development, but some blocks are already available for possession.

Gulberg Islamabad is an upcoming hub of commercial centers that will have lavish 5-star hotels, massive corporate offices, gigantic shopping malls and exceptional sky-high buildings. This great venture was launched in 2005 and got its final approval from CDA in 2009. The MOU with IESCO and SNGPL were also duly signed. Development work on the project started in 2009. Today, Gulberg Islamabad holds a key position in Islamabad as many renowned real estate developers are developing mega malls, corporate and residential project. At its pace of growth, any investment in Gulberg is going to be the investment you would never regret. Scroll down to see why!

Residential and Commercial Sub-projects in Gulberg Islamabad

Gulberg Islamabad is primarily divided into two main sub-projects, Gulberg Residencia consisting of 7, 10, 12 Marla and 1 kanal residential plots and Gulberg Greens consisting of 4,5 and 10 kanal farm houses. The residential plots and farmhouses are adorned with expansive commercial areas spread along the main boulevards in addition to the designated commercial areas called Business Park, Business Square, Civic Center and D-Markaz. Scroll down for details about each.

1. Gulberg Residencia

Gulberg Residencia is located about 6 to 7 KM off the Islamabad Highway, connected by a 220 feet wide Gulberg Expressway that also joins it to Gulberg Greens. The project is spread over 15,000 kanals of land comprising of 10,000 residential plots. The project is divided into 21 blocks from A to V, excluding U, D which are the commercial blocks of Gulberg Residencia. The prices typically vary with the size and block of the plot; click here to see an estimate of market prices in Gulberg Residencia.

Commercial Areas in Gulberg Residencia:

The designated commercial areas in Gulberg Residencia have  been organized as follows:

D-Markaz Gulberg:

The entire block D of Gulberg Residencia has been reserved as the only commercial center in Residencia. The importance of this commercial center in terms of its location is evident from the fact that it is surrounded by five housing societies including OPF society, AJK society, WWF society, Naval Anchorage, Airport Society P-11 and Senate Society. The residents of almost all of these societies use the wide boulevard of Gulberg Residencia to travel to Islamabad Expressway as it is much faster than the small and distant entrances of those societies. This is why, we believe that D-Markaz Gulberg forms central to the surrounding societies promising a high footfall for commercial projects built in this region. The famous commercial & residential project with fast development in D-Markaz is Gulberg Rabi Center.

Blue Area:

The commercial plots reserved on both sides of Gulberg Expressway connecting Gulberg Residencia with Gulberg Greens are called “Blue Area.” This commercial strip holds the same geographical advantage as the D-Markaz as mentioned above. It is home to many great real estate projects in the making, including The Magnus Mall. Check out our featured projects for booking and further details about these exceptional projects. The four-cornered, aesthetically pleasing and beautifully designed Magnus Mall, is going to be the epitome of modern architecture in Gulberg. To find out more about it, read our article The Magnus Mall: An Architectural Marvel Coming up in Gulberg.


2. Gulberg Greens

As the name suggests, Gulberg greens is packed with lush green parks and pathways. This innovative town is planned in a way that everything is located at a walking distance. Gulberg Greens offers farmhouses of 4, 5 and 10 Kanal plots. It is divided into 6 blocks, namely, Executive block, block A, B, C, D and E. The luxurious farmhouses are named as follows:

  • Jasmine Enclave (4 Kanals)
  • Rose Enclave (5 Kanals)
  • Tulip Enclave (10 Kanals)

The master plan of Gulberg Greens can be downloaded here. Due to the fast development work, the Gulberg Executive block is almost 95% developed. In Block A, 10 Kanal plots are 100% developed while 4-5 kanal plots is almost complete.

Gulberg Green Farmhouse

Commercial Areas in Gulberg Greens

Gulberg Greens has 3 major commercials areas. In addition to these, large commercial plots have been reserved alongside the main boulevard called Gulberg Expressway that connects Gulberg Residencia and Gulberg Greens with the main entrance at Islamabad Expressway.

Business Park:

Situated right at the entrance of Gulberg Islamabad, Business Park is the widespread commercial area continuing along the Gulberg Expressway consisting of many mega commercial and residential projects. This commercial area is home to fully many fully constructed commercial and residential buildings including Samama Gulberg (Mall and Residency) and Premium Square. Moreover, landmark mega projects are also under-construction along the main boulevard, including Gulberg Mall & Signature Living, AJ Towers, Prism Heights, and Shanghai Heights. Being closest to Islamabad Expressway, this area has attracted well-known and well-reputed real estate developers to launch projects like Gulberg Mall that have gained immediate popularity due to their prime location combined with creative architectural facade.

Business Square:

Business Square is another commercial area, located at the Park Avenue between block A and C of Gulberg Greens. Offering plot sizes of 40×40, 40×50 and 50×50, business square is home to many landmark buildings some of which are already fully constructed. Some of the names are Falcon Heights, Mustafa Sherpao Heights, One Piccadilly, and Akber Arcade.

Civic center:

Civic Center in the Executive Block is another commercial hub present in Gulberg Greens. The main attraction of the area is its prime location, right at the entrance of Gulberg. There are many remarkable projects under-construction in the civic center, namely Marvel Arcade, Gulberg Business Center, and Gulberg Empire.

Gulberg Islamabad: A Complete Lifestyle

Gulberg Islamabad is not only a hub of commercial activities, it offers world class amenities that take residential experience in Gulberg to a whole new level. Gulberg has not just been developed as a set of plots for houses and commercial properties, it has been planned to offer an exclusive living experience with the most modern amenities. Following are some of the amenities offered by Gulberg Islamabad:

  • Enriched with Civic Amenities

Gulberg Islamabad has wide roads lit with Solar Energy Panels. A special place is designated for renowned schools, colleges, universities, and hospitals known as “Knowledge Village”. 5-star hotels, Mosques, Sports complex, Community center, Gymnasium, Petrol pumps, and grand shopping malls are constructing at fast pace. Moreover, 80% of the area is open filled with lush greenery.

  • Modern Infrastructure

In Gulberg Islamabad, you won’t see any hanging wires, as they have well-planned and completely modern Underground Electricity Distribution and Sewerage Network. Networks for Gas and Telecommunication are also laid underground. Gulberg Islamabad has also launched a Water filtration plant to provide pure and clean water to its residents.

  • Ensured Security

Gulberg Islamabad has a huge main entrance’s gateway which is guarded 24/7. Security is present on each gate and high resolution CCTV cameras are installed on each gate to ensure the safety of people.

  • Recreational Facilities

Gulberg Islamabad is a small world in itself. It offers multiple recreational facilities to attract customers not just from Islamabad but from other cities too. Following is a list of some of the many recreational facilities offered by the mega housing project.

  • Grand Auditorium, Public Library & Community Centers
  • Mesmerizing Amusement Park and Open Spaces for families to enjoy
  • Jogging Tracks & Walkways loaded with greenery
  • Clubs & Gymnasium will be open for membership
  • Planned Lakes to add to Gulberg’s scenic beauty
  • Sports & Cultural Complex
  • Restaurants, Hotels & Resorts
  • Theater & Cinepax

Gulberg Islamabad is a great project with a sound future. Its exceptional offerings will not only grab great footfall from neighboring societies but its gigantic commercial projects are becoming a center of attention all across the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.


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