Smart City Interchange Temporary Access Opened

Smart City Interchange is Now Open

The awaited news is finally here. Smart City Interchange has been granted temporary access from M2 Motorway. The construction would be commenced without any delay. A notable part of earthwork has been done already.

The fence from M2 Motorway was cut in a small official ceremony to make way for the interchange, in the presence of Chairman, Mr. Zahid Rafiq and Group COO, Mr. M. Aslam Malik.


Has the Construction Started for Smart City Interchange?

The Smart City Interchange was provisionally approved in 2021. Later, the society never delayed acquiring the NOC for the construction of Interchange. Meetings were held between NHA and Capital Smart City management for clearance of Interchange’s construction NOC.

The NOC is attached below:

Capital Smart City has always met its promises in the past which lets us believe that the construction work for the interchange would be completed within the stipulated time, as the earthwork is already well underway. 


What is the location of CSC Interchange?

The Interchange is located near the Overseas Central block and the Education District. The development work in both these areas is advancing at a steady pace.

Educational institutes are under construction in Education District. The earthwork and construction of Smart Villas in Overseas Block is proceeding apace. The possession has also been granted in Overseas East.

The image below indicates the location of the interchange:

location of M2 capital smart city interchange

Who will benefit from Smart City Interchange?

CSC Smart Interchange will benefit the residents and public by shortening the distance to key areas of the twin cities. 

The distance to the city of Islamabad and Islamabad International Airport would be essentially reduced. Moreover, the commute would shorten for the students enrolled at educational institutes in CSC.

Owing to the smart interchange, the roads in CSC would be less crowded and traffic jams would be very unlikely to happen. As it will enhance the smooth flow of traffic. 

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