Exciting Discount Offer by Capital Smart City

capital smart city discount offer

Capital Smart City is offering an exciting discount of up to 4% for existing members of residential and commercial plots. The discount is applicable for all members and the deadline been extended until 13th January 2024. Moreover, a limited number of plots are also available for new booking presenting a golden opportunity for investors who aspire to get a residential or commercial plot without profit. How can you avail of the mega discount offered by Capital Smart City? Are you eligible for a new booking?

Discount Offer by Capital Smart City

The discount is available for all members of Capital Smart City whether they own a residential plot or commercial plot. Upon submitting the due or outstanding installments, members will get up to 4% discount.

Discount on Outstanding & Advance Installments

The installments that are not due yet are called outstanding installments.

2%Due or Outstanding installments
(Residential plots or Commercial plots)
4%Advance installments
(Residential plots or Commercial plots)
Discount on Installments

Note: Maximum discount can be availed up to 3 installments.

Discount on New Booking

Capital Smart City is offering discount on new bookings:

7%Booking of new plots on 50% Downpayment
12%Booking of new plots on 100% Payment
Discount on Installments

Note: Discount is not applicable to the installments aid through merging of properties.

What is the last date to avail the discount?

The discount is valid till 13th January 2024.

How will the discount be disbursed?

The applicable discount will be adjusted in the next due installment.

Will I get cash discount when I submit the installment?

No, you have to submit the complete amount of the due or outstanding installment. The discount will reduce the amount of the next installment.

What is the latest development update in Capital Smart City?

The smart villas are developed and possession is being granted to smart villas. Parks, schools,, medical facilities, roads, and water tanks are under rapid development. Electricity transformers have been installed.

Find out more about the Latest Development Update in Capital Smart City.

What is the next balloting for Capital Smart City expected?

Fouth ballot was conducted on 11th March 2023.

See details: Capital Smart City Balloting Schedule & Results!

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